Grade 3 ballet exam

My daughter had two years between her Primary and Grade 1 ballet exams and 18 months between her Grade 1 and Grade 2 exams. So it felt strange that she was doing her Grade 3 exam just eight months after her Grade 2.

But she was completely ready for it.

Along with her two friends, she was pulling away from the rest of her age group and improving at a much faster rate. Her teacher felts they were also doing better than most of the girls in the group above, who are a year or even two years older. So she moved them up a group, with the aim of fast-tracking them to their grade 3 exam.

In the run-up to the exam, the girls have been doing two classes a week and my daughter has been doing some practise at home. She’s been looking very good, in my humble opinion.

I went to watch her lesson a few days before the exam and was pleased to say that she looked like the best in her class of 10 girls. She always has that extra bit of polish and grace – her head held high, her expression just right, her posture close to perfect. I’d been telling her (and myself) that she might not get a distinction this time as she’s only been learning the syllabus for a few months. But it looked to me like she could do it!

She missed the last week of ballet classes, due to her first week of panto rehearsals. This also meant she’d taken her eye off the ballet ball a bit, with her head fall of panto dances and songs. She even had a panto rehearsal on the morning of her Grade 3 exam. But she takes it all in her stride.

She got home from rehearsals, ate her lunch and started getting ready for her exam. Her teacher had suggested the girls have a plait running into their buns this time, which took a bit of extra work (on her part, not mine, thank goodness). She had a pair of brand new ballet tights to wear (the first time they’d been allowed to wear tights for an exam) and I had ironed her character skirt. She looked beautiful.

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When she arrived, she did a little bit of practice with her two friends and they had a bit of a giggle. It’s nice that none of them get nervous. And then they were gone, ready to show the examiner what they could do.

The familiar music drifting through the door didn’t sound quite as familiar as usual, as it was played by a pianist rather than CD. A lot of the routines they had to perform on their own, or as a pair and a solo, so the exam took a remarkably long time. While my daughter could race through the entire syllabus in 12 minutes in our kitchen, the exam took 40 minutes.

Then three tired girls, with bright red cheeks appeared. It had gone well. The examiner had been nice and they were happy.

Now we just have to wait a month or so for the results. Dare I hope that she’s got a distinction?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Your girl is amazing….She works so hard at everything she does. You must be very proud!
    I am in awe that she manages to do her own hair….I can’t even do hair like that to my girls. lol
    Good luck with the results x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m very proud!
      I can’t do hair like that on her either. She took over all hair from me when she was 7 and has looked immaculate ever since! x

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  2. It’s hard having to wait for the results isn’t it. Wow just eight months between exams, we don’t get through them that quickly here.

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    • We’ve never had them that close together before! It’s usually about 18 months between exams. She did it so soon after the previous one as she was moved up a group, so was with older girls who had been working on the grade 3 syllabus for much longer.

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  3. Oh my word it sounds like she has done incredibly well even being ready to take the exam. I hope she gets the results she’s hoping for.

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    • Thank you! She has done well and my fingers are firmly crossed for the result! I think she deserves a distinction, but as she only had a few months to prepare it may be that she wasn’t quite ready for the distinction. x

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    • Thanks very much! I think there’s a few blogging mums who are living their ballet dreams through my daughter 🙂

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  4. I love reading about your daughter love of ballet and also the ride you have for her amazing talent. Hope all goes well with the results but from what you say it sounds as if she will get the result all her hard work deserves

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    • Thank you, that’s such a lovely thing to say! My fingers are crossed, but I know that whatever the result, she has worked hard for it and will get the result she deserves 🙂

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  5. She’s so so passionate about it all and always sounds like she lives and breathes it. I’m sure she’ll pass with flying colours x

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  6. You really do have a little star there, I can’t wait to see where her future takes her. I know my brothers in-laws would love to talk to her as they both toured with the Royal Ballet but neither daughter followed in their footsteps. Can’t wait to hear about her results.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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    • Thanks very much! I’m sure my daughter would love to take to your brothers-in-law too! That’s interesting that their daughters didn’t follow in their footsteps. x

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  7. How funny they went in in a 3. We were always pairs for our dance exams, except when it got to adult classical ballet levels, when it was in a 4.

    (What syllabus does she do? I did RAD and I can still remember some of my Tarantella character dance we had to do for ours, and some of my grade 2 Breton dance)

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    • I think it depends how many kids are doing the exam as to whether they go in in a pair, three or four. The teacher tries to put them in natural friendship groups to ease their nerves.
      She does RAD for ballet too. Amazed that you can still remember a grade 2 dance!

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