What I read in 2017

I love nothing more than reading. It’s how I unwind and escape from the frustrations and boredom of everyday life. Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t need a TV and you wouldn’t catch me watching videos online. I’d much rather read a book than a blogpost or magazine or look at social media (although I do those things a lot too).

I read every night before I go to sleep and every lunchtime when the kids aren’t home (I can’t concentrate enough to read when they’re around). If I’m sat waiting in the car or in a waiting room, I will be reading a book. And it is always a book, never a device. I have never read anything on a device.

I’ve read a lot of brilliant books this year, a lot of good ones and just a few I haven’t been so keen on. I had a really bad run at the start of the year and was underwhelmed by the first four books I read. Thank goodness things turned around a bit after that!

This year I’ve read 37 books, which is slightly more than last year’s total. This actually surprised me as I haven’t had any long train journeys this year (absolutely the best time to read), with no blogging conferences and no days away working.

In addition to the books I read for myself, I read children’s books for work. They can be anything from pre-school picture books to 500 page YA novels. I was reading five a month until May and four a month for the rest of the year, so that’s an extra 53 books this year.

This year I’ve read:

So what were my favourite books of the year?

It’s a tough choice because I’ve read so many brilliant ones, but I think they are:

  • The Dry
  • Would You Lie?
  • Lying in Wait
  • The Trouble With Goats and Sheep
  • I Let You Go

I must also give a special mention to Robert Bryndza’s DI Erika Forester series, which I have absolutely loved reading this year.

How many books did you read in 2017? What were your favourites?


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  1. I do enjoy your book recommendations, I have read a couple of them this year. I read a Boy Made of Blocks and I’ve just finished I Let You Go. I enjoyed both of them and really appreciated the recommendations, thank you.

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    • Thanks very much! It’s good to know that someone follows my recommendations and enjoys them! My book reviews are easily my least popular posts, but I do them for the love of it, because I always want to tell people what I’m reading about! x

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  2. I blew 2016 out of the water and read 95 books this year – 75 fiction and 20 non-fiction. Definitely my highest number since having kids!

    The only books that intersect both of our lists are The Couple Next Door, which I confess I did not like all that much, and Swing Time.

    My favourites this year (ie I could imagine re-reading them) included The Story of Your Life and Others; Seveneves; Lincoln in the Bardo; Son of a Trickster; Imagine Me Gone; Commonwealth; and The Break. My total includes rereads of Mrs Dalloway; Giovanni’s Room; and the Aubrey-Maturin series (20 books, took me 2 months!).

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    • Wow, that’s an incredible total! The only time I read more than I read in 2017 was when my eldest was a baby and I was reading while breastfeeding! I devoured so many books then.
      You and me must have quite different tastes in books. The Couple Next Door didn’t make my favourites list, but it’s the sort of book I read a lot of and would have ranked about middle of my list for the year. But I will still look up some of your recommendations! I never re-read books because there is always something else I want to read.

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  3. What a fantastic list. I have not been reading anywhere near as much. A lot of good books here though. I read maybe 20. Must try harder x

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  4. I started last year recording the books I’ve read but stopped after a couple of months, there weren’t so many! I’m interested to hear that you still read real books, I have only read books on my phone when I was stuck without something to read, otherwise it’s got to be a real book for me.


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  5. You read a lot especially considering your job is to read books too!! A great diverse list of books there. Thank you for sharing with #readwithme

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  6. I went ahead and bought The Couple Next Door after reading your review. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve picked the books I’m going to be reading for my challenge this year and it’s on the list.
    I’m pleased I didn’t use my book tokens for it though because it came in the charity shop where I volunteer the same week you did your review so I got it for a pound instead of £7.99!

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  7. I read The Couple Next Door following your review, very good so thank you! Love reading about what you’ve been reading, just need to do a bit more of my own reading 😉 #readwithme

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    • I’m always happy when I hear that people have followed my recommendations and enjoyed them. That was one of the biggest selling books of the year.

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    • Wow, you read a lot! I reviewed all the books I read, plus a small number of the kids’ books I read too. I’ll have to look out for that one, I think you and I have similar tastes in books.

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  8. Wow! You have read a lot – well done! I’ve just shared The Humans on my blog too! Not one I would have picked up but loved it! And I’ll be having a closer look at your top list and adding to my TBR pile! #readwithme

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