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The more observant among you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging quite as much lately. I started blogging in 2011 and have always been prolific. For most of that time I blogged six or even seven days a week. Last year, I felt that I couldn’t share quite as much about my kids as I used to, so I cut that down to five days a week.

Then earlier this year, outside influences forced me to cut down further what I wrote about. So I stopped doing my weekly 365 photo round-up posts, which I’d been doing since the start of 2014. Genuinely, I’d thought I would be doing those for the next 20 years. I may go back to them at some point, who knows? Although I must say not doing them has been quite liberating.

So that left me with blogging four times a week.

And over the last couple of weeks I’ve only blogged three times a week.

I know for a lot of people that might still seem a lot, but for me it’s very little. Of those posts, only one is a family/ life type post, one is a book review and one is a weekly Silent Sunday photo post.

So I’m writing a lot less.

The main reason is just that, in the words of Del Amitri (look them up if you’re under 45) – nothing ever happens. We’re lucky here that we’re in tier 1 Covid-19 restrictions, but there is still very little happening. And from Thursday, of course, we will be going into the second national lockdown.

Nothing changes. The kids go to school and that’s it.

There are no races and no competitive sport for any of us. We can’t even meet up with parents unless one of us is out. We can visit my sister and her family in pairs – until Thursday, at least. We’ve accepted it will just be the five of us for Christmas for the first time ever.

Way back in the spring, when lockdown was a novelty, there was a surprising amount of inspiration for writing. But now there’s just nothing.

Inspiration is gone. I know I’m not the only blogger who has found this and I’m sure we will all get our inspiration back at some point.

I’m not really a three times a week blogger, I’m a five or six times a week blogger with a head bursting with ideas. I just need to find them again.

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But at least I got a new guinea pig

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m just the same Sarah, I have very little to say! I do hope it won’t be too long before we start being able to do enough to have something to write about again!

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    • Definitely! It feels like life has been in limbo for so long now and the novelty of the ‘new normal’ as something to write about has long since worn off. X

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  2. I am feeling the same. I took part in Blogtober writing blog posts with the prompts given and this month I have quite a few reviews but nothing much else written at the moment. It’s the same here, nothing much is happening at the moment. I hope you find some ideas for blog posts. x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m sure I will! We are definitely all in the same boat though. It must have been fun joining in with Blogtober and having the inspiration provided for you. X

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  3. I know what you mean, I think it can get hard when we aren’t having days out and activities aren’t the same xx

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    • Thank you, it is hard. We’ve never been big on days out, but the kids’ sport usually provides quite a bit of inspiration. There’s just nothing happening at the moment and who knows how much longer it will go on for? X

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  4. I cut down from daily posts a couple of years ago but have always had more rather than fewer ideas in my to write post list. For me it’s about feeling inspired to write those actual posts, but mostly having the time to churn through them as well as sorting photos, social media etc alongside.

    I was sorting photos the other day, and that’s when it’s really noticeable how few days out we’ve had this year compared with normal – usually we’d go away 5-6 times a year, plus day trips and this year, we’ve done about 6, with only a couple of short trips/wanders since March. I’ve still had tennis to write about, I do much less on school stuff as I’ve exhausted what to write. But I’m finding it more lifestyle type posts which I’d never have really written before as I did more posts about family stuff which is just so samey at the moment.

    But I’m planning to do blogmas this year, so I’m stacking up the posts for that when I can. But really I aim for 3-4 posts per week. With my jigsaw ones I do those for the traffic as noone else really provides those solutions, and are easy/short to whip out – I just need to space them out for normal readers who don’t care about those. But it would be lovely to have more outdoor, days out posts as those are the ones I love to do (and experience!)

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    • Three to four posts a week sounds like a good number and it’s good that you still have tennis to write about.
      Enjoy Blogmas! That’s something I’ve never thought about doing.
      Here’s hoping we’re all back to holidays and days out soon.

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  5. Sarah,

    We don’t mind about the quantity, and we do like the quality!

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    • Thanks very much! I will definitely try to keep the quality.

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  6. Your inspirado will come back soon

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    • Thanks very much, I’m sure it will! X

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  7. Odd that I am finding there’s lots but still no motivation to write about it and/or it’s not my place to talk about those things. I am becoming more and more aware of how much what we put online can be taken and used against us or our families too – so that has been putting me off. I am finding I have less time than ever – hence only just finding time to catch up with your lovely posts.

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    • It is definitely the case that we can’t always write about everything we would like to write online, that is definitely something I have found this year. Motivation has never been an issue for me, but currently I’m struggling for both subject matter and time.

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  8. It is so funny how in tune we are, I could have easily written this post too. I have never been as organised as you when it comes to posting but lately I can go for a few weeks without posting. Partly it is time, I don’t seem to have a lot. Partly, also because I think that now the kids are older, there isn’t as much to say. I also agree COVID hasn’t helped, we just live in our little bubble, don’t do much, go to school and that is it. I do miss blogging but it has definitely been more of an effort lately.

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    • Yes to all of this! I knew blogging was time consuming, but I hadn’t really realised how time consuming. It’s been nice to have that bit of extra time back. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t increase my blogging again in a few months.

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