How far did I run in 2018?

In 2018, I ran further than ever. It was the first year I’d run three half marathons – Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Stroud. I got PBs at both Tewkesbury and Cheltenham.

I also kept up a regular eight mile run every week, even when I wasn’t training for a half marathon. In previous years, I’ve just done three four mile runs and a parkrun every week. Now I’m doing two four mile runs, a parkrun and an eight mile run. This is largely down to my husband, who has run with me on a Sunday throughout 2018 and encouraged me to stick with the longer run. As a result, I feel fitter and stronger, and half marathon training feels easier.

There’s really nothing that stops me running – definitely not bad weather! The only thing that would stop me is illness or injury, and I was lucky enough not to suffer with either of those in 2018.

In 2016, I managed 705 miles for the year. In 2017, I managed 736 miles.

So how far did I run in 2018?

  • In January I ran 18 times and covered 64 miles
  • In February I ran 14 times and covered 53 miles
  • In March I ran 15 times and covered 66 miles
  • In April I ran 15 times and covered 89 miles
  • In May I ran 13 times and covered 88 miles
  • In June I ran 18 times and covered 75 miles
  • In July I ran 18 times and covered 85 miles
  • In August I ran 15 times and covered 71 miles
  • In September I ran 13 times and covered 98 miles
  • In October I ran 13 times and covered 78 miles
  • In November I ran 18 times and covered 85 miles
  • In December I ran 15 times and covered 72 miles

So that’s a total of 185 runs and 924 miles – an average of a run every two days, or just over 2.5 miles a day. So I smashed my 2017 total of 169 runs and 736 miles.

(Note that I only record full miles, so most of these distances are actually slightly further.)

In 2019, all being well, I will run my first marathon. So 2019 will almost certainly see me run over 1000 miles in the year and over 100 miles in a month. I also plan to run a few more half marathons and as many parkruns as I possibly can.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That’s brilliant, well done! I think I will also run over 1k miles this year but I don’t really record them, I was hoping to do so on my fitbit but it’s rubbish so I’m back to not worrying how far I run. Good luck with the marathon training!

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    • Thanks very much, I’m actually really looking forward to starting my training, but resisting the temptation to do it too early! My TomTom records all my miles, but I just like to write them down in the back of my diary, the old-fashioned way! Good luck to you for your training too. x

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