Project 366 Weeks 51 & 52

A fortnight which started with us finally putting our Christmas tree up has flown by and now Christmas is over and it’s nearly time for 2017. In between panto performances, we made the most of the rare chance to have days out.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 353 – Sunday 18th December – we finally got a Christmas tree! The large knitted snowman was removed shortly after this photo was taken.

Christmas tree, Christmas, 365, 366

Day 354 – Monday 19th December – my younger son and I have horrendous colds, but I had to work today. These are our old snowman Christmas lights which we have had for years, but they still make me smile.

Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, 365, 366

Day 355 – Tuesday 20th December – my daughter’s final day at school, followed by two panto performances. My eldest went to watch the show and really enjoyed it. I went for a quick walk as the sun was setting.

Sunset, 365, 366

Day 356 – Wednesday 21st December – this isn’t a very festive photo. It’s a bag full of Roaccutane from my son’s check-up with the dermatologist.

Roaccutane, Acne, Son

Day 357 – Thursday 22nd December – while my daughter was at panto, I went on a little visit to Birmingham with my husband and the boys. It was strange without her – I felt very outnumbered and very small, but it was a really nice, relaxing trip.

Bullring, Birmingham, Christmas, Sons, 365, 366

Day 358 – Friday 23rd December – earlier this year, we made some new friends and I can honestly say they’re some of the nicest, most thoughtful people I have ever met. I feel very lucky to have them in our lives. They went to see the panto yesterday and sent this little present backstage for my daughter!

Daughter, Panto, Present, Friends, 365, 366

Day 359 – Saturday 24th December – Christmas Eve was the usual cleaning and tidying. But it was also Saturday, so I fitted a Parkrun in as usual. My daughter had two panto performances and my husband went to watch her. This photo was taken during a last-minute shopping trip at 7.30am.

Sunrise, Sky, 365, 366

Day 360 – Sunday 25th December – Merry Christmas! We had Christmas day at our house this year, with my parents and brother over for Christmas dinner. My sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew joined us for tea, so it was enjoyable, but pretty full-on! We started the day with Christmas day Parkrun to get ourselves energised for the busy day ahead.

Christmas Day, Christmas tree, Presents, 365, 366

Day 361 – Monday 26th December – we always take time out on our own on Boxing Day. This year, we went to Bristol.

Bristol, 365, 366

Day 362 – Tuesday 27th December – we celebrated my niece’s 4th birthday and my daughter had two panto performances. For the only time since she started rehearsals on 14th November, my husband did the lifts there and back. Here’s a picture of Wilfred chilling out in the kitchen.

Wilfred, Guinea pig, 365, 366

Day 363 – Wednesday 28th December – we went on a day trip to London! It was a lovely day and we spent a lot of time just wandering around looking at landmarks.

The Shard, London, Landmarks, Days out

Day 364 – Thursday 29th December – the third consecutive frosty morning, so I haven’t been running for ages! We went to watch the panto with my whole family. It was brilliant and made even better by some of my family members going up on stage.

Frost, 365, 366

Day 365 – Friday 30th December – my inlaws came over ready to watch the panto tomorrow and my daughter had an extra panto performance as one of the girls in the other team had asked her to swap. It was a busy day and I didn’t take any photos, other than of my nephew that I can’t share here. So I’m cheating with another photo from London – I was still sharing them on Instagram, so it’s only a small cheat!

Thames, London, Landmarks, Skyline, Tower of London, Walkie Talkie, Days out

Day 366 – Saturday 31st December – I’m buzzing today. Not because it’s New Year’s Eve, I keep forgetting about that, but because I actually managed to go running for the first time since Christmas Day and I went to see the panto for the fourth time. It actually gets better and better every time I see it. I can’t believe it’s nearly over!

Selfie, Running, 365, 366

Happy new year! Back tomorrow for Project 365 2017 – my fourth year.

Project 365 is a bloghop. Hop over to see what others have been up to over the last fortnight.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Glad the family is still enjoying the panto. The one we saw was rubbish this year.
    Gosh at the frost, we have had no clod weather here at all, been very unseasonably warm if rather wet and windy, not that I am complaining Your close up frost picture is brilliant.
    Your no 364 looks like a spooky scene from Dr Who.

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    • It was mild here until Christmas, then we had a few very cold days. It’s now mild and wet again!
      Our panto is brilliant. It’s a shame the one you saw wasn’t very good.

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  2. Love your London pictures- it really looks eerie in the fog. Feels like the panto season has whizzed by – sounds like it went well. Happy new year

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    • Thanks, happy new year! There are just four panto performances left. We are already feeling the loss a bit 🙁

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  3. You’ve had such a jam packed time and it looks like a lot of fun has been had. You got an amazing tree for a last minute find 🙂 an glad panto is going well. That little gingerbread man necklace is so pretty! Hope 2017 is just as good to you all!

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    • Thanks very much! It’s been a good couple of weeks and I’m glad we decided to go out for a few days, rather than just hanging out at home. Everyone loves our tree, I’m so pleased with it!

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  4. You’ve done better with the December running than me *ahem* one 4 mile run all month *ahem*! Your fortnight sounded great though with all the trips and pantos – she has been so busy! Happy new Year!

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    • Thanks very much! I ended up running less than I would have liked because of the frost at the end of the month. Happy new year!

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  5. Happy New year 🙂 well done on running Christmas day morning that is dedication! I love the shape of your tree and the snowmen lights – love how they make you smile despite how old they are – all those happy Christmas memories. Cannot believe that the panto has finished now – that time has whizzed past x

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    • Thanks. To be honest, Parkrun on Christmas Day was a real highlight of the day – it’s the calm before the storm! The panto isn’t quite finished – just two more performances to go 🙁 Happy new year!

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  6. Haha it made me chuckle reading about your Christmas tree finally going up! We were really late doing ours too and it seems like such a long time ago now! I look forward to reading about your 2017.

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    • I think we put it up at the right time, to be honest. It already felt like it had been up a long time when Christmas came along. We’re traditionalists – it stays up until 5th January, like it’s supposed to! x

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  7. Lovely photos of the festive season Sarah and how ace that you went and did parkrun on Christmas Day. How thoughtful of your new friends to send a gift for your daughter. And sounds as if you have had some lovely trips over the past fortnight. Birmingham is my new favourite city, and we keep meaning to visit Bristol as we have friends in Bristol and Chepstow x

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    • Parkrun on Christmas Day was really one of the highlights of the day. Getting out in the fresh air and doing some exercise really helps with the inevitable indulgence! Our new friends are just so nice, we’re very lucky to have met them. Bristol is lovely! You can call in and say hello to me on your way down! x

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  8. Love love love that Shard photo and what a lovely gift for your daughter, I bet she was really chuffed. Well done on the run and I wish you a very happy New year x

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    • Thank you! The weather conditions in London were perfect for taking interesting photos! Happy new year to you too. x

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  9. Love your London photos! Sounds like you’ve all had a busy, fun Christmas and New Year. It’s going to seem very quiet without the panto 🙂 Wishing you a very Happy New Year Sarah xx

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  10. it looks like yoiuve had a lovely christmas, what a thoughtful gift from your friends for R. Love your christmas tree, it’s one of the first things i’ll do when we finally get back to the uk at christmas

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