Struggling to run

I bet that’s something you didn’t expect me to write. It’s not something I expected to write, either. But, ever since my injury a couple of months ago, I’ve been struggling to run. Not with my motivation. I still love running as much as ever and still want to run. And not even with my injury. It’s better, apart from the occasional twinge. But with my fitness.

In those few short weeks when I wasn’t running, it feels like my fitness just fell off a cliff.

This isn’t something I’ve ever experienced before, even when I’ve had to take other breaks from running due to injury. It’s probably more noticeable because I was at peak fitness when I got injured, having just run two half marathons. So I had further to fall and further to get myself back to where I was. Anywhere near where I was. Not half marathon fit, just four mile fit.

But running has felt a struggle. Pushing myself as hard hasn’t produced the same results. I’ve been feeling more tired, but not running as far or as fast. It’s a strange feeling. It’s like something is holding me back. The power and the strength I had just aren’t there any more.

Before my injury, I was running four or six miles at about 8 minutes 30 per mile. I actually ran the Stroud half marathon at 8:22/ mile. I was running Parkruns at below 7:30/ mile.

Suddenly my four mile runs were a little over 9 minutes per mile and my Parkruns around 8 minutes per mile. That might not sound like a big difference, but it’s the between a Parkrun in under 23 minutes and one in over 25 minutes.

I think I’m just starting to turn a corner. The running has felt just a little bit easier over the past couple of weeks. After a series of Parkruns around the 25 or 26 minute mark, my time is now closer to 24 minutes. My four miles runs are back down to around 8:50/ mile. I’m still a way off where I was, but running is starting to feel just a little bit easier.

I’m hoping to increase my distances in a few weeks and start thinking about my next half marathon.

Hopefully I won’t be struggling to run for much longer.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Wow! I never thought I would read that you are struggling to run!
    I hope the running continues to get easier and you are back on top form soon x

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    • Thanks very much, I never expected to write it either! It’s been a bit of a shock, but it’s definitely starting to get easier now. x

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  2. Well personally I think they are very impressive times. I have managed one mile at around 8 mins 15 and that’s it – never mind carrying on for a further 5 miles. I hope you get back to where you want to be quickly

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    • Thanks very much! I do have to remind myself that these things are all relative. I’m still coming second in my age category at Parkrun every week (although I used to come first). I’m definitely improving and feeling stronger now, so hopefully not too much longer until I’m back to normal!

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  3. I’m glad you’re getting there with it. I don’t really feel like I got back to normal fitness after my husband’s accident, it has been so difficult to fit it in. It’s amazing how quickly your fitness goes after a short break, when it takes so long to build up!

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    • Thanks very much, it’s so good to be getting back to normal, although I’ve still got a way to go! I’m not surprised you lost fitness after your husband’s accident. I’ve definitely been much fitter since my kids have been at school and I have more time to train.

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  4. It’s amazing how quickly our fitness levels decrease isn’t it? That’s a shame about yours but I’m certain you’ll get it back up there in no time – you’re one of the most committed and determined people I know!

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    • Thanks very much! I never imagined it would disappear quite that quickly. Maybe it’s a reflection of my age because I’d never noticed such a big difference when I’ve had to have breaks due to injury before. I’m now trying to decide if I can do a half marathon in May 🙂

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  5. I always seem to do that, just as I am hitting where I want to be with my fitness levels something happens, I have to stop for a few weeks and I really struggle to get back into it. Any motivation you can spare to get my ass back into gear would be appreciated!

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    • Injury is so frustrating! I’m not very good at motivating others, because it’s not something I need myself. I never have any problems with getting out there, as I know I will always feel much better for it.

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