‘I love Christmas in our house’

Christmas hasn’t yet arrived in our house, apart from some lights in one window. And I really don’t mind. I’m not quite ready for it yet. I’ve bought and wrapped Christmas presents, written and posted cards and there’s advent calendars, but no tree.

To my mind, Christmas has fallen all wrong this year. Last weekend felt too early to put the tree up, next weekend feels a bit late. The optimum date for getting a tree up, in my world at least, is 15th December. But that’s a weekday. We vaguely discussed putting it up on a weekday, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. So 18th December it is, then!

My younger son popped to Sainsburys with me the other day. I think it’s a good place to catch Pokemon, but I like the bit of quality time with him. When you’ve got thee kids and you’re always rushing around, you take your quality time where you find it – even if it is by the bananas in the supermarket.

We had a little look at the Christmas decorations, which are all now reduced (see – there are advantages to putting the tree up late!) and came home with a robin that the rest of the family hate.

Looking at the decorations, my son said: “I love Christmas in our house, I love remembering all the decorations we had when we were little.”

And my heart just melted. I love that boy. Sometimes he really does say the nicest things.

Because that’s how I feel too.

We’re not the best at Christmas. We’re a total Pinterest failure, but that doesn’t matter.

He doesn’t know about Pinterest and teenagers don’t post smug pictures of their perfect trees on Instagram (thank flip for that!). He doesn’t wish we made gingerbread houses, his advent calendar has pictures in it, not Lego. There’s no Elf on the flipping shelf and no Christmas Eve boxes. Most people posting their ‘perfect’ Christmases on social media would think we distinctly lacked ‘magic’.

But sod them and their elves and Christmas Eve boxes.

Our Christmas has its own magic and my 13 year old son loves it. Who needs Pinterest when you’ve got decorations you had when you were a baby (and now a robin that the rest of the family hates)?

Our Christmas is good enough for us and that’s all that matters.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Love this post! We all have our own traditions and do Christmas our own way. Our decorations are memories of all sorts of things and this year most of ours have ended up in the kid’s bedrooms because that’s what they wanted. Tell your son I really like the robin xx

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    • Love that the kids have the decorations in their bedrooms! Thanks! I really like the robin too 🙂 x

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  2. Completely agree with you. Christmas is such a special time – and I agree with you about Christmas eve boxes. It’s just basically more presents and expense isn’t it? (Just call me Mrs Grinch!)

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    • Absolutely! Christmas Eve boxes are just spoiling kids unnecessarily at a time when they’re already getting spoilt.

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  3. Awww this is lovely. Xmas is growing arms and legs each year I find but it’s really nice when you can hang onto your own traditions and it’s special in your own way. I think that’s what makes it perfect!

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    • Thank you! Everyone’s Christmas is right for them and it doesn’t have to be like other people’s to be perfect.

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  4. This is fab. We don’t really do Christmas in the same way as other people either. Our tree will go up on Monday, we’ve got no decorations and we won’t be making beautiful things or immaculately wrapping gifts. But that’s ok, the children enjoy it and that’s enough.

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    • Glad to hear it! It’s all about the kids and your own family. As long as you’re enjoying it, that’s all that matters. x

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  5. Oh I do love this post, because the sentiment is so true – we all want to make memories for our kids to remember. And those memories are just being normal, not Pinterest spectacular, unless you’re naturally that way inclined…and I’m certainly not!
    We have two very excited children waiting for Father Christmas, with a slightly wonky tree decorated imperfectly and full of the children’s handmade decorations. Not one for Pinterest but I wouldn’t change it!

    Have fun putting up your tree at the weekend!

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    • Thanks very much! Love that you have a wonky tree. It’s good to hear that not everyone has a Pinterest-perfect Christmas, because sometimes I feel like the only one! Hope Father Christmas brings your children everything they want. x

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  6. Aw I love this Sarah. I went and bought a new (modern) Christmas tree, and you should have seen the kids faces when they saw it. ‘that’s not a proper tree mum’ ‘we want our old tree back’ I honestly didn’t think they would be that nostalgic about it, but appears I am wrong. And yes sorry Sarah as I feel I have let you down this year. Our tree went up last weekend, which is super early for us x

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    • Well done on getting your tree up early! I actually think ours is too late this year, but never mind!
      You should never mess with Christmas traditions! It’s lovely that the kids like their old tree. I’d never realised how much my son valued our Christmas. x

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  7. Couldn’t agree more on this. I think we all get so bogged down by what everyone else is doing and you know what? We each have our own traditions that our children adore and will NEVER forget. I think we are in danger of encouraging our children to look across at what others do/have if we continually do it ourselves. I love christmas in our house too and I’m loving your robin! x

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  8. I love this and I love reading about peoples Christmas traditions. I think each to their own and as long as you enjoy it that’s the main thing. Love yours x

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    • Thank you! You’re so very right! x

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