How far did I run in 2019?

At the start of 2019, I had one really big aim for my running – to run my first marathon! As a part of that, I also wanted to run more than 100 miles in a month for the first time ever and to run more than 1000 miles in a year for the first time ever.

I hit my 100 miles in February and the good news is, I ran my marathon. It went every bit as well as I hoped it would. I also blogged a lot about my training along the way. In total, I ran 440 miles in marathon training alone, over the course of 15 weeks.

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But I didn’t stop running after that, although of course I cut down. I always run, whether I’m training for a race or not. On a normal week, I will two four mile runs, a parkrun (three miles/ 5k) and a long run, of anything between eight and 13 miles.

In 2019, I ran a total of five half marathons (beating my previous record of three half marathons in a year, which I achieved in 2018), including Tewkesbury half marathon, literally a week after my marathon. I also ran 50 parkruns (as well as volunteering as tail walker at four, which is also officially counted as running).

In 2016, I ran 705 miles for the year, in 2017, I ran 736 miles and in 2018 I ran 924 miles. In 2019, I reached 924 miles before the end of September and 736 miles in July!

So how far did I run in 2019? (As I only record full miles, a lot of these distances are actually slightly further – my standard four mile run is actually 4.4 miles.)

Stroud half marathon, Stroud half marathon 2019, Runner, 365

  • In January, I ran 18 times and covered 85 miles
  • In February, I ran 18 times and covered 111 miles – smashing the 100 mile barrier for the first time
  • In March, I ran 23 times and covered 168 miles (including Warwick half marathon) – doubling my usual distance for a month
  • In April, I ran 19 times and covered 133 miles
  • In May, I ran 13 times and covered 93 miles (including Newport marathon and Tewkesbury half marathon)
  • In June, I ran 15 times and covered 89 miles (including Cheltenham Challenge half marathon)
  • In July, I ran 17 times and covered 87 miles
  • In August, I ran 17 times and covered 90 miles
  • In September, I ran 14 times and covered 96 miles (including Cheltenham half marathon)
  • In October, I ran 13 times and covered 89 miles (including Stroud half marathon and smashing 1000 miles in a year for the first time)
  • In November, I ran 18 times and covered 83 miles
  • In December, I ran 19 times and covered 89 miles

That’s a total of 1213 miles from 204 runs in 2019, smashing all of my targets.

And by the time you read this, I will have already started training for Brighton marathon 2020.

running, miles, distance, runner, 365, How far did I run in 2019?


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on smashing your target and on your first marathon – amazing! Your consistency is totally inspiring!

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    • Thanks very much, it was a good year! I find consistency to be the key to running. I never stop and question whether I should be running or whether I want to run as it’s just a part of my routine.

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  2. This is amazing, well done! I’m terrible at recording my runs so I’ve started using strava on my phone because I’d like to see if I could manage 1000 this year. I’ve done 61.5 so far this month so it seems reasonable, especially as I’ll be upping my mileage ready for the marathon now. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    • Thanks very much! You have done more miles than me so far this month/ year! I use the very high tech method of writing my miles down in the back of my diary to record them. I don’t bother recording fractions of a mile, but it means I don’t miss anything if my technology fails me! Good luck with the marathon training. Hope to see you and Mr K there. x

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  3. Wow that is amazing. I can’t wait to hear about you smashing a sub 4 hour marathon next year – as you are so capable.

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    • Thanks very much, that is a lovely thing to say! I won’t smash the sub-4 hour marathon next year, as I’m training at 9:30, which will get me in at around 4 hours and 9 minutes, all being well. If that works out for me, I would aim for a 9 minute mile marathon in 2021, which would work out as sub-4.

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