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I blog about family life and the things we do and the things that matter to us. During 2017, I’ve written about my eldest’s GCSEs and his move to 6th form at a girls’ grammar school. I’ve also written about my daughter’s move to the same grammar school, not to mention all the day-to-day stuff that happens – sport, school, holidays and just spending time as a family.

That’s what I like to write, but what do my readers like to read?

I’m always fascinated when I look at my top performing posts each day. The post I’ve written that day will usually be the most viewed post of that day and will probably be in the top 10 for the next two or three days, but there are some posts which are there day in, day out, which obviously resonate with my readers – or just come up high on Google searches.

These posts seem to be pretty timeless as most of them featured on last year’s chart too.

So these are my most viewed posts of 2017…

  • My number 1 post of the year is The Distinction that wasn’t good enough. And then it was, which is about my daughter’s Grade 2 ballet exam results from last year. If you google ‘Grade 2 ballet distinction’ it comes up very high. My ballet posts are always popular and this one was number 10 in last year’s chart.
  • Number 2 is Center Parcs veterans, which is a very old post from 2012 about things we’ve learned about Center Parcs over the years. I have a number of Center Parcs posts which are very popular and always come up high on searches. This was number three in last year’s chart.
  • Number 3 is Nando’s birthday party, which was posted in 2013 and is about my younger son’s 10th birthday. I think this one is so popular because Nando’s don’t actually do birthday parties, so if you search ‘Nando’s birthday party’, my post comes up very high.
  • Number 4 for 2017 is Grade 2 ballet exam from last year, which is about my daughter actually taking her exam. This post didn’t feature in last year’s chart.
  • Number 5 is Happy birthday 11 year old boy! which is about my younger son’s 11th birthday in 2014. I have no idea why it is so popular, but it seems to feature on my top 10 posts for the day most days. It is less popular than last year, though, as it was number one last year.
  • Number 6 for 2017 is Geocaching argument – another Center Parcs post from 2012. This comes up very high on searches for ‘Center Parcs geocaching’. There was a time when it actually came up higher than Center Parcs’ own website! This post is a non-mover, which was at number six last year too.
  • Number 7 is The matchbox challenge, about how many things you can fit in a matchbox, which I wrote last year. That seems to have been my most popular post in recent months. It comes up high on searches for how many things you can fit in a matchbox, so I guess we must have inspired a lot of people! This post didn’t appear in last year’s chart.
  • Number 8 is my one of my many posts on acne and Roaccutane – Acne, rosacea and Roaccutane – going downhill, which I published last year. All of my Roaccutane posts are popular, although they are slightly less popular this year than last year, when I had four in my top 10. This one didn’t actually appear in last year’s chart.
  • Number 9 is yet another Center Parcs post. This one was published in 2015 and is all about the Aerial Adventure at Center Parcs. This one didn’t make it into last year’s top 10.
  • Number 10 for 2017 is my second acne post for the year, which I published in 2015 – The acne and the hair dye, about whether dying my hair actually made my acne worse. This was number 9 in last year’s chart.

So that’s it, my most popular posts for 2017. Unsurprisingly, they seem to be about things not that many people blog about, like acne and ballet exams.

Strictly speaking, numbers 8 and 10 are giveaways from 2017 – Pokemon bedding in eighth place and Haribo summer sweets in at number 10, but I decided to ignore those as they have no longevity and go for ‘proper’ posts or my chart.

With the exception of the giveaways, there wasn’t a single post published in 2017 that made it into my top 10. My highest ranking post for 2017 was Quiz Club general knowledge quiz, which I posted in January and has been viewed a lot recently. It actually ranked 20th for this year, disregarding three giveaways.

I wonder what my readers will look out for in 2018. Somehow I think Center Parcs, Roaccutane and ballet exams will continue to be popular.

What sort of posts do you find most interesting? If you have your own blog, what have your readers read most?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m always amazed at what is popular out of my blog posts. The one found most from google searches in ‘men in speedos’ I suspect most are disappointed when they land on that page. Think I’ll write a similar post if you don’t mind

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    • I don’t mind at all and I’d be very interested to read your post too! ‘Men in speedos’ makes me laugh. I always chuckle when I have some slightly dodgy looking searches. I’m sure they will be very disappointed by what they find!

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  2. I never think to look at my top posts of the year but you have just inspired me to have a look. Great to see you have a few CP posts in the top ten. One of my most popular posts is about booking a cabana at CP. Had to laugh about the matchbox challenge, just goes to show you never know how it will do when you write it x

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    • I’d never looked until last year, but it certainly made interesting reading! I will have to take a look at your Center Parcs cabana post as we’re going there this year for the first time in three years! I guess the matchbox post just shows that more niche posts attract the most views! x

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