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I blog about family life with my three teenagers – the things that happen to us and the issues that affect us. Increasingly, I blog about running too – the races, the training and the many parkruns my family takes part in. These are the things I like to write about, but what do my readers like to read about?

The post I’ve published that day will usually be my top performing post of the day (unless it’s a book review!) and will probably be in my top 10 posts for the next few days. But some posts are there day in, day out. Either they resonate with my readers, or they are just a bit more niche and they come up high on Google. My top posts seem to be pretty timeless and have featured in my top 10 for the last few years.

If my top performing posts are anything to go by, it seems that my readers mainly like to read about ballet!

So here are my top posts of 2019.

  • My number 1 post of the year is The matchbox challenge – all about the number of things you can fit inside a matchbox. This is a popular fundraiser for PTAs. If you search ‘how many things can you fit in a matchbox’, my post comes up second and my picture from the post comes up third on Google images. My matchbox post was published in 2016 and was my second most popular post last year.
  • My second most popular of the year was the timeless classic The distinction that wasn’t good enough. And then it was. This is another post from 2016, all about my daughter’s Grade 2 ballet exam. It was my most popular post in both 2017 and 2018. If you google ‘grade 2 ballet distinction’, it comes up very high.
  • My number 3 post for 2019 is another ballet post – The Royal ballet, Elmhurst and rejection, which was published last year and is all about my daughter’s rejection from two top ballet schools. It is up from number 9 in last year’s top posts.
  • My fourth most popular post is Grade 2 ballet exam, published in 2016 – all about my daughter’s actual RAD grade 2 exam, rather than the result. It performs pretty consistently, as it was number 3 in last year’s chart and number 4 in the chart for 2017.
  • My number 5 post of the year is Geocaching argument, a very old post dating back to 2012 about geocaching at Center Parcs. It comes up fifth in a search for ‘geocaching center parcs’. To be honest, I’m not sure if Center Parcs even does geocaching any more! This was number 4 in last year’s chart.
  • My sixth most popular post for 2019 is How to organise a year 6 leavers’ event, which I published in 2017. It comes up high in searches for year 6 leavers’ events, but didn’t feature in the chart for 2018.
  • My seventh most popular post for the year is another ballet one – The Royal Ballet School mid associate audition, published in 2018 about my daughter’s audition for the Royal Ballet. This was my sixth most popular post last year.
  • My number 8 post of the year is Nandos birthday party. This was published in 2013 and comes up high in searches for ‘Nandos birthday party’, mainly because Nandos don’t actually do birthday parties! This didn’t feature in last year’s top performing posts, but was there in 2016 and 2017.
  • In the past, a lot of my top posts have been about acne and Roaccutane, but this year only one post makes my top 10 – The acne and the hair dye at number 9. This was published in 2015, when I was going through a really tough time with my skin and wondering whether there was a connection between my hair dye and my severe acne and rosacea. This post was number 5 last year.
  • My number 10 post for 2019 is my only review to feature (not surprising, as I publish very few reviews) – Review of Heelys from Skates, which was published in 2017 and proved to be particularly popular in the run-up to Christmas this year.

There are a further three ballet posts in the top 20, a Center Parcs post, my D of E expedition post (which is my most popular post on Pinterest) and Parkrun in Copenhagen.

There wasn’t a single post published this year that featured in the top 10. The closest was (no surprise) a ballet post – Grade 4 ballet – merit! which was my 14th most popular post of the year. Will it make the top 10 next year? Or will my ballet posts decline in popularity?

What sort of posts do you like to read? If you have your own blog, which posts are the most popular?


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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