The quietest half-term

This year, February half-term might have been the quietest and most boring ever.

Yet we didn’t mind.

I find the not minding bit hard to understand. Maybe we are all growing up in our own way?

In October half-term I hated that we did nothing. I hated every minute of it. It didn’t help that everywhere I looked there were photos of people on holiday. Taunting me. I really, really wanted to be on holiday. But I wasn’t. I was stuck at home. Doing nothing.

But people don’t tend to go on holiday in February, so I didn’t have that same desperate urge to go away. I was more relaxed and accepting of life at home. In all its boring glory.

This time round it seems I’ve learned to accept that my kids aren’t ready to get out of the house at 9am, as I like to do. Or even 11am. I could get choose to get frustrated by it, or I could just go with the flow. I usually make them go for a walk every day, but this time I haven’t even bothered with that.

My eldest has stopped constantly asking for lifts to different places at various inconvenient times.

And my younger two? They’ve just been content to do pretty much nothing.

We’ve had a few different factors to deal with this half-term which have made it easier to do nothing. My younger son pulled his hamstring at football on the first Sunday of the holidays, which left him unable to walk for a couple of days. He’s a very active boy, but he is also a boy who is quite happy to sit in front of games consoles, his phone and his iPad ALL DAY. So he did. For two whole days. And only improved slightly later in the week.

My daughter had a nasty cough all week. No other symptoms, just the cough, but she was less inclined to be energetic and go out as a result. Then she had a couple of dizzy days at the end of the week. She has these dizzy spells from time to time. I think they’re vertigo. I’ve learned to accept them and not worry about them. She’s usually fine the following day, although this one did carry on a bit longer.

Then there’s work. When you’ve just got a new contract, one that is looking like your most lucrative and reliable one yet, the correct response to the question: ‘What are you going to do about half-term?’ is to say that you will do all of the work that is needed. So I did. Even though I didn’t see as much of my kids. Because they need that money as much as I do. Without it there would be no Scout camps or dance lessons and they get that. And I enjoyed doing the work.

While the younger two sat mainly in front of screens, my eldest combined getting up extremely late with a bit of manual labour. Give a teenage boy a sledgehammer and he’s happy. Pay him for wielding the sledgehammer and he’s even happier. He even gets to burn off energy and aggression he might otherwise use for winding up his siblings. Win-win.

Son, Teenager, 365, 366

Above all, I was just happy to have a break from the mum taxi. And really, REALLY happy we didn’t have a repeat of last February half-term, when my daughter was very ill and ended up at the hospital and walking with a crutch.

I’d take boredom over that any day.




Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh I remember the October holidays VERY well. Everybody was on holiday, and I was also sat at home feeling miserable that we didn’t go away. But yes I am the same as you. We didn’t have any plans for half term either, apart from finishing off our playroom we were decorating. This involved going through boxes of daughters things, and thankfully she did get rid of some. Meanwhile the teen spent his days in his cave on the PS4. I did feel a little guilty at times, but I am slowly learning to accept that sometimes the kids are tired and they just want to chill out on their devices. A little like me chilling out with the laptop and twitter xx

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    • Ha ha, yes! There’s a part of me that’s grateful for the kids wanting to play on their screens so I can do a bit myself! My kids did spend rather more time on their screens than I would have liked, but they obviously needed to relax and take it easy. x

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  2. It sounds like a great half term to me…We didn’t do anything either and we enjoyed every moment!
    I hope all your kids are feeling better now x

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    • Thanks, they’re all recovered! I’m normally the worst at staying in and not doing anything. I don’t have to do exciting stuff, I just can’t stay in for too long! x

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  3. It sounds like the perfect week doesn’t it? And even better that you managed to get so much work done. We didn’t really plan anything this time and enjoyed winging it day by day. Probably would have been better if we weren’t all sick after half term 🙂 but ah well!

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    • Not great to be poorly after half-term 🙁 It doesn’t sound like the perfect week to me, but it was better than I expected!

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  4. I think they did – poor kids, we only had one day when they were both right! They obviously needed the break. x

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  5. Those are my favourite kind of half terms – nothing on but everyone is content to just ‘be’. I remember that awful half term in October last year. I’m booking a holiday this year! x

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    • Ha ha, we definitely want to book an October holiday too! I don’t like a full-on half-term, but I did find this one a little bit too quiet, but it seems it was just what the kids needed! x

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