Parkrun triumphs 2019

2019 had been another year of parkrun triumphs – for everyone from my 4 year old nephew to my 74 year old dad. It has been a particularly good parkrun year for my younger son and my daughter.

Here our parkrun triumphs of 2019…

On 1st January, my husband and I completed our first parkrun double. We had run our first two parkruns of 2019 – Stonehouse and Gloucester City – before 11am on New Year’s Day.

Gloucester City parkrun, Parkrun, New Year's Day parkrun

On 26th January, my daughter completed a run of four consecutive parkruns. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s the first time she’s done that since early in 2016. She doesn’t often enjoy parkrun, but is still determined to make it to her 100 milestone this year. She was only prevented from a fifth consecutive run by a cancellation, followed by a nasty virus.

On 30th March, on only his second parkrun of the year, my younger son came within four seconds of his PB, finishing one place behind his dad – and in the exact same time!

On 18th May, my son beat his PB by 13 seconds, completing his 5k in a time of 22.02. Sadly we didn’t realise it was a PB until later, so he didn’t get to ring the PB bell.

My daughter set herself a challenge of getting to 28 minutes by the end of the school year. Also on 18th May, she ran her best time in a year – 30.28.

On 1st June, my daughter set her best time of the year – 28:55.

On 22nd June, I finished in a fairly standard time for me of 23:26, but I actually beat my husband and son, which never happens these days.

On 29th June, my daughter completed a run of 11 consecutive parkruns – the most consecutive parkruns she has ever done. The only reason she broke her consecutive run was to volunteer the following week.

On 6th July, my daughter (and her friend) and my son (who was injured) both volunteered at parkrun for the first time.

Daughter, Friends, parkrun, volunteering, 365, The year 8 challenge

Also on 6th July, my eldest ran his first parkrun of the year (in a time of 25:49) and my husband got a new PB of 21:22. He also came first in his age category for the first time ever. I came first in my age category for the first time in a long time, with a time of 23:23. Unfortunately in my new(ish) age category of 45-49, there are a couple of regulars who usually run faster than me.

Husband, PB, parkrun, Parkrun triumphs 2019

On 13th July, less than two weeks after his horrible accident, my son decided to walk parkrun to aid his recovery. He walked it in a very good time of 45:10.  Also on 13th July, my husband got an incredible new PB of 20:48, coming first in his age category again and coming 30th overall – out of a total of 536 runners.

Walking, parkrun, son, 365

On 27th July my son smashed his ‘parkwalk’ PB – walking it in 35:04. He finished ahead of 90 people – most of whom were running – without ever breaking into a jog.

On 3rd August, my dad ran his 100th parkrun, at the age of 74 – three years after his first parkrun and only just over a year after his 50th parkrun.

Also on 3rd August, my mum did her first parkrun in nearly three years and my 6-year-old niece ran her first ever parkrun.

On 10th August, my son ran his first parkrun since his accident. He wasn’t allowed to go too fast, so ran it in a modest time of 28:10.

On 17th August, at Eden Project parkrun, my 4-year-old nephew ran his first ever parkrun and my niece smashed her PB. They both ran it in just over 43 minutes.

On 14th September, my younger son ran his 50th parkrun. He also smashed his PB, in a time of 21:33. Ever since his first ‘parkwalk’ in July, he has improved his time every single week. Also on 14th September, my husband got another incredible PB – 20:31.

parkrun, PB, son, husband, 365, parkrun triumphs 2019

On 21st September, my daughter ran her 100th parkrun. Also on 21st September, my son got yet another PB – of 21:22, maintaining his record of improving his time every week since his injury.

parkrun, parkrun milestone, family, 100 parkruns, 365, Parkrun triumphs 2019

On 28th September, my husband volunteered for the first time. He really enjoyed it! A week later, my sister and niece volunteered for the first time and they loved it.

On 12th October, I got my best gender position of the year – I was fourth female across the line at my home parkrun, despite a fairly average time of 23:41. This is an even better position than I’ve achieved at smaller events this year (my best ever at my home parkrun is third, which I’ve managed a handful of times in previous years). I was also first in my age category, which I seem to manage about one week in three at the moment.

On 2nd November, it was the Rugby World Cup final AND pouring with rain, which meant I was 2nd female – my best ever position at my home parkrun – and 20th overall, in a time of 23:23.

parkrun, selfie, rain

Also on 2nd November, my brother-in-law volunteered for the first time ever.

On 23rd November, my dad smashed the PB he’d held for over two years. Having hardly run below 38 minutes all year, and having never run below 37 minutes, he got a new PB of 36:46.

2019 has been another fantastic year of parkrun for us all. Who knows what 2020 will bring for us?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. An amazing park run year for you all! I love reading your park run posts, even though I’ve only managed to do it myself once!

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    • Thanks very much! You definitely need to try it again. We absolutely love parkrun and there’s always some achievements worth celebrating.

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    • Thanks very much! We all love parkrun 🙂 x

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  2. Wow, you’re all so quick! I haven’t done park run for ages, it’s a bit of a pain from here because there isn’t one particularly local. I do think it’s a fantastic thing to do though.

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    • Thank you! We’re not all quick, but some of us are! What a shame you don’t have one closer to you. x

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  3. Amazing year – and what a speedy lot! No mention of those yummy chocolates being dished out on the 2nd Nov I see

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    • Thanks very much! That was a lot of parkruns between us. Four of us are speedy, but everyone else just likes to go along and run (or walk!).

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