The car insurance goes through the roof

If you read my post yesterday, you will know just how much I’ve loved having a teenage son who is able to drive. It has taken a lot of pressure off me.

But I didn’t ever want him to drive to school. There is a reason why I have a car and that’s because I need it myself. I need it for various things, but particularly for driving my younger son to school. If I don’t have my car, I can’t drive my younger son to school.

Apart from driving my son to school, there are things that crop up in the day. I often need to do a bit of shopping (I can walk, but walking eats into my work time and I can’t carry very heavy stuff). I may have appointments in the day or be called for a meeting with a client.

In short, I need my car.

But my eldest was forever asking to take the car to school. I know it was so he could show off to his friends, and I could kind of get that.

Last week, my son needed to carry something big and heavy to school, which he couldn’t take on the bus. So I let him take the car for only the third time ever. It wasn’t convenient as it meant my husband had to take my younger son to school and pick him up again – setting off for work late and leaving early.

Around 1pm, my son rang me. He never rings me during the day. It had to be something bad.

‘I’ve crashed the car.’

It wasn’t a bad crash, he wasn’t hurt, and it was totally the other driver’s fault. The other driver had admitted liability and had even let my son photograph his insurance documents. There was a witness, not known to either my son or the other driver, who confirmed the other driver was at fault and had given my son his name and number.

I was shocked, but calm. My son was fine. There was minimal damage to my car (although it would need fixing). As it wasn’t my son’s fault, there was no horrible excess to pay.

I rang the insurance company to report the ‘non-fault’ accident. They were very nice and very helpful and I had all the information they needed.

As it happened, I’d intended to phone the insurance company that day anyway, to make some changes to my policy, due for renewal in a few days. I’d had to think carefully about whether we wanted to renew, as having my son on the insurance meant it would go up to £1,100 (from just over £200) for the year. But I knew I wanted to have him on the insurance, both for himself and for me.

So I got asked to be put through to the renewal department to give them the extra information. I wanted to increase my annual mileage limit from 7000 to 9000 (because the mileage on my car was definitely increasing with having an extra driver) and I needed to report a claim on my husband’s insurance. Back in the summer, I’d managed to scrape another car in a car park, while driving my husband’s car. There was no damage to his car, but the other car was scratched quite badly and we’d had to claim on my husband’s insurance.

Despite being a slightly clumsy driver, I had nine years’ no claims on my own insurance.

Yet suddenly my renewal quote was £2,710.


I had to ask him to repeat it, because I didn’t understand what I was hearing.

How does that make any sense? The cost of a year’s insurance was more than the value of my car.

Because I’d scraped my husband’s car and claimed on his insurance. Because I’d been responsible and asked for the annual mileage to be increase. And because my son had had a NON-FAULT ACCIDENT.

I don’t mind telling you I was very upset about this. If only we hadn’t let my son take the car to school that day! The premium had gone up about £200 for my accident. The bulk of it was to do with my son’s accident, which the other driver had admitted liability for.

I will shop around to see if I can get a better quote, but it looks like the decision whether or not to insure my son on my car has been taken out of our hands. My son won’t be on my car insurance any more. My lovely few weeks of having some of the driving pressure taken off me is over.

The likelihood is that he won’t be able to get any insurance, either on my car or a car of his own, until he turns 20. By which time he will pretty much have forgotten how to drive.

How can that be fair?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. One of the first things I said when I was drove into the back of was how it would affect my insurance and the guy didn’t think it would – yeah my insurance went up (also non-fault). I’d definitely shop around though that’s a crazy price – almost DOUBLE of what we paid for our 17 year old!

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    • As you can see, that is more than double what we were originally quoted. I have started shopping around, but until we’ve had confirmation the accident wasn’t his fault, I won’t be able to get insurance for him. Even when we do have that confirmation I think we will be in the same situation you were in. It’s so unfair!

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  2. It’s how insurance is – until the claim is settled, you’ll end up paying for the accident, even if the other driver admits responsibility. Our insurance has been high for nearly three years due to a woman hitting my husband off his motorcycle from behind. She admitted it and given the positions, he couldn’t possibly be at fault, yet our premiums are up.

    On the plus side for you, the damage was minimal, so the claim shouldn’t take long to process. Like I said, we’ve been waiting three years. My husband was badly injured and still suffers from back pain and PTSD. He was left unable to work for months, but we needed the car, so had to cough up extra money to keep it going. Insurance these days feels less like security and more like a protection racket.

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    • Your poor husband! What a nightmare. So sorry to hear he is still suffering.
      I don’t know what will happen to our premium once it has been resolved, but I don’t suppose it will come close to our original quote. It’s annoyed me enough that I’ve changed providers, so I will talk to them once the claim is sorted.

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  3. mmmm. It does seem very unfair but sadly not surprising.

    This is far from ideal, but having seen the photograph, could you not leave your car unrepaired or get it repeaired on the sly, insure with a different company and not mention your son’s accident? if the other guy’s accepted liability he may pay you cash for a repair? Just an idea. Invovles a lot more work but it would keep you all on the road.

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    • That’s the sort of thing my son would go for, but I’m a law-abiding citizen who never breaks any rules! Apparently the damage to my car is worse than it looks. If it was our fault, I would definitely have left it unrepaired though!

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    • sadly it is now on record that he has been involved in a none fault accident so if you changed companies and keep your mouth shut you may well find your insurance is nul and void should you need to claim in future whether that is your fault or the other persons. House insurance is the same.

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      • I would never make the mistake of not declaring the non fault accident to insurers. Sadly as the other party STILL hasn’t admitted liability to their own insurer, I can’t get my son insured at the moment anyway.

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  4. Ugh! I know nothing about car insurance but it seems so unfair. I would definitely shop around to see if you can get a lower price. x

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    • I didn’t know much about car insurance before, but it is really unfair! I’m definitely moving to another company myself and I will get a quote for my son from them once this situation is resolved. x

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  5. Oh man, I feel your pain. Car insurance here is a government monopoly so we pay an outrageous amount – $3000 a year for a 10 year old car, with no claims, two adult drivers with 20+ years’ experience, and it’s not even insured for driving to work (though I prefer the bus anyway). And don’t even get me started on cell phone costs here!

    But .., hope you manage to get a better quote!

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    • Wow, that sounds horrendous! Mine was just over £200 before – for me with nine years’ no claims on an 11 year old car. I’ve already got a quote the same as what I used to pay for myself, I just need to add my son to it now once the claim is resolved.

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    • It’s really not fair at all! I just hope we can get a better quote once the claim is sorted.

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  6. Definitely shop around for a better deal, this is outrageous! Bizarrely, when I asked for a new insurance quote, for when my eldest passes her test and the younger one is a new learner, the cost only increased by £40! I don’t understand that either tbh. I reckon they make it up as they go along. xx

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    • That is an amazing quote! Ours was an extra £75 a month for one learner and about the same for him as a new driver. I’ve already shopped around for a new quote for myself and will be going back to them once this claim is resolved.

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