How far did I run in 2016?

At the start of the year, I often see people pledging to run 400, 500 or even 1000 miles in the year ahead. They might be seasoned runners, or they might be newbies on a fitness drive, but they have an aim. And me? I just aim to run as much as I can. But I really had no idea how far I ran in a year.

So I decided to keep a record in 2016. I didn’t use anything fancy online or any apps (OK, I used to run with the Runkeeper app, then I switched to my TomTom watch this year, but I didn’t use them for recording cumulative distance). I didn’t even use a spreadsheet. I just wrote every run down in the back of my diary and kept a running total (see what I did there?) for the month and year. I don’t record fractions of a mile, so most of my runs are a little bit further than I actually write down.

As a rule, my aim is to run three mornings during the week, plus a Parkrun on Saturday. My usual runs are 4 miles and Parkrun is 3 miles. I occasionally run 6 miles in the mornings and I run further when I’m training for a half marathon.

There’s not a lot stops me from running. All that has stopped me this year is injury, being on Metronidazole (a particularly strong and nasty antibiotic), going to Rome and ice!

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So how far did I run in 2016?

  • In January, I ran 15 times and covered 55 miles
  • In February, I ran 16 times and covered 56 miles
  • In March, I ran 16 times and covered 58 miles
  • In April, I ran 14 times and covered 54 miles
  • In May, I ran 14 times and covered 48 miles
  • In June, I ran 12 times and covered 49 miles
  • In July, I ran 14 times and covered 68 miles
  • In August, I ran 12 times and covered 82 miles
  • In September, I ran eight times and covered 73 miles
  • In October, I ran 13 times and covered 49 miles
  • In November, I ran 15 times and covered 62 miles
  • In December, I ran 14 times and covered 51 miles

So that’s a total of 705 miles in a year. I really had no idea I ran that far. I don’t have any real aims for 2017, other than to keep on running. I hope to do another half marathon and there will be a lot more Parkruns!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Wow that’s amazing Sarah. You should totally give yourself a little aim this year. Maybe 800?

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    • Thanks very much! That might be achievable. The main thing is to stay free of injury. I’d actually like to try acupuncture this year for my long-term problem!

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  2. Very well done. I don’t suppose you fancy a slow half marathon and run for my local theatre with me?

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    • Thanks! I have actually been thinking about it, but I injured myself training for my last half marathon and I think I need to resolve my long-term injury before I do any more half marathons 🙁

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  3. Wow, that’s loads, well done! I have no idea how far I ran last year and I did think to record it this year but I’ve snapped the strap on my TomTom so I haven’t got around to it. Maybe next year.

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    • You must have run a lot last year! That’s a shame about your TomTom strap. I would hate to be without my watch now. Maybe I should get an emergency back-up strap just in case?!

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  4. Wow Sarah! That is outstanding – very well done. I need to take a leaf out of your book – but not just yet, eh?! Keep up the great work xx

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    • Thanks very much! But definitely not for you for a while 😉 x

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  5. That’s incredible, well done Sarah. Fitting that around three kids is a big achievement! I had never thought about recording my total distance over the year. I run/walk for half an hour either twice or three times a week and just keep a tally on how many runs I’ve been on. I like your approach – I’ll give it a go but it wont up to any where near your total! xx

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    • Thanks very much! I always walk for half an hour on the days I don’t run. I drop the kids off at school and then I run or walk. I would never fit it in later in the day, but it’s part of my working routine. x

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