The new ensuite bathroom

I can hardly believe it myself, but after over four weeks of work and over four years of waiting, our new ensuite bathroom is finished!

I’ve wanted the ensuite bathroom done ever since we moved into our house over four years ago, but obviously the main bathroom and the kitchen were much higher priorities. We came close to having it done in autumn 2016, but couldn’t quite afford it, so we opted to get the downstairs toilet done instead.

Regular readers will know that our old bathroom was pink – with the original suite from when the house was built in 1987. The shower has never worked, it had a huge, odd-shaped bath that we had never used and the toilet stopped working about nine months ago. Various bits of wood were hanging off the wall, where the builder who had fitted the other bathrooms had needed to access pipes. To be honest, if it was a public toilet, you would probably have walked in and walk back out again because it was so horrible.

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Having already had two bathrooms done, we knew what we liked and what we didn’t. We’d used metro tiles in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom, then a smaller metro tile in the downstairs toilet. I liked the small tiles better – they suited the scale of the room better, so we opted for small tiles for the new ensuite. The downside of small tiles is that you need more of them and they take longer to do. My husband accidentally ordered matt ones rather than gloss, but I can genuinely say that you can’t see any difference.

Shower, New bathroom, Ensuite, The new ensuite bathroom

I feel that the floor in our kitchen and downstairs toilet is a bit light and the floor in the upstairs bathroom is too dark, so we went for a floor tile that was halfway between the too. They are the nicest floor tiles we have anywhere in the house, but they were also the most expensive, so were only really suitable for a small space.

My husband decided that we didn’t need a shower cubicle – we were just going to have an open space with a small screen. I have no real idea why he wanted to do this and I couldn’t visualise what it was going to look like. Theoretically, you should be able to walk straight into it, but it needed a drop for the drainage to work, so there is a slight step up to it.

The toilet is the same one we have in the downstairs toilet. The sink is larger and has a couple of drawers for all our toiletries, so no more clutter on the surfaces!

Toilet, Bathroom, Ensuite, New bathroom, The new ensuite bathroom

We have a big built-in mirror in our downstairs toilet, which really brightens the place up, so we went for the same in the new bathroom. The space is more restricted, so the mirror isn’t quite as big.

We have false walls built in to cover up all the pipes, so everything is very neat and tidy. Most of the bathroom is tiled.

New bathroom, The new ensuite bathroom, Ensuite, Mirror

We have a little bit of wall that needed painting. Again, we’ve learned from our previous bathrooms – one being too dark and one being very light – and gone for something in between. We went for an aqua colour, which looks amazing.

We usually go for seaside ornaments in our bathrooms, but we’ve got one Gromit ornament (from the Gromit Unleashed trail) in the windowsill, which is a very good colour match to the walls. We have a handful of Gromit and Shaun the Sheep ornaments around the house, so it fits in.

Gromit, New bathroom, Ensuite, The new ensuite bathroom

We don’t currently have a blind and we think we will leave it that way, as we wouldn’t actually use it and it would probably just go mouldy.

Sink, Mirror, New bathroom, Ensuite, The new ensuite bathroom

The work took ages, it was clearly a bigger job than we had anticipated. Some days it felt like nothing had been done at all, although the bathroom man was here for eight or nine hours a day, because he was moving pipes, putting switches in or cutting tiles.

Bathroom progress, New bathroom, Ensuite, The new ensuite bathroom

After so many years of living with that hideous pink bathroom, I really couldn’t imagine what a nice ensuite would look like. I couldn’t imagine showering in there – or even being able to use the toilet in there!

Sink, Bathroom, Ensuite, New bathroom, The new ensuite bathroom

I still can’t believe the ensuite has finally been done and that it is the same room as the horrible pink bathroom. Every time I have a shower, I feel like I’m in a hotel.

I think my favourite bit is the ‘shower cubicle that isn’t a cubicle’. Somehow the tiled floor feels much more luxurious than a normal shower tray. I wondered if it would be cold because it’s open, but it isn’t at all. The upstairs shower has always been disappointingly slow, but the bathroom man discovered a pump in the airing cupboard which is to make both showers run much faster. I can’t believe we’ve had weak showers for all those years!

I am so pleased with the new bathroom. It really is amazing.

Shower, New bathroom, Bathroom, Sink, Ensuite, The new ensuite bathroom

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I LOVE it Sarah and I know how long you have waited for it (is it really 4 years since you moved into your house). The Gromit is the icing on the cake as it’s the perfect colour. No wonder you feel like you are in a hotel everyday. I hope you have a no kids rule lol x

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    • Thanks very much! Yes, it’s actually over four years since we moved into our house. We hadn’t planned to get a Gromit, but we went on a shopping trip to Bristol at just the right time and discovered him.
      Two of the kids have had a shower in there. Generally they won’t be allowed to, but I felt it would be mean to say no when they asked! x

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  2. Wow! It really does look amazing! It must take some getting used to….
    The colours are great and it’s hard to imagine that it was ever the pink bathroom x

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    • Thanks very much. I really can’t believe it’s the same room as it’s so different. I absolutely love it! I look forward to having a shower now. x

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  3. Ooh I just love it! That was definitely worth waiting for! So glad you got it how you wanted it in the end, it’s gorgeous!

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    • Thanks very much! It was definitely worth the wait and hopefully it will serve us well for many years to come now. x

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  4. That looks so gorgeous! It is a real transformation but you have made some great choices

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    • Thank you! We’re so pleased with it. It’s hard to believe it’s even the same room as it was before.

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