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I blog about family life and the things that happen to us. I blog about running and the books I read. Sometimes I feel inspired to rant about a bigger issue that affects more than just my little family. These are the things I like to write about, but what did my readers like to read about in 2018?

I’m always fascinated when I look at my top performing posts each day. The post I’ve written that day will usually be the most viewed post and will probably be in the top 10 for the next two or three days. But there are some posts which are there day in, day out, which obviously resonate with my readers – or just come up high on Google searches. My ballet posts are always popular, as are my Roaccutane posts.

A lot of the posts seem to be pretty timeless, as they appeared on last year’s chart too.

So these are my top posts of 2018. They might not be my ‘best’ posts, but they are my most read posts…

  • My number 1 post of the year is The Distinction that wasn’t good enough. And then it was, which is about my daughter’s Grade 2 ballet exam. This was published in 2016 and was my top performing post last year too. If you google ‘Grade 2 ballet distinction’, it comes up very high.
  • My number 2 post of the year is The matchbox challenge, all about how many things we managed to fit into a matchbox. The matchbox challenge is often used as a fundraising activity, and if you google ‘How many things can you fit in a matchbox’, my post comes up very high. This was another post from 2016 and was number 7 in last year’s chart.
  • Number 3 for the year is Grade 2 ballet exam, which actually comes up higher on google than my ‘distinction’ post. This is another post from 2016 and was number 4 in last year’s chart.
  • Number 4 for 2018 is Geocaching argument, a post I wrote in 2012 about geocaching at Center Parcs. My Center Parcs posts are always popular, and this one comes up high in a google search for ‘geocaching center parcs’.
  • My number 5 post of the year is The acne and the hair dye, one of my skin and Roaccutane posts. I published this one in 2015 and it was number 10 in last year’s chart.
  • Number 6 for the year is the first post that I have I actually written this year – The Royal Ballet School Mid Associate audition – all about my daughter’s audition for the Royal Ballet earlier this year.
  • Number 7 is another of my Roaccutane posts, which didn’t appear in the chart last year. Acne, rosacea and Roaccutane – what next? is an update on progress with my skin and was published in 2016.
  • My number 8 post of the year is another ballet post – all about my daughter’s Grade 3 ballet exam. This one was published in 2016 and didn’t appear in last year’s chart, but comes up high in google searches for ‘grade 3 ballet exam’.
  • Number 9 for 2018 is the only other post to appear that was actually published this year – and it follows straight on from the Royal Ballet post at number 6. The Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst and rejection deals with my daughter’s rejection from two different ballet schools.
  • Number 10 for 2018 is another Roaccutane post – Roaccutane: Not counting my chickens. This was published in 2015, following two scary skin flare-ups, when I was still nervous that everything could go wrong again. This post didn’t appear in last year’s chart.

So that’s it, my most popular posts for 2018. Almost without exception, are about things that not many people blog about, like acne and ballet exams.

I wonder what my readers will look out for in 2019? Judging by what they have read in recent years, I suspect Roaccutane and ballet exams will continue to be popular.

What sort of posts do you find most interesting? If you have your own blog, what have your readers read most?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It’s so interesting to see what everyone reads isn’t it. This year my winner by an absolute mile was my blog ‘How to get back to exercise after the flu’. It makes me sad to think of all the poor folk who feel ill but happy that they’re thinking about the best way to get their fitness back! I’ve loved reading your blogs all year, thank you for your consistency and honesty. My favourite ones are the ones showing the ups and downs of life with teens, my three kids are just a year behind yours in their ages and development so it’s really helpful to see what lies ahead and I really like your attitude to it all. Wishing you a happy 2019 blogging.

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    • Thanks very much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading my blog. I always enjoyed reading blogs about kids slightly older than mine, because it’s amazing how much they develop and change in just a year. It’s good that people are reading your post on getting back to exercise after flu – it would be so easy to give up after an illness.

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  2. It is interesting to find out what people read. I have no real interest in ballet but I do love reading about how your daughter gets on. I love reading about your family x

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    • Thank you, that’s such a lovely thing to say! I think a lot of my regular readers don’t like reading about ballet, but do like following my daughter’s journey with both ballet and panto. x

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