2016 – That was the year that was

2016 has been a funny old year. There’s been the shock of countless celebrity deaths – from David Bowie and George Michael to Victoria Wood and Caroline Aherne. Then there was the shock of people voting for Britain to leave the EU. I have yet to meet someone who actually voted for that. Leicester City, the football team I’ve supported all my life, became Premier League champions. And, just to round off the weird year, Americans decided to vote a billionaire reality TV star, with no political experience, to be their president.

In the MumofThree World household, things haven’t been quite as dramatic, but with three big kids, life is always busy.

This is our 2016…

January started as last year’s panto came to an end and I had a very unsettled and unhappy daughter for a few days. The highlight of the dreariest month of the year for me is always going to Birmingham to see my daughter perform in Young Voices with her school choir and this year was no exception.

In February, my husband gave my son a sledgehammer to demolish an old greenhouse, which became the start of a big garden re-design, which ended up taking three months. February was also the month when my eldest became the last of my children to wear glasses.

In March, the kids and I all ran for Sport Relief and I was particularly proud of my eldest for running six miles. It was a good month for him, as he started to consider going to grammar school for 6th form. Also in March, my daughter took her Grade 2 ballet exam, achieving a distinction.

For my daughter, April was all about Hetty Feather. She read the book and watched it three times in the space of a few days at the theatre! And my eldest got very good results in his year 10 exams – let’s hope he can do even better this summer!

May saw the sad demise of my younger son’s football team – the one my husband had run since my son was 7.

At the very start of June, my eldest and husband climbed Ben Nevis. They hope to go one (or two!) better in 2017 and do the Three Peaks. We had our annual trip to Wychwood Festival and my daughter was the first of my family this year to break a bone, when she chipped a knuckle.

In July, my younger son broke his toe playing football at school at break time. He went off on Scout camp for a week at the end of the month, while my eldest, my daughter and I went to London to watch my husband cycle 100 miles in Ride London – an amazing achievement!

Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo, Buckingham Palace, Ride London

August was the month when Pokemon Go really took over our lives – or my younger son’s life, at least. It was great exercise for him and kept him entertained in the school holidays. Also in August, we had our annual holiday to Padstow, which was a lovely break and great for recharging our batteries. At the end of the month, we had a terrible shock, when our guinea pig, Daisy, died suddenly.

Sons, Daughter, South West Coast Path, Cornwall

September was back to school, with two important years – year 6 and year 11. It really was my daughter’s month, with the grammar school entrance exam and the panto auditions. It was also the month when my husband had a nasty bike accident, which stopped him doing exercise for about two months and involved 15 trips to the nurse to have his dressings changed. Although he didn’t break anything, we discovered a few weeks later that he’d actually broken his finger playing football a couple of weeks earlier! It was in September that we welcomed Wilfred – a new baby guinea pig, into our family and I was very pleased to complete Cheltenham half marathon in a good time, despite an injury. Finally, it was the month when my younger son joined a new football team and it wasn’t long before he was scoring a lot of goals.

Guinea pig, Pet, Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo, Wilfred

Cheltenham half marathon, Half marathon, Selfie

In October, we got the news we’d been waiting for – my daughter had got into grammar school! Also in October, we got our second teenager in the house, although I’m pleased to say he didn’t ‘do a Kevin’ and change overnight. He’s still the same boy he always was. And we had an amazing holiday to Rome!

Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo, Colosseum, Rome, Holiday

My eldest’s skin had gone downhill rapidly during the summer and autumn, and in November we took the decision for him to go on Roaccutane. We really didn’t have an option. Also in November, my daughter took her Grade 3 ballet exam (we’re still waiting for the results) and her panto rehearsals started. And I finally reached my all-important 50 Parkruns milestone.

And so to December – a month that was all about one thing. The panto. Oh yeah, it was Christmas too, but when your daughter is in panto, there really isn’t much time for anything else.

So that’s our 2016. Here’s to 2017, which will bring us GCSEs and a new grammar school and who knows what else?!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Aw what a lovely round up Sarah. 2016 has certainly been a funny old year in terms of the news, politics and our much loved celebrities passing away. Look how much your family has achieved this year, and I will certainly be following your adventures in 2017. You missed off in May when you met a sparkling blogger, by the name of Tracey and went to Blog on he he xx

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    • Thanks very much, I think there are a lot more adventures to come next year! I didn’t write much at all in May, did I? My schoolgirl error was not to blog about BlogOn! I based this post entirely on scrolling through my blogposts, so if I didn’t blog about it, it slipped my mind! x

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  2. You’ve had such a hectic year filled with so much. I’m not quite sure how you manage to always do it all but well done!! Hopefully the end of this seasons panto won’t have a huge crash with it as she knows there’ll be next year too. Hope 2017 is filled with all the best adventures for you all xx

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    • Thanks very much! It has been a busy year (as ever!). I’m dreading the end of the panto, but we’ve got extra ballet classes to look forward to, which should hopefully help. The jury is still out on whether she will do panto next year. We have also heard worrying rumours that our preferred school will only let kids do it once! 🙁 x

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  3. Oh I love this roundup. I really should do something similar but I’m not blogging much at the moment, I’m putting my feet up and reading your blog instead 😉

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    • Thanks very much! I’ve found I’m writing quite a bit at the moment, when I get up early, but I’m not posting every day, simply because there aren’t many people reading (apart from you of course!). I’ll have a nice stash of blogposts to see me into the new year! x

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  4. What a year you’ve all had! This is a great summary of your blog too – full of sport, the everyday family stuff and honesty. Here’s to 2017 and those GCSE results! x

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    • Thanks very much! I think 2017 will be a big one for us. My fingers are firmly crossed that the GCSEs work out well. x

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  5. You have had such a busy year, full of achievements. I hope there is less sadness after the panto finishes this year. I am still hoping to catch the last performance. Wishing you a very happy 2017. xx

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    • Thanks very much! I don’t hold out much hope for less hope after the panto, but my fingers are crossed! It would be great if you were able to watch it. x

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    • Amen to that! A broken bone every month for three months was a bit ridiculous! Pleased to say hubby is fully recovered now, although his scabs still keep peeling four months on!

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  7. I love this, it is such a great way of looking back and realising how much you have done and achieved throughout the year. Let’s hope 2017 is a great year

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