Beautiful Padstow

We’ve just got home from our annual holiday to my absolute favourite place – Padstow in Cornwall. We’ve been there every single year since my son was born in 2001, as well as three times before that. We go on holiday other places too, but Padstow is just what we do every year. We never get bored of it. It feels like coming home.

I’ve written a lot about Padstow over the years and I didn’t think there was anything new I could add this year, so I thought I’d just share some pictures. These were taken in Padstow itself, as well as on the South West Coast Path and Trevone beach.

Padstow, Cornwall, Holiday, Estuary, Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo

Padstow, Harbour, 365, 366, Cornwall

Son, Pokemon Go, Pokemon, Fitness, Walking, Running

Son, Daughter, Beach, Holiday, Cornwall, 365, 366

Son, Beach, Holiday, 365, 366

South West Coast Path, Husband, Sons, Holiday, Padstow, 365, 366

Padstow, Holiday, Cornwall, 365, 366

Cornwall, Holiday, South West Coast Path

Sons, Daughter, South West Coast Path, Cornwall

Daughter, Padstow, Cornwall, Holiday

Padstow, Cornwall, Harbour, Reflection

Padstow, Harbour, Boats, Cornwall, Holiday

Padstow, Camel Estuary, Cornwall, Holiday

Padstow, Cornwall, Holiday, Camel Estuary

Trevone, Beach, Cornwall, Holiday

Padstow, Cornwall, Holiday, Camel Estuary

Padstow, Cornwall, Holiday

Cornwall, Padstow, Holiday

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  1. It looks so beautiful I can see why you keep going back. It’s most definitely your happy place isn’t it? I’d love to go one day when we’re feelings bit more adventurous with a long road trip!

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    • Thanks, it really is our happy place! It would definitely be a long drive for you, it feels far enough for us when the traffic is bad!

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  2. Beautiful photos. It is a gorgeous place, we haven’t been for years but really must try and go back at some point.

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    • Thanks very much! It is such a lovely place, well worth going back to!

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  3. I can totally see why it is your happy place and you keep on returning. I can just imagine sat on a bench with the sea, and then the countryside view infront of you. I love it when you find somewhere that you keep returning too, and you feel is like a second home. Love the picture of the 3 of them sat on the bench x

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    • Thanks very much! They look so peaceful, don’t they? Appearances can be deceptive! I can’t imagine not going there every year, we love it so much! x

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  4. It looks so lovely. We have places that we have been visiting ever since the children were babies and I love listening to them reminiscing. Call me sentimental but I love it. I’m so glad you all had a lovely holiday xx

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    • Thanks very much. It’s good to know that other people keep going back to the same places too. The whole family loves going back every year, apart from my eldest. x

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  5. Your photos are absolutely idyllic and it looks amazing, but I really don’t like Padstow! It’s far too busy for me, I think Rick Stein has ruined the place a bit. But then I still haven’t forgiven his restaurant for over cooking my poached egg…

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    • Ha ha, I know what you mean! It’s changed a lot over the time we’ve been going and has certainly got a lot more commercialised. These photos were mainly taken early in the morning, when it’s nice and quiet. We do try to avoid the worst of the crowds. x

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  6. It looks absolutely stunning no wonder you go back each year and never get bored

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    • Thanks very much. It really feels like a second home and we would miss it if we didn’t visit every year.

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