I signed up for another marathon!

I love the process of training for a marathon. I love the discipline and routine. I love the feeling of getting stronger and the sense of achievement.

But, here’s the thing, I also love it when it’s over!

Running a marathon is a triumph. A culmination not just of a long, hard morning’s running, but of weeks of hard work. On days when you’re too busy. On days when you don’t feel like running. On days when you wish you could swap for an easier session. On days when it’s too hot. On days when it’s too wet.

But you just have to keep running. Because you’re training for a marathon.

I loved all of that. But I was looking forward to not having my life ruled by running. I was looking forward to running some faster parkruns. And running some of my favourite half marathons. (Yes, my life is still all about running, but it’s not about running quite so far.)

I knew I would run another marathon. But I wanted it to be in spring 2023. I wanted to enjoy other running next year.

But then disaster struck. My husband got Covid and missed Newport marathon. He’d trained for it properly, just like I had. It was going to be his first marathon and he was understandably gutted.

He’d actually done nearly all of the long runs with me the first time I ran Newport, although he hadn’t wanted to run the race at that time. And he’d done two-thirds of the training for Brighton marathon 2020 before it got cancelled.

So he really, really wanted to run a marathon!

He looked to see if there was anything left for this year, but there was only one at Oulton Park Grand Prix track – running round and round the track. That sounded completely soul destroying.

So his friend suggested he sign up for Manchester marathon next spring. And of course he couldn’t sign up without me! We’ve trained together for a long time now. We need to run this marathon together. We will probably even sign up for Newport again as a back-up.

Hopefully he will finally get to run his marathon.

So there goes all my plans for getting back to easier running.

Manchester marathon is on 3rd April. By my calculations, I’ll need to start training again JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS. So I’ve only got a few weeks to get back to faster parkruns before I have to slow them down again.

Bring it on!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Fantastic! Good luck. It doesn’t seem long until you have to start training again x

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    • Thanks very much! It’s not long at all. Even though I didn’t intend to do another marathon so soon, I’m looking forward to getting started. X

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  2. Oh wow that is soon afterwards. Are you hoping to do it in the same sort of time as the last one?
    I hope it all goes well for your husband this time – must have been so disappointing for him.

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    • It is very soon afterwards! As I said, it wasn’t something I was planning to do, but I’m actually quite looking forward to it.
      We will train to the 9:30 pace again, because obviously my husband didn’t get to experience that last time. I suspect I will finish dead on time (ie slightly slower than Newport) because my husband will keep me on track with pace better.
      It had better work out for my husband this time! We’ve even considered signing up for another one three or four weeks later in case anything goes wrong with this one!

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