Think of the teenagers

Recently I’ve been finding myself getting annoyed by people’s thoughtless, thruway comments saying like ‘It was good there, but there were lots of teenagers’ and ‘They let too many teenagers in’. And… ?

Those ‘teenagers’ are a) human beings and b) children.

One day, soon enough, your delightful two year old and your cute six year old will also be a teenager. And will you love them any less? Will they be any less your child? Of course they won’t.

Those teenagers you are tarring with the same brush are someone’s sons and someone’s daughters.

They have as much right to be places as toddlers and primary school kids and every much right as toddlers and primary school kids to have fun and enjoy themselves.

And, let’s not forget, lots of teenagers don’t have fun. Lots of teenagers are depressed and isolated, cutting themselves off from their families and the world. As a society we should be HAPPY to see teenagers out in the big wide world enjoying themselves, not moaning because they might spoil some idyllic idea a parent of a four year old has of what makes a ‘perfect family day’. Let the teenager and their parents have THEIR perfect family day too.

Yes, teenagers can be awkward, noisy, stubborn and reckless. They can be badly behaved. But so can toddlers and primary school kids. So can ADULTS, for flip’s sake.

There are bad teenagers, but there are far more good teenagers. So next time you turn your nose up at the sight of a 15 year old boy with his hood up or the screeching of a group of teenage girls, stop and have a think. That boy is someone’s son. Those girls are someone’s daughters. They are loved and cared for (we hope) and they have every bit as much right to be where you are as you do.

Think of the teenagers.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Teenagers get so much bad press but the majority of them are just lovely….
    People getting annoyed by teenagers need to think back to when they were teenagers. x

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    • They absolutely do! And forward to when their own kids will be teenagers, because it comes round a lot quicker than we expect it to! x

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  2. I agree! I get so annoyed too as I bet that 80% or more of teens are absolutely lovely. I may moan about mine but they are good kids and I tell them repeatedly (when I’m not nagging) it is a funny phase but there is a lot going on in their heads and bodies and so it is no wonder they are a bit moody!

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    • Too right! I think we all nag our own teenagers because it’s part of parenting them, but they are good people and we shouldn’t be negative about ‘teenagers’ as an entire group.

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  3. Ahhh spot on. So many are suffering with a huge confidence dive in their teens that treating them like annoying parts of society is just going to drive them away even more. And most are just tryin to fit in and find their way.

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    • They absolutely are! I’m lucky that my kids don’t have any sort of problems fitting in, but I’m aware that could change at any time. We all need to be a bit more welcoming to teenagers in general.

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  4. Oh you’re so right, it’s really sad that people think like that. And actually, I find that teenagers often interact well with young children if people will give them a chance.

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    • I think a lot of the time it’s just throwaway remarks. And, you’re right, they do often get on well with young kids. I think little children really look up to them and they can really bond well.

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  5. Well said Sarah! I absolutely agree and am actually guilty of bad mouthing teenagers (my own often!) myself and have been trying not to lately. And I agree that toddlers are often much worse behaved than teenagers! x

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    • I think we all say negative things about our own teenagers some of the time, but that’s part of being a parent. I’m sure we’ve said these things since they were toddlers! Like you, I’m making a definite effort to be a lot more positive. x

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