How far did I run in 2020?

What a strange year for running! At the start of 2020, I was signed up to run Brighton marathon in April, Tewkesbury half marathon in May, Cheltenham Challenge half marathon in June, Cheltenham half marathon in September and Stroud half marathon in October.

I started training for Brighton marathon on 6th January, in preparation for the race on 19th April. But 2020 was the year of coronavirus. The year when races got cancelled. Brighton marathon was not to be. All four of my half marathons for the year were also sadly cancelled.

Even parkrun got cancelled, so we started running our own family non-parkrun parkrun at home. This later became the official (not)parkrun. I ended up doing 29 official and 11 unofficial (not)parkruns.

In April, I actually succumbed to the virus itself. Although I had mild symptoms (worse than a cold, but not as bad as flu), it was a big surprise to me as I NEVER get ill. I missed 11 days of running in April and had to build up my fitness and stamina again.

After the marathon was cancelled, we were in lockdown and I didn’t have a lot to do – including no school runs, so I kept running five times a week. Previously, I had always run four times a week. I pretty much kept this up until October, when work started to get busy and I had to cut down to four runs a week sometimes.

Running more often meant I consistently ran over 100 miles per month throughout 2020, despite having no events to train for. I had never run more than 100 miles a month before marathon training in 2019 – and I went back to running less than 100 miles a month as soon as the marathon was over.

In 2016, I ran 705 miles for the year, in 2017, I ran 736 miles, in 2018 I ran 924 miles and in 2019 I ran 1213 miles.

So how far did I run in 2020? (As I only record full miles, a lot of these distances are actually slightly further – my standard four mile run is actually 4.4 miles. I totalled up the extra bits for December and it turned out I’d run 119 miles rather than the 113 I’d recorded!)

  • In January I ran 19 times and covered 100 miles
  • In February I ran 20 times and covered 132 miles
  • In March I ran 21 times and covered 137 miles
  • In April I ran 13 times and covered 57 miles
  • In May I ran 23 times and covered 123 miles
  • In June I ran 21 times and covered 112 miles
  • In July I ran 22 times and covered 111 miles
  • In August I ran 19 times and covered 102 miles
  • In September I ran 20 times and covered 110 miles
  • In October I ran 19 times and covered 103 miles
  • In November I ran 20 times and covered 114 miles
  • In December I ran 22 times and covered 113 miles

That’s a total of 1314 miles from a total of 239 runs in 2020 – 101 miles further than 2019. That distance proves you don’t need races to run a long way, just commitment and consistency. But I do really hope races are back in 2021.

By the time you read this, I will already have started training for Newport marathon 2021.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • Thanks very much, and well done to you too! That’s a great distance, especially with your knee troubles. I’ve always run, but it was only when my kids were old enough to be left on their own that I could do the bigger distances.

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    • Thanks very much! I’m sticking with my five runs a week while I can. It may change when the kids go back to school or if I get more work, but I’m enjoying it at the moment.

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