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A few months ago, I went out with the kids and when I got home my husband announced that we were going on holiday to Copenhagen at Easter. We’d been discussing the possibility of a holiday at Easter, but Copenhagen was a surprise. We’d literally never discussed Copenhagen.

We do like European city breaks and have previously been to Rome, Barcelona and Amsterdam. I loved Rome (who could dislike a city that contains the Colosseum), but the kids’ main memories are of being hassled by people selling stuff, people trying to take us on tours we didn’t want to go on and beggars. So my husband had googled ‘best European city for families’ and come up with Copenhagen.

And that’s how we came to be on holiday in Copenhagen just after Easter.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Holiday, Holiday to Copenhagen

Ever since our disastrous trip to Italy, we always book a BA package for our European holidays. They’re not as expensive as they sound and give you good deals on nice hotels. We decided not to have a transfer included in our package as it was going to be about £100 each way and it was actually only a journey of less than 20 minutes each way, which cost about 130 krone (£13) for all of us and we were able to walk to the hotel when we got off the train.

We stayed in the fabulous Tivoli Hotel, which is HUGE. I don’t know, but I’m guessing it must be the biggest hotel in Copenhagen. We chose it because it has a swimming pool. My daughter is obsessed with staying in hotels and even more obsessed with hotels with swimming pools.

Tivoli Hotel, Copenhagen, Holiday to Copenhagen, Denmark

Possibly foolishly, we didn’t include breakfast in our package because that was going to make it more expensive. We assumed there would be a cafe nearby, but there wasn’t. There was a McDonalds, but it didn’t open until 10, so didn’t do breakfast at all. So breakfast was Belvitas and Nature Valley bars brought from home. Once we’d located a reasonably priced supermarket, we also got some yogurts and apples. I had to drink the yogurts because we didn’t have any spoons.

As it’s name suggests, the hotel is pretty close to Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen’s biggest tourist attraction.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark, Holiday to Copenhagen


We love our European city breaks and always just walk and walk and walk. On the day we did parkrun (yes, we really did do parkrun in Copenhagen), I ended up walking and running 18.5 miles! We hired bikes the next day and cut the walking right down. My husband and I were back up to 15 miles for the last full day of the holiday (although we did do a four mile run that day).

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark, Holiday to Copenhagen

During February half-term and the first half of the Easter holidays, I was starting to get a bit stressed about the amount of work I had and how little time I was spending with the kids. In the past, I was able to take ad-hoc days off or just work a couple of hours in the morning. Of course, it’s great to have regular work and a much more regular income, but I felt bad for the kids. So taking a few days away and going somewhere completely different was such a good idea.

I never would have thought of Copenhagen myself, but I’m so glad my husband googled it! It is a beautiful, quirky, clean and friendly city. It’s hard to believe it’s actually a capital city. It has such a lovely atmosphere and I felt completely at home there.

If you’re looking for a European city break, you could do a lot worse than Copenhagen (although it is rather cold at Easter!).


The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark, Holiday to Copenhagen

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It looks lovely! We’ll be stopping for a day in Copenhagen on a cruise in the summer so I’m glad to hear that it’s worth a visit although we won’t be able to fit much in, I’ll look forward to reading more about Tivoli Gardens because from the photo it looks beautiful!

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    • Enjoy! I’m sure you’ll love it there. Tivoli Gardens is beautiful (although also has lots of scary rides!) and well worth a visit.

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  2. I was looking at your photos on Facebook and I must admit I was really impressed. I have never been but I would love to go, it sounds like you had an amazing time

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    • It’s such a beautiful place and well worth a visit. I would recommend it to anyone.

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  3. It looks so lovely. I would never think of going but I love all the colour and it seems to have a lot packed into it. I might look at it one day once E is old enough. Did you touch the mermaids boobies?

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    • Unfortunately the tide was a bit low for us to reach the boobs! It is a very colourful place with a lot to see. I don’t think we saw as much as we could because we had to work around teenage sleeping!

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  4. What a wonderful trip. It looks like a fantastic place to visit. I’d love to visit there. Good to know it has something for all the family x

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    • It really is a fantastic place to visit. It feels very safe and welcoming for families.

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  5. Like you it’s not somewhere I’d think of but it does look lovely. I might look into it for N and I to visit (if we ever get passports sorted out)

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    • It’s a fantastic place to visit, lots to see! I would probably recommend going closer to the summer though. It was very cold when we arrived, although we were lucky that it got unusually warm while we were there!

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