2018 – That was the year that was

2018 has been another busy year for us, day-to-day. There’s very rarely a day where I’m not rushing around somewhere after school. But it has been quieter on the ‘big stuff’ front – with no exams and no new schools. So we’ve just been ticking along with all the everyday stuff and a few highlights.

This is our 2018…

January was a fairly quiet month for us, as it often is. My eldest and I had a tour of Radio 1, which I didn’t blog about, to say thank you for something he’d done for them the previous year. It was pretty special for both of us. I was still struggling to run after an injury the previous year and my younger son played football for the school for the first time (they don’t do football until year 9). At the end of the month, I noticed that my beloved guinea pig, Eric, had lost some weight.

At the start of February, I knew I had to take Eric to the vet. I received the devastating news that he was very ill and would have to be put to sleep. I know it’s silly, but Eric’s death was the worst thing that happened to me all year. It took days for me to stop bursting into tears and, even now, I find it hard to look at photos of him. A few days later, Cedric joined our family. Also in February, my daughter auditioned for the Junior Associates of the Royal Ballet and my younger son went to Germany for the return leg of his German exchange.

Cedric, guinea pig, pet, 365

In March, it snowed at the start of the month and the schools were closed. My daughter turned 12 and it snowed again on the morning of her birthday party, so we had to reschedule it. Also in March, my daughter and her friend did their own version of a triathlon for Sport Relief (in freezing temperatures) and, after four years, my dream came true and work started on a new ensuite bathroom.

New bathroom, The new ensuite bathroom, Ensuite, Mirror, 2018 - that was the year that was

The bathroom was finished at the start of April and it was even better than I’d hoped for. In the Easter holidays, we went on holiday to Copenhagen, which is a really lovely place to visit. And we even found time for a parkrun while we were there! Talking of parkrun, after years of running slowly, my daughter finally got a new PB in April. At the end of the month, my daughter auditioned for Elmhurst ballet school. We thought this could be the one for her, but sadly it was not to be.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Holiday, Holiday to Copenhagen, 2018 - that was the year that was

In May, I ran Tewkesbury half marathon for the first time – and I got a PB! And the parkrun PBs were coming thick and fast for my husband and younger son. My son did his D of E Bronze expedition in May. It’s a bit of a sore point, because he STILL hasn’t done the presentation for it, to finally sign it off and actually achieve his Bronze.

Tewkesbury half marathon, Medal, Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo, 2018 - that was the year that was

June for our family started as it always does – with the Wychwood Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse. We always have a great day there. At the start of June, I had to deliver the devastating news to my daughter that she wouldn’t be doing panto this year, as the theatre had decided to work with two local dance schools, rather than hold open auditions. I’ll be honest, we’re still not over that. All three of my kids had end of year exams in the same week in June, luckily it wasn’t too stressful. During the summer, my son had been doing brilliantly with his athletics and got the opportunity to represent the county in the regional championships, on the day we watched Ed Sheeran. Also in June, my younger son became the third member of our family to go on Roaccutane, the most powerful acne drug there is. It has worked well for him and he should be off it in a few weeks. At the end of June, my biggest boy turned 17.

In July, my husband and I had our traditional wedding anniversary trip to London and we braved our first teenage party, an experience I’m not keen to repeat! My son had his first driving lesson at the start of July and quickly went from strength to strength with his driving. School ended for the year, my eldest and my daughter’s first year at their new school. At the end of July, we had our annual holiday to Padstow, which my daughter and I loved as much as ever (the menfolk were slightly over it though!).

Padstow, Padstow harbour, Cornwall, Holiday, Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo, 2018 - that was the year that was

In August (and in July), my daughter and I made a number of trips to Bristol hunting for Gromit on the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail. Straight after our holiday to Padstow, my younger son went to Scotland for the week with his best friend. And my husband and I ran three new parkruns in as many weeks, to fit in with all our travelling. At the end of the month, we had another amazing holiday – to Center Parcs with my entire family to celebrate my mum’s 70th birthday.

2018 - that was the year that was, Gromit, Gromit Unleashed 2, Bristol

It was back to school in September and my daughter auditioned for an amateur panto. Her rehearsals started at the end of the month. My husband ran his 100th parkrun. My husband, brother-in-law and I were joined by my son, running his very first half marathon at Cheltenham. I suspect he was the youngest person in the whole race. We all got PBs and my son managed to cross the line in under two hours. I was very proud of him! Also in September he started a new part-time job.

100th parkrun, Husband, parkrun, 365, My husband's 100th parkrun, 2018 - that was the year that was

At the start of October, just three months after his first diving lesson, my son passed his driving test first time. I knew he would do it! My younger son turned 15, and buying presents for him was as challenging as ever. My husband, brother-in-law and I all ran Stroud half marathon, and all found it tougher than Cheltenham. Also in October, I took the plunge and signed up for my first marathon.

In November, our boiler was condemned for giving off dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. The 10 days until it could be replaced were possibly the slowest 10 days of my life. While our house was freezing, the German exchange boy came back to visit us for a second time. My daughter took her Grade 4 ballet exam in November. We won’t get the results until the new year. At the end of the month, my son had a non-fault car accident. Unfortunately, it pushed the insurance premiums sky high, so the poor boy is completely unable to drive at the moment. I am very angry about that as it is so unfair on him.

In December, my daughter and I went to The X Factor final and it was a fantastic experience. I also fulfilled my dream of being first lady at parkrun. My younger son has had a lot of rugby injuries over the years, including a couple of broken noses, but in December he got concussion for the first time. We ended the year with a lovely Christmas Day at my brother’s house and a family Boxing Day trip to London.

X Factor final, The X Factor final - a weekend away with my daughter, 2018 - that was the year that was

So that was our 2018. How was yours? I wonder what 2019 will hold for us all?



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. What a year you have had! It seems such a long time ago that you had your bathroom done. Time flies!
    Happy new year & wishing you all the best for 2019 x

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    • Thank you! It really does seem a long time since we had our bathroom done, but I can honestly say I do appreciate it every single day. Happy new year to you. x

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  2. Time really does file, it doesn’t seem as long as a year. The bathroom is gorgeous. And what a great year. Here’s to a fab new year x

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    • Thanks very much, it was a good year! I still absolutely love my bathroom. It was the main thing I was looking forward to getting home to when I was away over Christmas. Happy new year to you. x

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  3. Wow what a year it has been for you! You have had an exciting year, it is lovely to look back and realise quite how much you have done! I hope you have a fantastic 2019

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    • Thanks very much. It is amazing (and quite surprising) to realise how much we’d done in what I’d thought was a quiet year. 2019 will be a big one with A Levels and leaving school.

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  4. This is such a wonderful round up of the year, and looking back what a great year it has been (apart from your beloved Eric). Copenhagen is high up on my travel list, and your trip looked wonderful. Can’t wait to follow what you get up to in 2019 x

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    • Thanks very much! I don’t really know what will happen in 2019, other than A Levels and my eldest becoming an adult! No holidays booked yet, but lots of discussion about them! I can definitely recommend Copenhagen, it’s beautiful! (And it has THREE parkruns!)

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