Parkrun triumphs 2020

Well, this is a rather short post, isn’t it? Usually I post my parkrun triumphs at the end of the year, after a full year of parkrun for my whole family – from my little niece and nephew to my 75-year-old dad. But something went wrong this year. The global pandemic put a stop to it – meaning we missed out on 41 weeks of parkrun – 42 parkruns if you count Christmas Day, which I always do. If I’d done all of those, I would have made it to 254 parkruns by the end of the year – passing my 250 milestone.

1st January – my husband, daughter and I all started the year with the parkrun double. Even though more events locally were taking part, my daughter was keen to give Stonehouse and Gloucester City a try, like my husband and I had done in 2019. I was very proud of her for taking part as it’s the furthest she’s ever run! She also came second in her age category, with about 170 runners behind her, at Gloucester.

Also on 1st January (on my first run of the day), I clocked up my 200th parkrun. It’s not an official milestone, but it was one I wanted to mark myself.

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On 18th January, we ran at Sandwell Valley parkrun in Birmingham. It was a big day, with me being first woman across the line, for only the second time ever. My husband got his best ever overall finish position – 12th – and my daughter was first in her age category for the first time. There are never that many kids at parkrun, but she was first of six, which she was very happy with.

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On 25th January, I ran my fastest parkrun since 2018 – 23:09.

On 1st February, my dad got a new PB, by just one second, of 36:45. A week later, he knocked another four seconds off.

On 14th March, we ran our final pre-lockdown parkrun. There were no parkruns anywhere in the world from 21st March – and nobody had any idea how long that would last. I don’t think any of us imagined it would be until the end of the year and beyond though.

Like many parkrunners, we introduced our own family non-parkrun parkrun. On the first week of lockdown, our extended family got involved, but after that it was just the four of us who ran – my husband, younger son, daughter and I. We had to miss two when I had coronavirus and my family had to self-isolate.

At the start of June, (not)parkrun became an official thing and I logged my 5k every week. I achieved a  (not)parkrun PB of 22:49 on 17th August.

On the rare occasions when I couldn’t run at 9am on a Saturday (these would be the days when we would do a spot of parkrun tourism instead), I ran it on Friday – you can log a run on any day of the week. Gradually, the rest of my family dropped out of (not)parkrun, although they briefly reappeared in the autumn.

So it was a rather short year of parkrun triumphs. Here’s hoping it will be back in 2021 and I can finally reach my 250 parkruns.

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  1. The parkrun is something your family must really be missing. Well done with the acheivements while they were happening.
    I hope the parkruns start happening again soon x

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    • We are really missing it! It has been such a long time now. Goodness knows when it will be back. x

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  2. You must be really missing ParkRun. It’s such a positive thing, I do hope that they are able to get back to it next year. I will definitely try to do one if it’s back! Well done for keeping on going with your NotParkRun, that’s an achievement in itself.

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    • We are really missing it! It’s been good to have the discipline/ routine of (not)parkrun as it still differentiates it from my other runs. I hope you get to do them too when it’s eventually back.

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  3. I hope I can get my family back into the habit on it’s return. Fingers crossed the boys’ Christmas presents will help with it!
    I am still waiting to do my 100th. Very sad as ours was flooded before all this too.

    Well done on your times 🙂

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    • I hope you can get your family back to it when it’s back. What a shame you didn’t quite make it to your 100th. If yours is flooded, you definitely need to do a different one instead! All through 2018, 2019 and into 2020 I worked on the simple premise that we never miss parkrun! If we need to be elsewhere early on a Saturday morning, we just do a different parkrun. It’s the same thing if ours is cancelled for any reason.

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  4. I really miss parkrun too, although I haven’t got into notparkrun. And I’ll definitely be out for a run in the morning before I start cooking. Merry Christmas to you

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    • Oh yes, a Christmas morning run is essential, even if it’s not actually parkrun. I managed to get all five of us out for a (not)parkrun, which was brilliant. Merry Christmas!

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