Running for Sport Relief 2016

My family and Sport Relief go back a long way. The boys and I ran our first Sport Relief mile in 2008, before it was a very big thing. The boys were just 6 and 4, and I let my eldest run on ahead. He even got his photo in the paper as he crossed the line. Somehow I ended up running with my 2 year old daughter in the buggy, which wasn’t all-terrain. It was very hard work!

By 2010 my daughter was out of the buggy and running herself. The boys ran too and I let them both go on ahead.

Sport Relief, Daughter

In 2012 my younger son had opted out (a bit like Parkrun – he’s only run three times), but my eldest and my daughter still ran.

In 2014 it was just my daughter and I – and she’d decided she wanted to run three miles! This was before the Parkrun days (Parkrun is three miles) and she found it really, really hard. It took her about 50 minutes, but she did it!

Sport Relief, Daughter, Charity

So here we are at 2016 and my boys are both back on the team. On 20th March, my eldest has opted to run six miles, which is brilliant. He’s used to running three miles for Parkrun, but he needs to do some serious training over the next few weeks to get his distance close to six miles. I’m very proud of him for pushing himself that bit further and I think it’s worthy of some sponsorship!

My daughter considered doing six miles too, but sensibly decided against it. I think she’s just a bit too young. She says she will do six miles in two years’ time and I have no doubt she will be ready for it then – she will be in year 7 and much bigger than she is now, with no doubt A LOT of Parkruns under her belt.

So my son, daughter and I are all going to do three miles.

Which means four of us running 15 miles between us for our fifth Sport Relief. I think to get three kids running for charity is an achievement in itself. To get one of them running six miles is an even bigger achievement.

If you want to sponsor our little family team, you can do it here – We would really appreciate it! Thank you.

Sport Relief changes people’s lives – with 50% of the funds raised used here in the UK and 50% used where it can make a difference around the world, including Syria and parts of Africa. Over the last two years, Sport Relief has helped an incredible 189,000 children attend school and get an education, 16,500 people get the support they need to improve their mental health and 734,000 children get life-saving vaccines. That’s got to be worth a couple of quid of anyone’s money!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love that first photo, it’s so lovely and sums up a big love of your family. What a brilliant cause too!

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    • Thanks very much. She did so well when she was 4! We love running it every time 🙂

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  2. That’s definitely an achievement, and one you will all undoubtedly succeed in. I wish I had some money to sponsor you. If my new job gets sorted in the next few weeks, then I will do. xx

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    • Thanks very much! I really hope my eldest can do his six miles without too much pain. Don’t worry about the sponsorship, you’ve got other things to focus on at the moment, but I really appreciate the thought! x

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  3. Ahhh! Good Luck with it all!! I ADORE that first photo! You look so very very happy in it! x

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    • Thanks very much! I remember we had so much fun that day, plodding along at her happy 4yo pace! x

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  4. Way to go lovely. Good luck to you both and I’m just sponsoring you now. xx

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    • Thank you! That’s brilliant, I really appreciate the sponsorship. x

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  5. Well done to your son on wanting to run six miles and how lovely to be running together as a family for Sport Relief – getting three kids running is very impressive. Love the photo of you and your daughter when she was little running together. Have sponsored you – good luck! 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, that’s brilliant, we really appreciate it!
      I’m slightly concerned about how my son is going to manage six miles, but he’s a big, strong boy! He can walk if he needs to.

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  6. I love the way you make it a family team event and lovely to look back over the past years. All the very best for this year’s run. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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    • Thanks very much! It’s the only sponsored event we do as I’m not very good at asking for sponsors! I like the fact that we can do it as a family and feel better about asking for sponsorship for the kids than myself!

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