Hot pants and crop tops

Sometimes my daughter wears hot pants and crop tops.

That’s bad isn’t it? An 11 year old girl flaunting her body. What sort of mother allows her daughter to go out like that? Think of all the people looking at her. Think of all the people judging her mother.

But, do you know what, there’s nothing bad about it.

She wears her hot pants and crop tops because she’s hot. No other reason. She wears them with a lovely big healthy dose of innocence and totally free of any self-consciousness.

She doesn’t think that people might be looking at her body. She doesn’t think that it’s wrong that her legs and stomach are showing.

And she doesn’t worry that she’s too fat, too thin, too muscular, too hairy or anything else.

She wears them to feel comfortable. Dance classes in summer make you hot. So does running.

Sometimes the weather is so warm that just existing makes you hot. So my daughter wears something to keep her cool.

And I love that she does.

She’s 11 now. The reality is, she’s getting to an age where she will start to worry about what others think of her and worry about her own body. (Although I really hope she doesn’t. I like to think she’s got a good role model in me, who never worries about my own body.) So, until then, I’m happy for her to wear her hot pants and crop tops. Whether she’s at dance classes, Parkrun, in the garden or out on the street. Because it’s healthy and she’s happy.

And, let’s be honest, when the weather is hot, don’t we all wish that sometimes we could wear hot pants and crop tops too?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. There is nothing inappropriate about a young girl dressing in this way for dance or sport. You are quite right!

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    • Thanks very much! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that.

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  2. Put like this, it certainly mades you wonder why people get so het up over it! My girls weren’t really interested in fashion until recently so never really needed to have this conversation but yes, if they’re hot, why not wear it? Innocence gets lost when we put our own adult responses to things.

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    • Thanks very much. My daughter has been interested in fashion since she was tiny and always chooses her own clothes. I’ve never felt the need to stop her or try to change her mind on anything because it’s nice that she doesn’t worry. I don’t want to be the one to change that.

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  3. Bravo and I quite agree. It is the bras and thongs for 5 year olds that I don’t see the point in.

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    • Thanks very much. There’s definitely no need for bras and thongs for five year olds! Or even 11 year olds.

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  4. I think you both have a very healthy attitude towards what she wears. I do hope she remains without inhibitions about what she wears.

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    • Thanks very much. I really hope so! I’m certainly not going to do anything to change her mind. x

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  5. I can remember wearing hot pants at around the same age as your daughter, my friend and I would wear our hair in a pony tail and thought we were the bees knees!#mondaystumble@_karendennis

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    • I never wore them myself, they probably weren’t fashionable when I was a kid. My daughter doesn’t even think she’s the bee’s knees, she literally just wears them because they’re practical!

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  6. I love how innocent she is and how she wears whatever she wants for practical reasons and isn’t thinking about other what other people think… and oh to wear shorts to work in hot weather (not that we’ve had much this year!)

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    • Long may it continue! She literally doesn’t think about what other people will think at all.
      The hot weather is a dim and distant memory, but we did have quite a bit in June and July.

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