Still Daddy’s girl

When my daughter was away on her school residential, the other girls said they missed their mums. And my daughter didn’t get that. Not because she didn’t miss me, but because she missed her Daddy too.

Why didn’t the other girls miss their dads? Why didn’t they mention them? She just couldn’t get her head round it.

I know it is always said that dads and daughters have a great bond, but I don’t have much experience of it – just my own relationship with my dad and my daughter’s relationship with my husband. Certainly my daughter is much closer to my husband than I was to my dad, but I didn’t know which of us was ‘normal’.

But, if her friends are anything to go by, it seems that maybe my daughter is closer to her Daddy than most girls.

What I do know is that my daughter, far more than the boys, has always loved us equally. She’s never happier than when she’s snuggled up between us. Of course, the boys do love us equally, but we have our own uses – I’m the affectionate one and the one who organises them, my husband is the one who deals with practical stuff around the house and football.

When my daughter sees her Daddy, her face lights up. And his lights up when he sees her. She’s the only one he bothers to say goodbye to when he’s off to work and the kids are asleep – because she’s the only one who is bothered, the only one who will miss him.

When it comes to my daughter, my husband has a softer side. He’s not a really laddish man, but nor is he a ‘new man’. He’s just a regular bloke who works hard and likes football and spending time with his family.

The other day, my daughter had taken nail varnish off one hand and started to paint her nails. But she hadn’t done the other one. She didn’t need to.

‘Daddy will do that one when he gets home.’

And my heart melted.

Yes, their bond is so strong that my husband likes to paint her nails and she likes him to do it.

She’s growing up now, she’s off to secondary school and the moody puberty years are just around the corner. Things will change, but I really hope her love for her Daddy never changes.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Aww how lovely that he’s happy to paint her nails for her. It certainly sounds like they have a great relationship. I think in terms of the ‘normal’ daddy / daughter relationship, perhaps people miss their mums more because it tends to be mum that they see more of and who does more for them? I didn’t live with my dad after the age of about 6 so don’t really know what a normal relationship is like. My girls are definitely more bothered about me going away than their dad because I’m just always there.

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    • My daughter is more bothered about me going away too, although she hates Daddy going away! He goes away a couple of times a month, whereas I almost never go away – probably one night last year and I don’t think I will have a single night away this year! It’s true that mums do tend to do more for the kids, so it’s understandable they would miss mums because of that.
      It must be a very different father-daughter relationship for you, but your experience must be very common. x

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  2. Aww I think it’s lovely! I was a daddy’s girl and now my daughter is a daddy’s girl so I completely understand. I don’t get jealous as a mother because I know what a special bond it is and I’m glad they have it.

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    • That’s so lovely to read! I think it’s strange if mums get jealous of the bond their kids have with their dads. I think they should just be happy for them both that they have such a strong bond!

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  3. Aww what a lovely bond they have. I had a huge bond with my dad and spent a lot more time with him than my mum. I miss him a lot. I am not sure how Aria’s will be with her dad, but they are certainly have a lovely relationship. This is so cute and how observant of your daughter to notice this xx

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    • Thanks very much. How lovely that you had a strong bond with your dad too, I can’t imagine how much you must miss him. It must be so hard. x

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  4. Awww I love that he paints her nails and I must admit Katie has a fantastic bond with her daddy too. When you were describing your husband, he sounds exactly like mine (see, another parallel lol). And I hope their bond continues when the teenage years strike. Though dads always seem to be good at extracting money from for all the Primark and Claires trips x

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    • Thanks very much! It’s lovely to hear that Katie has a strong bond with her Daddy too – and I had to laugh that our husbands our so similar. I’m sure our entire families were separated at birth!

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  5. Aw Sarah, what a lovely bond they have. I wonder if it’s an age thing? The girls in Cheeky Chap’s class are all apparently ‘Daddy girls’.

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    • Thanks very much! I hadn’t thought about it being an age thing, but I definitely hope it’s something she doesn’t grow out of!

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  6. Ah that’s really special. And he paints her nails as well! My husband would be rubbish at that lol. Neither of my girls have this kind of relationship with their dad, well actually my eldest probably did but not any more. I really hope that your daughter’s bond stays as close.

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope so! Maybe it’s a youngest child thing? My sister was closer to my dad than I was as a child. He’s painfully slow and careful with the nails, but my daughter likes that. It drives me a bit mad – I prefer to slap it on and pick it off the edges!

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  7. Aw that is so lovely! I think my daughter and I are closer, she does love her Dad but it is me she needs when she is upset or she wants something done. That is really lovely though and I love that he will paint her nails, I don’t think my daughter would trust her dad to do that

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    • Thanks, I love how close they are. It surprises me that my daughter trusts her dad to do her nails, but she does!

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