One parkrun, two PBs

In our family, spring seems to be the time of the parkrun PB. Last year, my younger son and I got multiple PBs in spring. My daughter recently got her first PB in two and a half years.

Since he’s discovered running for pleasure, my husband has actually been running a lot more regularly and his times have been coming down. On 28th April, he got his first PB in a long time and came to within just three seconds of my time. My family parkrun crown was in danger.

The following week, he was convinced that he would not only beat his own PB, he would beat mine too.

And my younger son was at parkrun for the first time since Copenhagen. My son is quite literally a fair weather runner. His Saturdays in winter are dominated by football and rugby and he can’t do parkrun, but he loves to run in the summer. While the rest of us are complaining that it’s too hot, he is loving it.

In Copenhagen, he had been unable to keep up with me and had to drop back.

But he’s doing a lot of athletics at school lately and has been pushing himself hard on 200 and 300 metres and coming out with some really good times. They had clearly helped his fitness.

So on 5th May, with the sun beating down, my husband’s dream came true. He not only beat his own parkrun PB, he beat mine too.

But unfortunately he didn’t take the family crown.

I always thought my son would take it at some point. He has grown so much since last year that it stands to reason that he would. But I didn’t expect him to knock one minute and 23 seconds off his time on his first parkrun of the season.

My husband had previously overtaken him, but he hadn’t considered my son’s young legs. Kids may not have the endurance of adults, but they can always sprint faster at the end (even at the age of 9, I couldn’t keep up with my daughter on the final straight).

My son crossed the line two seconds ahead of his dad – in just 22:15. He finished in an incredible 52nd place out of nearly 600 runners.

I have lost the family parkrun crown to my son. I won’t ever get it back.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I used to get all the parkrun PBs then my husband started regular running with a club and snatched it. Now my younger son has thrown himself into running, he has smashed the record and we all know it’s gone forever!!! I’m putting my energy into the fact that women ‘of my age’ have incredible capacity for endurance so I’m going slower and longer!

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    • I like that! I just show them my age percentage which is still significantly better than theirs, even if my time is a ‘tiny’ bit slower… Interestingly, the age percentages for a 14 year old boy and a 44 year old man are almost identical.

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