Roaccutane: Not counting my chickens

For a couple of months now, friends and family have been saying to me: ‘Your skin looks a lot better’.

I would thank them, then I would make a non-committal ‘hmm’ kind of noise. Because it looked better, but it didn’t look BETTER. It was still very red. It was still very spotty. It was still, ironically, way worse than it was in this picture:

Acne, Skin, Roaccutane

Taken on 24th February 2014

This picture is the start of my journey. It was taken on 24th February 2014 and I kept it as a reminder to myself to never let my skin get that bad again. At that point, this was some of the worst acne I’d ever suffered.

I look back at that picture now and I think ‘if only’. If only I’d left well alone. I would give almost anything to have that skin back. Not only were there significantly less spots, but my skin was paler and younger looking than it has been over the last few months.

But still people kept saying it: ‘Your skin looks a lot better’.

But I wasn’t counting my chickens. I wasn’t prepared to believe it.

Because I’ve been here before. My skin got better, then it got a whole lot worse. Not just once, but twice – in February and May this year. I don’t dare hope that it’s really getting better for good this time. I’m non-committal because I’m just waiting for it all to go wrong again.

PicMonkey badacneCollage, Acne, Skin, Roaccutane

Rock bottom – 23rd February (left) and 1st May (right)

A month ago, I came off the antibiotics I’d been on for most of the year – to get rid of the worst of my horrific flare-ups and to prevent whatever problem caused everything to spiral out of control from returning. And there was a blip. Just a small one. But my skin definitely got worse for a few days. I started to worry. Should I go back to the dermatologist? Could I go back on the antibiotics?

PicMonkey acnegettingbackCollage, Acne, Skin, Roaccutane

Getting back – 6th June, 22nd June, 6th July

I’m actually terrified of everything going wrong again. And that’s why I’ll never say: ‘Yes, isn’t it great?’ when someone comments on how good my skin is looking.

When my boys got back from their big Scout camp, they kept asking if I had make-up on. Why? I don’t ever wear make-up and they know that. It took me a couple of days to realise – my skin looked so good they assumed I’d covered it up!

But I hadn’t.

Even I now realise my skin is very nearly there.

Not perfect, but not wrong. Very, very nearly normal. And (at last!) way better than it was in February last year.

But I’m still not counting my chickens.

PicMonkey improvedskinCollage, Acne, Skin, Roaccuatane

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. So glad you’re finally getting there. You look great by the way. X

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    • Thanks very much, really appreciate that! 🙂 x

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    • Thanks very much! Really appreciate that 🙂 x

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  2. Oh it does look so good!! Hopefully you’re all done with the meds and it doesn’t come back ever x

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope so! I’m still on the Roaccutane, but hopefully not for many more months now. x

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  3. fingets crossed it stays this way for you – it looks so much better xx

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    • Thanks very much! It’s such a relief. x

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    • I certainly have! Thanks, it’s such a relief that it’s nearly better. x

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  4. Wow it really does look a lot better. I really hope it continues to get better for you x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m really pleased with it! x

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  5. Yay! You poor thing, you’ve been to hell and back over the past 16 months but it does look a lot better and way less painful. The February photos look so sore. Hope it continues to settle and regulate.

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    • I certainly have! Thanks. It doesn’t hurt any more, there’s just the last bit of redness and a few spots, which hopefully will go soon.

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  6. Your skin is looking so much better than it has…..You have had such a rough time of it and I hope your skin stays better 🙂 x

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope so! x

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  7. Oh wow Sarah; such a journey but your skin is definitely looking great at the moment. Here’s hoping it will last. x

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    • Thanks very much! I’ve got yet another new treatment to throw into the mix! The dermatologist is as determined as I am to get it sorted!

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  8. Wow, it does look so much better, and your skin looks really smooth from the photos. Much better than I’d expect with such bad acne. Hopefully this is the final solution and it stays consistently better from now on.

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    • Thanks very much! I’ve had yet another type of medication thrown into the mix, so hopefully that will sort out the last bit. You’re right, my skin is very smooth. That’s the one thing I’ve been lucky with – I’ve never scarred!

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    • Thanks very much! It’s such a relief 🙂 x

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