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Regular readers will know I have waited SO LONG to get my ensuite bathroom refurbished. We’re not just talking about replacing the suite here, everything needed doing.  My house was built in 1987 and the pink bathroom was original. We used the shower in our first few weeks here (while the upstairs bathroom was done) and haven’t used it since, because it was BOILING. The toilet hasn’t flushed for the past nine months and the whole thing was hideous to look at.

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But I must admit I had a minor panic when it was time to start work on it because I remembered how horrendous it was getting the kitchen done (but 100% worth it, of course).

As it happens, getting a bathroom done, even a bathroom in your own bedroom, isn’t anywhere near as stressful. But it still has its moments.

The builder estimated three weeks for the job, which sounds like an awful lot, but when you see how much actually goes into it, you can see why. We will be three weeks in tomorrow (with a handful of missed days) and it is still far from finished. Although we’ve agreed a fixed price so it doesn’t matter too much.

Every morning, we cover the bed, drawers and bedside tables in dust sheets before the bathroom man gets round. And every day you can guarantee I will need to go under the dust sheets because I’ve forgotten to get my socks, hairbrush or headphones out beforehand.

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I’m always at home working during the day and am used to wandering in and out of my bedroom all to get the things I need. This isn’t practical with a builder, tools, bits of bathroom and a load of dust sheets in there. So I have to remember to remove everything to the spare room – my chargers, my toiletries, my book etc etc – where I work.

The bathroom work can be noisy, but luckily it’s not constant. It hasn’t yet driven me out of the house (I’ve never been able to understand how people work in coffee shops, so I’m glad about this). I do have to shut the spare room door and occasionally put my hood up to block the noise out.

I’m pleased to say the builder is incredibly clean and tidy. Not a speck of dust is left in our bedroom or anywhere else at the end of the day. Even the ensuite in its unfinished state appears to be dust-free.

It feels like the work is going slowly as there’s no tiles yet and no toilet, sink or shower installed. I realise that all the pipes etc have to be sorted and it is probably closer to completion than it looks. I guess that attaching a shower or sink is pretty easy once you’ve got the pipes in the right place.

The thing I most miss about the ensuite is the sink, closely followed by the mirror, shaving socket and general bathroom storage. We’re lucky that we have other bathrooms (possibly slightly too many of them – we have FOUR toilets when everything is working), but there is no storage in the downstairs toilet for all the toiletries. So they are stored on the windowsill of my bedroom. Which has neither a mirror or running water. I’ve managed to keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in the downstairs toilet at least, but moisturiser, spot cream etc are usually done standing in the window with no mirror. The sink in the downstairs toilet isn’t really big enough for face washing and teeth cleaning, so I end up splashing water all over the floor. And I really miss the shaving socket because my toothbrush hasn’t been charged for weeks. Cleaning your teeth with a dead toothbrush just isn’t the same.

I’m still not sure when the ensuite will be complete, but it’s so close now. I can hardly wait for it to be finished. I can barely remember what it’s like to even use the toilet in my own ensuite, so to have a shower too will be amazing.


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  1. I can’t wait for you to share it! Any disruption in the house is a nightmare isn’t it? Hope it’s over soon. xx

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    • Thanks very much, only a few more days to go! x

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