Acne and Roaccutane – ‘Have you got any more children?’

As mother and son bonding experiences go, sitting in the hospital pharmacy, both waiting for our own Roaccutane prescriptions, is an unusual one. But, when it comes to skin, our family is pretty unusual.

My son has been on Roaccutane for his severe acne for a weeks now, while I have been on it for nearly two and a half years. I’m pleased to say that my son’s skin is definitely starting to improve, although he’s still got a long way to go. He’s supposed to be on 40mg of Roaccutane a day, but muscular aches are one of the many side effects and he’s been suffering from aching legs. So sometimes he just takes 20mg instead.

He had his check-up with the dermatologist recently and he is pleased with his progress. He says it is fine for him to take 20mg a day if he feels more comfortable – it won’t stop him getting better, it will just mean progress is a bit slower. All he needs to do is complete the course – which will be another five months at 40mg or 10 months at 20mg a day. His back will probably take longer to heal than his face, which is a shame as it’s uncomfortable, but I’m sure he’d rather his face got better first. All being well, he won’t need to see the dermatologist again for five months.

As we were preparing to leave, both armed with prescriptions for large quantities of Roaccutane, he asked the killer question – ‘Have you got any more children?’.

I told him I have two younger children, and one of them is already using a prescription lotion for mild acne. He says if that doesn’t work (it currently is), he will need six months of antibiotics and if that doesn’t work, he will need Roaccutane. Because of our family history, he would put both kids on Roaccutane even for fairly mild acne to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand, like my son’s and mine, to reduce the risk of scarring.

He doesn’t hold out much hope that they will avoid it.

It looks like I may be bonding with my kids at the hospital pharmacy over bags full of Roaccutane for many years to come.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh goodness, that must feel a gloomy prospect. But your younger ones will see how well you handle these difficulties and I bet that will help them.

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    • Thanks very much! I do hope so! Neither of them are quite as resilient as their brother, so I really hope they don’t have to go through it, but the prospects aren’t looking good!

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  2. Oh dear. But they do have your husband’s genes as well as yours though right, so it won’t necessarily follow that they get it? Fingers crossed for them and I’m glad your son’s is clearing up.

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    • Thanks very much! Sadly my husband had worse acne than me, which I think is why my son’s is so bad! The only difference is his cleared up in his early 20s, whereas I’ve had it right into my 40s. x

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