My favourite blogposts of 2017

The other day I shared my top 10 blogposts of 2017. They are the posts which have been most read, rather than necessarily the ‘best’. None of them were published this year and some of them are quite random – I will never understand the enduring appeal of my son’s 11th birthday (he’s 14 now!), but it has been one of my top performing posts for years.

So today I’d like to share my favourite blogposts from my own blog in 2017. Regular readers will know that I post mainly about things we do and things that happen to us – from GCSEs, to my son’s football matches and a broken nose. But, just occasionally I will get inspired to write about a bigger subject, that affects us, but also affects other families – like why I think we should all stop buying crap for Christmas. Those posts are often the ones I like best, and they tend to be the ones that are more popular with my readers too – I get that my son’s football matches are probably only of interest to me. I write the family posts to preserve my own memories and hopefully one day my kids will look back on them and feel happy that I have preserved those memories for all of us.

So my favourite posts of the year are a mixture of family posts and bigger issue posts. There was going to be 10 of them, but there are actually 15, because I do blog an awful lot. In no particular order, they are…

Daughter, Running, Tween, Hot pants, Crop top

  • Hot pants and crop tops, in which I argue that it is perfectly acceptable for an 11 year old girl to wear such skimpy items, if she feels comfortable doing it.
  • A question of pocket money, on how my kids have learned to budget over the years, due to having pocket money from the age of 4.
  • The grumpy bike ride, in which I was reminded of the importance of image and food to teenagers. It’s amazing what feeding them can do!
  • The importance of Scout camps, on why it’s so important to let your kids go away for a week or a weekend and get out of their comfort zone and do something different – even if you just want to keep them at home, wrapped in cotton wool.
  • Hanging out with my biggest boy, on how much nicer and easier life is with one teenager on his own, without him constantly fighting his siblings for attention.
  • ‘Also mum’, just to prove that both of my boys are lovely to hang out with.
  • Still Daddy’s girl completes the trilogy of posts on how lovely it is to spend time with my kids, focusing especially on my daughter’s relationship with Daddy.
  • You’re a mum, get over yourself is my rant at celebrity mums and the whole culture that surrounds them. Why does weight and image matter quite so much? Can’t they just be normal mums like the rest of us?
  • Can we all just stop buying crap for Christmas? is my plea to people to think about what they’re actually buying for Christmas. Will the recipient really like it – or will it just end up in landfill?
  • Why I think a girls’ school is the right place for my boy – a girls’ school might seem like an unusual choice for a boy, but I was convinced it was the right one. Nearly a year on from writing this post, my son and I have both been proved right. He is very happy at his new school.
  • Skin warriors is about my life as an acne and rosacea sufferer – and as the parent of a boy with severe acne. It’s full of advice for sufferers and their parents, as well as some of the things that wind sufferers up. Yes, we have tried eating vegetables and drinking water and, yes, we do wash.
  • The new school – settling in is about my daughter’s first couple of weeks at her new school. I’m pleased that everything has worked out really well for her.
  • Think of the teenagers is a reminder to judgemental people, often parents of younger children, that teenagers are children too and they deserve to be out having fun every bit as much as younger kids do.
  • Talking to my daughter about puberty is about growing up and how I had that all-important chat.
  • Why do I care if other people spoil their children? is my final rant of the year. I do fear that our children’s generation are given too much and as they move into adulthood this may cause them problems with budgeting.

So those are my favourite posts of the year, more or less. There was another handful which could easily have made the cut. Have I missed any of your favourites?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ahh! I remember all of these blog posts and I think I have read every single one…
    You had quite the year x

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    • Bless you! Thanks very much for being such an avid reader! I think this year should be quieter with no GCSEs and no new schools! x

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  2. I love all your posts Sarah, especially as I find I am nodding along to the majority of them. Keep them coming in 2018, and you are definitely a blogger who keeps it real and also writes from the heart and also truthfully x

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    • Thanks very much, that’s such a lovely thing to say and I really appreciate it! It is nice when you find a blogger that you can really relate to. x

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