My daughter and the parkrun PB

My daughter has a love-hate relationship with parkrun. More hate than love, if I’m honest. These days, she usually only runs with us if the alternative is to be left at home alone, something she really dislikes.

She got her PB of 29:31 in October 2015 and has never really come near it since.

Her best times in 2016 and 2017 started with a 31 and most of the time she runs 5k in about 35 or 36 minutes.

She doesn’t run often enough to beat her PB and I always tell her that the time doesn’t matter. Just getting out of bed and running is what matters. And if you do it often enough, you will get your PB in the end.

The other week I couldn’t do parkrun because I had to drop my son off for D of E 20 miles away. I will do pretty much anything to avoid missing parkrun, but I had no alternative on this occasion.

My husband was running and my eldest was on a sleepover. So my daughter had three options – stay at home alone, go along to watch or RUN.

When my husband sent me a photo of her in running kit I was very happy. I love it when she runs. As a runner myself, I literally don’t see why anyone would choose not to run. 5k on a Saturday really sets you up for the day.

As I got home from dropping my son off, my husband sent me another photo.

Of my daughter ringing the PB bell.

No way! I wasn’t expecting that. She’d run 32:50 at parkrun in Copenhagen, which I was really impressed with. I didn’t see her running any faster than that. But she’d smashed it.

She’d started off quickly, without really realising it. She knew she was going fast when she overtook her friend’s dad. Her friend’s dad then overtook her and she overtook him. So he suggested they run together.

And he motivated her all the way round.

She usually sprints at the end, but she had nothing left to give. Her legs were shaking and she felt sick and dizzy, but she she knew she’d beaten her PB and she felt on top of the world.

Her new PB is 28:54.

She was 70th female, 265th out of nearly 500 runners and fourth in her age category out of 10 girls.

She is so pleased with her new PB. She has learned that you need to experience a bit of discomfort to get a PB but that you won’t be sick or faint and that you recover quickly.

Hopefully it will give her the confidence to keep running all summer.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done your girl. What a great time!…It is great that you you all love running so much.

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    • Thanks very much! We do all love running. The rest of my family didn’t run before we started parkrun, it’s a great way to get started and a lot of people get hooked, including my family!

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    • You’re the second person to say that to me this week! As an early bird, I love that it starts at 9.

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  2. Ahh that’s brilliant, well done to her! Libby was asking if we can do it soon actually so we might be brave and go over the next few weeks.

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    • Yay! That would be great! I’m so proud of her and it means she’s feeling a lot more enthusiastic about it now, so hopefully she can get back to running most weeks.

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  3. Oh well done – only thing better would have been if you had actually been there. Hope it really spurs her on now. That’s not much behind my PB which I haven’t been able to beat for ages and think I was going to when I tore my calf muscle.

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    • Your poor calf muscle! I’m hoping she can get close to that time again this week to spur her on to keep going. I told her there’s lots of grown women that never get below 30 minutes, so she should feel really proud of herself.

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    • Thanks very much, we’re very proud of her! x

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  4. That is brilliant. A huge well done to your daughter on beating her previous PB and coming fourth in her age group is brilliant too. Sounds like having the motivation from her friend’s dad was perfect for her.

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    • Thanks very much! She did so well. Her friend’s dad runs at the perfect pace for her and he’s great at encouraging her. I’m hoping she can get near that time again to keep her motivation up!

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