The Pokemon Go frenzy

At the start of the school holidays, I wrote about how brilliant I think Pokemon Go is. I’ll be honest, I was slightly worried about how my younger son would cope with the holidays. He thrives at school and really needs the stimulation it gives him. Without that, he retreats into his iPad and iPhone (always both at the same time) to keep himself amused. He usually sits on his own in his room, which I’m not keen on. I want him to be much more active and sociable.

And then Pokemon Go came along in the nick of time.

It was a dream come true for my son and for me. Yes, he was still attached to his phone, but it was while walking (and often running) round the village, chasing Pokemon.

He was out as soon as he got up and would be in and out of the house all day. He was walking long distances looking for Pokemon, but also to hatch his eggs. If I could take him into town, even better. There were far more Pokemon there and lots more running around to do.

By the time he went on Scout camp, at the end of July, he was averaging 11 miles a day searching for Pokemon.

When he came back from camp, he had a day in his room looking at his two screens to recover and then he was back on it. On Tuesday and Wednesday of that week, he was up to 13 miles a day. On the Thursday he excelled himself with NINETEEN miles.

It was at this point, that we started begging him to slow down a bit. We have to remind him to eat and drink. We are consciously giving him more food. Because walking and running 19 miles a day burns up some serious calories. My boy is pretty slim, he can’t afford to lose weight.

When we went on holiday to Padstow, we walked a stretch of the South West Coast Path – it was about 12 or 13 miles across country and with a lot of climbing. When he finished his walk, instead of going inside, he just ran off as he had 4km to complete on a 10km egg. I couldn’t believe he didn’t need or want a rest. He walked 21 miles that day. And as he went to bed on the last day of our holiday, he told us he’d walked exactly 100 miles over the holiday! 10,000 steps a day? That’s for wimps!

Right at the start of the holidays, we had an email from the school rugby coach asking that boys exercise and stay fit over the holidays, ready for the first game of the season as soon as they go back to school. We certainly won’t have any worries about fitness. I think my son is the fittest he’s ever been.

Pokemon Go is amazing!

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There’s a Pokemon on the beach!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. 19 miles is a few short of a marathon. Such a huge thing to keep doing day after day. He’s going to be the fittest person ever but, like you say, it’s come along at the perfect time for him hasn’t it? Well done to him!! 🙂

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    • Thanks! The holidays would have been very different without it. I would have had a lazy boy just sitting around. It’s been brilliant for him 🙂

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  2. Wow, that’s some dedication!! I loaded Pokemon Go on to my phone so my boys could have a look. They’re only three and five so don’t take it too seriously but it does keep them walking when they’ve reached the moany ‘pick me up’ stage. It’s great to dip in and out of. We’ve only collected 40 Pokemon but they think it’s the highest amount ever 🙂

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    • Bless them! I haven’t had a go myself. I suspect I’d be delighted to catch even one! My son has something like 104 different ones, but has caught literally hundreds of them!

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  3. That’s some miles her clocked up there. We haven’t got into Pokemon Go yet, mine aren’t that interested, but I can certainly see the attraction, especially if you have a teen who is usually glued to a screen.

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    • It’s been absolutely brilliant and because he’s 12 he can go out on his own and he has his own phone, so he’s not running my battery down! I do like to go out with him some of the time, but he can play while I’m busy.

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  4. My son has done a fair few miles in an effort to hatch eggs too. It is such a great idea although my son uses my phone which is a pain as I have no phone for hours every day

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    • Oh no, I wouldn’t like that! I’m so glad my son has his own phone!

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  5. I agree! I have so many friends who are celebrating the fact that their kids are outside all summer and walking miles. Only my eldest is into it at the moment but I think it’s fab.

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    • It’s absolutely brilliant! I know my son would have been pretty inactive this summer without it. Now what are the chances that he will still be playing this time next year?

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  6. This is fab! I’ve heard people criticising Pokemon Go and saying that children should be doing sports that don’t involve a screen instead. I disagree because you have to enjoy sport to want to do it and if that’s what he enjoys and it makes him get loads of exercise then I think it’s brilliant and well done to him 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! Is it so different from adults recording their activity on an app and sharing it across social media etc? I don’t think so! He’s having a great time and getting fit with it, what’s not to love? x

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  7. I’m amazed how far he’s walking. We have spent more time outside though because of it & been to some new places.

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