My dad’s 50th parkrun

My dad had never run before. He’s fit and healthy, but he didn’t specifically do any exercise. He’s slim with a good, balanced diet and still volunteers at a charity one day a week. He was 71 when he did his first parkrun, back in August 2016.

At first, he walked with my mum. At that time, nobody else walked parkrun and my parents felt a bit awkward. (Now walking at parkrun is something which is positively encouraged, and a lot of people walk it.) As the days got colder and damper, my mum stopped doing parkrun and she never went back. My dad did just five parkruns in 2016.

But in 2017, he set himself a target – he was going to do 20 parkruns that year.

And he started to jog a bit too, getting a flurry of PBs in the spring of 2017.

He kept wearing clothes that were too warm well into summer, so we bought him some shorts for Father’s Day. Then he wore his shorts too far into the winter and we got him a warmer running top for Christmas.

There was no stopping my dad. He didn’t mind about the cold or the rain, he was truly a regular parkrunner.

He smashed his target of 20 parkruns for 2017 and did 29. He got his current PB of 37:04 in October 2017.

Throughout 2018, he has kept on running. He still walks a bit and jogs a bit, but he certainly doesn’t finish last. There are usually at least 30 people finishing after him.

And on 16th June, my dad ran his 50th parkrun, following in the footsteps of myself, my husband and my daughter. He beat both of my boys, my sister and my brother-in-law to the milestone. Not bad for an old bloke!

I’m so proud of my dad. Without parkrun, he would never have dreamed of running at his age. But at 73, he has run 50 parkruns.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Aww! Well done your dad. This really made me smile. It just goes to show there isn’t an upper age limit on the Park Run 🙂 x

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    • Thanks very much. I’m so proud of him! There’s no way he would ever have run if it wasn’t for parkrun.

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  2. Well done to your dad! Just shows no age limit on getting fit!

    What an inspiration

    Kate xx

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    • Thanks very much, there’s definitely no age limit on it! He is amazing.

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  3. That is a wonderful story. Well done to your Dad, it just shows it’s never too late. My mum – similar age has started coming to my running club. She has never even run for a bus before – she’d just take a taxi or drive!!! active ageing is so powerful!

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    • That is amazing! Just like kids, the older generation need positive role models to get them motivated too. Welll done to your mum!

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  4. Aw this is awesome Sarah, and I love that there are no age barriers when it comes to Parkrun. There are a few older people that walk and jog the Parkrun that my husband does. And well done to him for smashing his target at getting to 50. It really is a family thing for you isn’t it x

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    • It’s a real family thing. There’s no way he would have done it if I wasn’t doing it, but we usually have three generations of the family there these days! X

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  5. That is such an incredible achievement Sarah, you must be so proud of him. It is so inspiring to see how he has progressed and that he is doing so well. Just brilliant.

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    • I’m really proud! He would never have even considered taking part if we didn’t do it, but it’s a real part of his routine now. I fully expect him to get to his 100 parkruns and beyond!

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  6. That’s awesome! Say hi to your dad for me (I still think of him as Mr ____ )!

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    • I will do! Thanks very much

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  7. This is amazing Sarah. I have texted my sister to tell her about your dad and we will be trying to encourage our dad to do the same, it would be so good for him and I genuinely think he’d enjoy it. You can tell your dad he is an inspiration.

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    • I love that you did that and I really hope your dad gives it a go! My dad would be very surprised to be considered an inspiration!!

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  8. That’s amazing. A huge well done to your dad for managing to do 50 Parkruns, what a brilliant achievement for him. I’m impressed by his PB too – it’s quicker than I’ve ever managed on a 5k!

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    • Thanks very much! He is amazing. He keeps trying to go faster, I’m sure he’ll get a new PB when the weather cools down a bit.

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