Happy birthday, 12 year old girl!

Today my beautiful girl turns 12. She’s had an amazing year and has grown up so much, while still remaining our lovely, affectionate little girl.

This was the year my daughter left primary school. She had a good group of friends and a very special best friend and she’d really thrived there. It was surprisingly hard for her to say goodbye.

And then just a few days later, the girl who worries about going to sleep at night, managed a week-long Scout camp. She didn’t just manage it, she loved it! I was so proud of her for going because I know it made her nervous.

This year saw her do her third panto and she shone more brightly than ever. She’d made the leap from ‘little one’ to ‘big one’ in just a year and she was absolutely fabulous on stage – strong, sharp moves and the biggest smile you could ever hope to see.

She’d gone from ‘little’ to ‘big’ because this was the year the growth spurt hit. Suddenly it feels like she’s not much smaller than me. She’s certainly the height of a small adult, although still the build of a child.

It’s been a whole year without ballet exams, although she did a jazz exam in the autumn. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that she maintained her 100% record of getting a distinction. She’s started on pointe in ballet and never stops dancing around the house – whether panto routines, ballet or just her own thing.

This year, I’m pleased to say she’s cut down on her TV watching. Endlessly watching the same shows was a bit boring. But the TV has been replaced by her phone. She watches endless videos on that instead – mostly of slime. She’s learned to make slime herself and even has her own little business selling to friends. Her Instagram slime videos look pretty professional.

But the biggest thing this year has been, of course, starting at her new school. And we couldn’t have asked for a better start for her.

She is highly organised and always looks immaculate. She sets her own alarm and gets herself up in the morning (something she never did before). Her bag is packed the night before and she is always ready on time.

She was worried that she ‘wouldn’t be good enough’ for her grammar school because she came reasonably low in the rankings. But the difference between ‘reasonably low’ and ‘very high’ is minimal. And she is absolutely good enough. She slips up from time-to-time, but she usually comes near the top in the endless tests they do. She has a lot of homework, but she always gives it all her all.

At her recent parents’ evening, the teachers all said how hardworking she is and how she’s confident and willing to answer questions in class.

But, best of all, she has made a lot of friends. While some kids are still struggling to settle, my daughter has a big group of close friends. She also gets on well with a lot of girls outside of her group. There are a number of girls that consider my daughter to be their best friend and I am very proud of her for that. When asked in class who was the most popular, the consensus was that it was my daughter. ‘Popular’ can have negative connotations when it comes to secondary school kids, but there is nothing negative about my daughter’s popularity, she is simply a very nice girl.

She is caring and friendly, she has a good sense of humour. She is confident and always smiling, she holds her head up high and is open and approachable.

What more could anyone want from a daughter?

Happy birthday, 12 year old girl!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Aw those photos are so gorgeous!! Happy birthday to your lovely girl, and such a lovely post to read, I can see that you are so proud of her and you have a wonderful relationship too which is amazing. I hope she has a lovely day

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    • Thanks very much! We are very lucky, she really is a daughter to be proud of and we do have a very good relationship (long may it continue!). She’s still pretty cute, but perhaps not quite as cute as she was in those photos!

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  2. Aww! Happy birthday to your girl. I hope she has a wonderful day.
    I love the photos of her. x

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    • Thanks very much! She had a really lovely day, even though it was a school day! x

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  3. Aww what a lovely post. She is such a star. Hope she has the best birthday xx

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    • Thanks very much, I think she is too, but I’m a bit biased! She had a lovely day and still has a party with her friends at the weekend. x

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  4. What lovely photographs and the words to accompany them. What a girl! Hope she had a lovely birthday. xx

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    • Thanks very much! She’s had another brilliant year and she had a lovely birthday. Still her party to go! x

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