Falling by Jane Green

In recent years, I’ve noticed I have a bit of a problem with reading over the school summer holidays – it takes me ages! So a very long book or a book with a complicated plot isn’t good for me. So this year I decided to go for Jane Green’s latest – Falling.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Jane Green. I loved her back when the kids were small, but then I grew out of her a bit. I will always tell anyone that I don’t read chick-lit, but the reality is I can still be tempted by a Jane Green or a Marian Keyes. I really enjoyed her last book that I read – Tempting Fate, so what would I think of Falling?

The blurb didn’t sound that great – posh woman moves to New York, has high-flying career, moves out to countryside, falls in love with her landlord, blah blah, blah… (You won’t be surprised to discover those are not the actual words used in the blurb). But the reviews on the front told a different story – especially the one from Marian Keyes: A truly gripping read. And what Marian Keyes says has to be right, yes?

And so I started reading. And it was truly blah. It did exactly what it said on the tin (or the blurb). The posh woman really did move to the countryside and fall in love with her landlord. And I was so bored of the endless descriptions of her denying she’s falling in love with him, saying he’s not right for etc etc. Not to mention the inevitable descriptions of her clothes and how she’s much happier in flat shoes with her hair in a scruffy bun. Blah, blah, blah, just like every Jane Green heroine ever.

But then something changed. About a third of the way in it stopped being quite so much about her falling in love with the ‘wrong’ man. There was actually more of a storyline. And I found myself enjoying it.

But was it ‘a truly gripping read’?

It got better and better. Towards the end, something completely unexpected happened. It wasn’t just a shallow love story after all. It took a while, but eventually Falling really was a truly gripping read.

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated read and you enjoy a love story, I would recommend Falling, despite the slow start.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I have read a few of Jane Green books and have always enjoyed them, so I think I would enjoy this one. Shame it took a while to get started (sounds similar to the book I am reading at the moment) but glad it turned out unexpected for you x

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    • It definitely turned out a lot better than it started! If you like Jane Green, I’m sure you will enjoy this. There are very few of her books I haven’t enjoyed. x

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  2. Haha this review really made me giggle, I love your honesty! I don’t think it’s for me, I probably wouldn’t persevere past the blah bit, I’m a bit useless like that! Which is a shame because I’m waiting for some more books to put in my amazon basket to try to end up with three that are on the three for a tenner offer!

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    • I don’t like to beat about the bush with my reviews! Probably people who like romantic fiction would have been happy with the first third of the book, but it just wasn’t for me!
      I never give up on a book ever! x

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  3. I’ve not read anything by Jane Green before, would this be the best one to start with? Thank you for sharing with #readwithme

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    • I’m amazed you haven’t read any Jane Green! You could start anywhere as all her books are stand-alone. Her earlier books focus on younger women, while her more recent books tend to focus on slightly older characters.

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  4. I used to read Jane Green but I also grew out of her. I’m not sure I’d get past the first part either so I probably won’t be adding this to my TBR list!

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    • Interesting to read that you grew out of her too! Sounds like you had better avoid this one.

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  5. I ‘ve enjoyed Jane Green’s books in the past and, like you, if Marian Keyes raves about a book I’m interested. Thanks for the warning about the slow start :o)

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    • It does drag rather a bit, but it really picks up after that!

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  6. I’ve not read anything by this author, but can find myself giving up on a book if the start doesn’t grab me (unless it a review, when I feel obliged to persevere) #readwithme

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    • That’s exactly why I won’t review books that I haven’t chosen myself! I like to enjoy what I’m reading. I’ve never ever given up on a book, even if I haven’t been enjoying it much.

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  7. I used to love Jane Greene’s books and always bought her new one every Summer.I started losing interest after she moved to the US and she started basing her books there. The heroines and stories became rather dull. I last bought one of her books about 12 years ago. I started a more recent one a few years ago but just couldn’t get into it.

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    • I know what you mean. The books set in the USA definitely lack some of the magic of her earlier books. It’s a long time now since I’ve read a Jane Green. Maybe I need to try a more recent one and see what I think?

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