The grammar school test – she did it!

We’d tried to put the results of the grammar school test out of our heads. We had the panto auditions to look forward to take our minds off it for a while and lots of school stuff to keep us busy. But the last week before the results went very slowly indeed. There was a lot of thinking going on.

I’d resigned myself to the fact that my daughter wouldn’t be going to her brother’s school. It was always a very long shot. Even though she’d come out of the test happy and confident, she had missed a small number of questions, and I know she’d struggled with some of her practise work. But there were still times when I dreamed she would make it

Ever since she was very small, I’d pictured her at the girls’ grammar schoolย and that was still where I felt she would end up. But you can never be sure, can you? Maybe she’d got more questions wrong than she thought she had? Maybe everyone else had just done better than her?

We went to an open evening at my eldest’s comprehensive school and I was very impressed. There is a new head teacher who has some good ideas and I think it’s really going to improve over the coming years. I’ve always said that the school hasn’t done a lot for my son. But I know he hasn’t done a lot for himself either. Someone who was willing to put the work in would do a lot better.

I thought about our ‘third choice’ grammar school and the complicated travel arrangements involved in getting there. I thought about having to drive there at night after concerts or sport and wondered if it was worth it. Maybe if she could ‘only’ get the third choice grammar, maybe she would be better off at the comprehensive?

I woke up early on results day (yes, even earlier than usual), dreaming about my daughter in the third choice grammar school uniform. It’s not something I’d pictured before.

Results day was a long one. I felt like I was too excited and nervous to work, but I’m pleased to say it actually calmed me and took my mind off things.

When my son got his results, the emails from the two schools came almost simultaneously and they were very clear-cut. My son had come inside the all-important top 120, which meant he was assured of a place at our first choice grammar school. Below that, I knew things would get more complicated.

The first email came as we were sat waiting for my son to come out of school. It was from the third choice school. There were A LOT of words in it. About how they were pleased she’d taken the test etc etc. I didn’t need all those words, I just needed to get to the point! The point was quite complicated – about numbers of grammar school places for girls, about how many girls had taken the test, where she had come in terms of the number of girls, what sort of position in the rankings girls would need to be to get into the school…

There were a lot of words, but I eventually got to the point.

We had a grammar school girl in the family!

And I just knew immediately that she wouldn’t be going to her brother’s comprehensive. We wanted her to go to this grammar school.

She ran out of the car to meet her brother to tell him. (Having your primary school kid sister getting out of the car to meet you isn’t cool, but he let her off as he knew she would have some good news.)

Our first choice girls’ grammar got in touch nearly an hour later. The same complicated words… She’d reached the grade for the school and her ranking means she should hopefully get in, although it will be quite close.

We will look round both schools again over the next few days, then make our application. One thing is for certain, whichever school she goes to, my girl will be going to grammar school!

I’m so proud of my daughter. She’s a bright and determined girl and she’s worked hard for this. She totally deserves her grammar school place and I know she will thrive at whichever school she goes to. I think they will be very lucky to have her there!

At the start of the autumn, my daughter had three aims – to get into grammar school, to get into the panto and to become head girl. Well two out of three ain’t bad and she got the important two!

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  1. Brilliant news, what a clever girl. Congratulations.

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    • Thank you! We’re so proud of her ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thanks very much! I think we were all a bit worried about this, but my husband was the worst!

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  2. Yes!! Fantastic news – so pleased for her and relieved for you! Xx

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    • Thanks very much! I’m glad it’s all over and we never have to go through it again! x

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  3. Blimey I had no idea they sent results in different ways. It all sounds quite complex doesn’t it? But a huge well done to her!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • It’s VERY complex! I think different areas do it in different ways, but here they sit one test for all the grammar schools, so you’re not guaranteed a place because it depends what people above you choose to do!

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    • Thanks very much ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Oh fantastic news for her. Fingers crossed she gets into your first choice girls grammar but am sure everything will work out in the other. And yay you don’t have to do this worrying again!

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    • Thanks very much! So pleased I don’t have to go through the worry again. She will thrive at either school, but just want the first choice one as it’s easier to get to!

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    • Thanks very much, we’re really proud! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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    • Thanks very much! I really hoped she would, but there’s always that little bit of uncertainty! x

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  5. Yay, well done to her, you must all be very relieved. My daughter is well placed at my favourite grammar and borderline for another. We have done one open day, the other is next week, now we have to choose. I wonder if they will meet next September?

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    • Thanks very much and well done to your daughter! It sounds like there’s a chance they could meet in September!

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  6. Well done to her. Great for her to have ambitions for the year, and brilliant to have met the most important one for her future.

    My mum always wished we were in a grammar school area, but were just outside catchment. We’re just about in the area for Stratford/Warwick, but I’m not expecting N to be the level for grammar school unless he’s a late developer. A shame, but we’ve just got to hope by the time he’s 10, we’re still in the catchment for the secondary myself, the OH and all his cousins went to because none of the schools in town would be on our list of choice. The alternative is private and I’m not sure he’d be keen on that (or my wallet!)

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    • Thanks very much, she’s a very determined little girl!
      I was just outside catchment for grammar school when I was a kid too. My eldest is actually at the comprehensive I went to. Getting into a school is such a minefield. I hope it works out for N in the future!

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  7. I am not really sure what Grammar schools are as we don’t have them here. We have non denominational, catholic and private schools here. But it sounds like your daughter has done incredible and you are so proud. Well done and she has worked so hard xx

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    • Thanks very much! She really has worked very hard. They don’t have grammar schools in a lot of areas in England either. I think we’re lucky to have them, but not everyone agrees! x

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  8. Well done to your girl. It is so hard, not only do you have to pass, but pass well to get her place. Bet you are so proud xx #schooldays

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