Review of Heelys from Skates

I hadn’t realised, being a 43 year old woman, that Heelys, the wheeled trainers, are still very popular among kids of primary school age. A lot of my daughter’s friends have them and she asked for a pair for Christmas. Right after I’d finished the Christmas shopping.

So we were very pleased when Skates, the UK’s first Heelys specialist, asked us if we’d like to try a pair out just in time for spring.

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Heelys come in one and two-wheeled varieties. The two-wheelers are for younger children and those whose balance isn’t so good (and can be turned into one-wheeled versions at a later date). Needless to say, 11 year old ballerinas have very good balance, so we opted for the one-wheeled version for my daughter.

Heelys come in a huge range of colours and styles to suit boys and girls and all tastes. My daughter chose the Heelys Motion Plus shoe from Skates in the black/ hot pink/ rainbow colourway. It’s got a real urban edge to it, with just a hint of girliness in the hot pink trim – perfect for a cool tween girl.

We soon discovered that using Heelys isn’t super-easy and does take practise. The company takes safety seriously and instructions encourage kids to wear safety gear. There is a sticker on the shoes reminding you to read the safety instructions before you start wearing them.

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There is a small amount of work involved in assembling the shoes. You have to take a little base panel out of the sole, then carefully insert the wheel. Inserting the wheel isn’t difficult, you just have to make sure it’s running smoothly before putting the shoes on your feet. If you keep the base panel, you’ve always got the option of converting your Heelys back into regular trainers if you like.

There are instructions in the box on how to use Heelys, but they didn’t give us enough information, so we just found a video on YouTube to help.

My daughter started off in the kitchen, holding on to me. Then started rolling around the kitchen without support, before braving the great outdoors.

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Like riding a bike or rollerskating, it does take a bit of practise, but we haven’t had any falls yet! The safety advice in the box advises what sort of ground to avoid in Heelys and my daughter soon learned herself that uneven paths don’t really work. You can of course walk in them without rolling along, so it’s easy enough to get yourself back onto smooth ground and start rolling again.

Heelys would make a great gift for tweens. Now the clocks have changed and the days are getting longer and lighter, they are just what my daughter needs to get active out in the fresh air. I predict a lot of fun over the next few months.

Skates stocks Heelys in a kids’ size 11 right up to a size 8. They range in price from about £35 to £65. New styles are launched every six months. Skates offers free next day UK delivery.

We were sent a pair of Heelys by Skates for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.

Heelys, Heelys review, Heelys from Skates, Skates review

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love the ones she picked great choice. 2 of my older nieces have had heeleys field a while and love them. Olivia has inherited an old pair but really struggles with her balance so rarely uses them.

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    • They’re a fab colour, aren’t they? My daughter isn’t 100% there with them yet, but I think she will be whizzing around before we know it! They definitely take some practise though.

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  2. They look fab! So cool! I hope your girl has fun with them….
    A few years ago my teen wanted some and I refused to get her some. She has no balance. My youngest hasn’t really noticed them but I’m sure if she did she would want them too. Eek. x

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    • Thanks very much! She’s enjoying them 🙂
      My girl does have good balance with all the ballet, but even she is taking a while to get the hang of them. I didn’t know my daughter was aware of them either. but it turns out quite a few of her friends have them. x

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  3. I didn’t even realise these still existed! They are very cool though and I wouldn’t mind a pair to skate about on!

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    • I certainly hadn’t realised they were so popular still! The day after she got them, we went into town (walking, not rolling!) and immediately saw two kids on them. You could definitely get a pair! I was amazed they make them big enough for my big feet 🙂

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  4. My nieces have these, but the boys don’t. Not sure they’d like them yet, but who knows. They look fab and your daughter certainly looks taken by them xx

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    • She’s really enjoying them! I think slightly more girls than boys have them, but I know there are a couple of boys in my daughter’s class who have them 🙂 x

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