My top posts of 2020

I’ve always blogged a lot about life with my three teenagers, although this year I’ve eased off on that a bit. Over the last few months, I’ve eased off on blogging a bit generally, due to less time and less inspiration. But you can still find me blogging a fair bit about life and it all it throws at us, plus a lot about running, as well as book reviews most weeks. This year of course I’ve blogged about coronavirus and lockdowns and the huge influence it has had on every aspect of our lives.

Those are the things I like to write about, but it seems like they’re not necessarily the things people like to read about. Every year, I like to look back on the posts which have been most popular with readers. Only one post I wrote this year made it into my top 10 – a giveaway for Treads shoes at number 5, which clearly had a very short shelf life. Other than that, my highest performing post of the year was my Feelgood books to get you through self-isolation post, which was number 17.

So what do my readers like to read about?

The Matchbox Challenge is my number 1 post of the year for the second consecutive year. It is actually responsible for around a sixth of all views on my blog this year! The post is all about the number of things you can fit inside a matchbox, which is a popular fundraiser for things like PTAs. If you search ‘how many things can you fit in a matchbox’, my post comes up first and my rather poor picture from it comes up first on Google images. My matchbox post was published way back in 2016.

My second most popular post of the year was The distinction that wasn’t good enough. And then it was. This was also written in 2016 and is about my daughter’s Grade 2 ballet exam. It was my second most popular post last year, and my most popular post in both 2017 and 2018.

My number 3 post for the year is The Royal Ballet, Elmhurst and rejection, all about my daughter’s rejection from two top ballet schools. It was published in 2018 and was also my third most popular post for 2019.

My fourth most popular post of the year is my Review of Heelys from Skates. It was published in 2017 and is up from number 10 last year. Its rise in popularity is no doubt down to lockdowns and everyone spending far more time with their own families outdoors.

Technically, my number 5 post is the Treads shoes giveaway, but I’m leaving that one out of my chart. Which means my fifth most popular post is How to organise a year 6 leavers’ event, which does exactly what it says in the tin. It comes up fifth on a Google search for year 6 leavers’ events. It was published in 2017 and was number 6 on my most popular posts last year. I’m not sure how useful it would have been this year, as the advice was definitely not aimed at leavers’ events in the Covid era.

My sixth most popular post of 2020 was The acne and the hair dye, which I wrote in 2015 and was my ninth most popular post last year. Going back a few years, this top 10 was full of posts about acne and Roaccutane, but I guess someone else is now writing better posts about them than I am!  This one just makes it to the first page of Google on a search about hair dyeing and Roaccutane.

My seventh most popular post of the year was another one written in 2015 – Aerial adventure at Center Parcs, about the very high tree trekking experience at Center Parcs. This one didn’t feature in last year’s top 10, so it seems that people were still planning and looking forward to holidays, despite the terrible year we’ve had.

My number eight post for 2020 is Hot pants and crop tops – which I wrote in 2017 all about my daughter’s freedom to wear hot pants and crop tops and not worry about what others are thinking about her. I think we should all be a bit more like that.

Geocaching argument is my number nine post for the year and is another Center Parcs post, dating all the way back to 2012. It comes up fourth in a Google search for ‘geocaching center parcs’. Going back a few years, it actually came up higher on searches than Center Parcs’ own website. It was number five in my popular posts of 2019 and appeared in my top posts as far back as 2016.

My number 10 post for the year is The HRT patch, which I published last year. I’ve been on HRT for about two years and have used a patch for most of that time. The post is a realistic look at what it’s like to use an HRT patch – including sticky marks that you can’t remove from your thighs and patches that unexpectedly come off in the shower.

What sort of posts do you like to read? If you have your own blog, which posts are the most popular?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Very interesting. It’s weird how particular old posts do well year after year isn’t it? I’ the same in that not many of my top 10 posts of 2020 were ones I wrote in 2020. I was thinking my writing must have got worse but I know it’s more to do with algorithms and SEO!. Congrats on another year of blogging. I thoroughly enjoy reading whatever you write.

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    • Thank you, that is a lovely thing to hear! I keep promising myself that I will spend more time on SEO, but it never happens. With the kids and my actual job, there isn’t much time to spare!

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  2. How interesting. Over the years I think I have read all of the blog posts you mentioned.
    I did a post like this a week or so ago and only one of my posts written in 2020 was in my top 10 posts. It was one about rats under our floorboards upstairs. I am guessing many people have the same problem. My post about cleaning padding pools with Milton and a review of hand sanitiser were most the most popular, I’m guessing thanks to Covid. x

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    • Thank you for reading all my posts! You are definitely one of my most prolific readers and I really appreciate that. It does sound like there’s a definite Covid theme going on with your most popular posts. X

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  3. This is really interesting. I like to look back on how posts do year on year as well and inevitably it’s not when they are first published that they do well! I remember your matchbox post, I was very impressed that at the time!

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    • Thanks very much, it seems like people continue to be impressed by my matchbox post! It is interesting how it seems to be older posts that are the most popular for everyone. X

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