Reflections on the 2010s

My kids have been talking about the new decade. But when you’ve lived through not just a new century, but a new MILLENNIUM, a new decade doesn’t sound like a particularly big deal. But then my husband reminded me of everything we have achieved and everything that has changed in the last 10 years and I thought maybe it was worth giving it a bit of thought. Needless to say, most of the last decade has been spent supporting and guiding my kids through childhood, into their teenage years and even into adulthood. (As I started my blog in 2011, a lot of it is actually recorded here.)

At the start of 2010, I was a mum to an 8 year old (year 4), a 6 year old (year 1) and a 3 year old. We lived in a semi-detached bungalow and the boys shared a room. I went to work as a press officer at the local council three days a week. My husband’s business was less than three years old. I ran a couple of times a week – three miles at a time.

My daughter started school in 2010. That was also the year my younger son started playing football and both boys started playing rugby. My eldest was a Cub and my younger son was a Beaver. In the autumn, I started training for my first half marathon ‘of the modern era’ (I’d run two in the 90s).

I don’t think much changed in 2011 – more school, more sport, more Cubs, more Beavers. I ran two half marathons – Bath and Bristol.

In 2012, my son started secondary school. We never really rated that school and it didn’t do a lot for him. My family was gripped by Olympic fever and we went to the Paralympics in London and a couple of Olympic football matches. After doing street dance for 18 months, my daughter started ballet. It was the best thing we could ever have done for her. And I ran Bristol half marathon again.

In 2013, we found our dream home. We moved out of our small house at the end of the year, but our new house wasn’t ready for us. So we moved into a friend’s empty house for a few weeks. By now the boys were at Scouts and Cubs and my younger son was starting to excel in rugby and football. My daughter took up tap dancing and I ran Cheltenham half marathon for the first time.

In 2014, we moved into our forever home. Even now, I still sometimes find it hard to believe that we live here. It has been perfect for our family and our happiness. At the same time, I took the difficult decision to leave the council where I had worked for 15 years (and mainly been happy) to work for myself. I have never looked back and never regretted that decision.

In 2015, my younger son started at the grammar school which had been his destiny since he was 18 months old. When I told people he would go there, they laughed at me. But nobody knows my son like I do. It was and still is the best possible school for him. The boys gave up club rugby (although my younger son continued to shine in school rugby). By this time I had an Explorer and a Scout in the family. My daughter and I decided to give parkrun a try. It has been brilliant not just for us, but for my entire extended family. Also in 2015, my daughter performed in her first panto. This was the only year since 2011 when I didn’t run a half marathon.

2016 was a fairly quiet one. More ballet, another panto, more kids’ sport and one more half marathon (Cheltenham) for me. My daughter joined Scouts, so now I had an Explorer and two Scouts in the family.

2017 was a big one. My son took his GCSEs and my final child left primary school and went to a lovely girls’ grammar school. My son moved to the same school for 6th form. My younger son became an Explorer.

2018 was another year of more of the same – football, rugby and ballet. My younger son discovered a talent for long jump, there was no panto, my eldest left Explorers and I ran three half marathons.

2019 was another big year for us. My son turned 18, got brilliant A Levels, left school and got an apprenticeship. I ran a marathon, five half marathons and many parkruns. My daughter was back in panto and my younger son’s long jump blew us away. My younger son left Explorers, so I now have only one Scout left.

So that was the 2010s for us – from two primary school kids and a pre-schooler to an adult and two secondary school kids in the blink of an eye. The 2020s will bring us a family full of adults, university, some ‘proper’ jobs and maybe even grandchildren!

How has your life changed over the last 10 years?

PS here’s a scary thought. I was born in the 70s, so I have just entered my SIXTH decade. My kids have just entered their third and my parents, who were born in the 40s, have just entered their ninth decade!Family, 2010, Sons, Daughter




Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It’s so interesting looking back at all the changes of the last 10 years isn’t it. We had a house move around the same time. I don’t we will move from here anytime soon, although it may become a bit big if it ever becomes just the two of us. Well done to you and your children on all your achievements.

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    • Thanks very much. It’s amazing how much has changed in that time – from parenting small children to teenagers and a young adult! I don’t ever plan to leave my house, but my husband says we should move out of it when we’re old as it will become too much for us.

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  2. A lot has changed for you in the past 10 years. I love that photo! The kids were so little!
    The kids and I were working out how many decades we’ve seen & I’m the same as you, I’ve just entered my 6th, the kids their 3rd and my dad his 90th! It sounds crazy when we say it like that. It makes me feel like we should all be older.

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    • Thanks very much, a lot certainly has changed. Funnily enough, my kids looked pretty similar to that when I started my blog, so I would never have shared this photo in the early days. It is crazy to be entering our sixth decade. We definitely should be older for that!

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  3. Funny reading this back, I’ve walked most of it with you via your blog! A lot of it doesn’t seem like so long ago. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years since you moved! Happy decade to you and yours. xx

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    • Thanks very much, happy decade to you too! The time has gone very fast. I’m not surprised you know a lot of this stuff – you are probably my longest standing reader. There’s no way I would have shared that photo in the early days of my blog, as that’s how the kids looked when I started out! x

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  4. Wow, it’s amazing how things change when you think back isn’t it? I realised yesterday that next time we celebrate a new decade, I’ll have one about to do A-levels and one about to do GCSEs – or whatever equivalent exams they’re doing by then!

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    • Eek! That is a scary thought. I feel like I’ve always had big kids, but it really isn’t long since they were little. In a decade I will hopefully have one qualified as a doctor! They will all be well into their 20s, which seems hard to imagine. x

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  5. I have just written a post looking back on the last 10 years too! It is funny isn’t it that ten years ago, I don’t think that we were as aware of the turn of the decade as we are now with social media reminding us. It has been an interesting ten years for you, so much has happened. I love that family photo at the end, it really shows how much has changed for you

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    • I definitely wasn’t aware of the turn of the decade 10 years ago. Social media means we can’t escape this sort of thing now, but it was nice to look back and reflect on how much has changed in that time. I look fort to reading your post too!

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