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I’ve always blogged a lot about life with my teenagers, but I’ve eased off on that quite a bit this year. There’s still a weekly post on some aspect of life and parenting though. This year, I’ve blogged a lot about my running and I’ve shared a book review nearly every week. Those are the things I enjoy writing about, but it always fascinates me what other people like to read about.

My ballet posts are always very popular, so I’m pleased I’ve got another one coming up very soon! My Center Parcs posts are very popular too, even though I haven’t written one for years. There’s only one in the top 10 this year, but there are a couple more just outside the top 10. There have always been several Roaccutane/ acne posts in the top 10 in recent years, although this year there’s only one in the top 10, with a few just outside it.

My only post written this year in the top 10 was a review/ giveaway post for a shaving kit for teenage boys. Other than that, my highest ranking post written this year was Becoming the sandwich generation in 26th place – about being stuck in the middle, caring for both parents and children. It obviously resonates with a lot of people.

So what do my readers like to read about?

The matchbox challenge is my top post for the third consecutive year. It was actually responsible for about a quarter of the total views on my blog in 2021. I wrote it in 2016, about the number of things you can fit in a matchbox, which makes a good fundraising challenge. If you google ‘How many things can you fit in a matchbox’ it is the top result!

The RAD Intermediate Foundation ballet exam is my second most popular post of 2021. I only wrote it in October 2020, so it didn’t appear in last year’s top posts. It ranks highly on google for ‘RAD intermediate foundation’ and has been my most popular post for the last few months. I suspect it will be my top post in 2022.

The HRT patch was my third most popular post, up from 10th place in 202o. I wrote it in 2019 all about my experiences of using an HRT patch. I’m glad that people are obviously still looking at it because the menopause is an issue which comes to all women and it feels like there is a lack of information about it.

The distinction that wasn’t good enough. And then it was was my fourth most popular post, all about my daughter’s Grade 2 ballet exam. Written in 2016, it was my most popular post in 2017 and 2018, and my second most popular post in 2019 and 2020.

How to organise a Year 6 leavers’ event was my fifth most popular post of 2021, as it was in 2020. It does exactly what it says on the tin! I wrote it when my daughter was in Year 6 in 2017 and it gets a bit of traffic every spring.

The Royal Ballet, Elmhurst and rejection is another of my popular ballet posts, written in 2018, about my daughter’s attempts to get into top ballet schools in Birmingham. It was my sixth most popular post in 2021, down from third in 2020.

Drucebox for teenage boys: Review and giveaway was technically my seventh most popular post this year, but the giveaway meant it had a fairly short shelf life. The next most popular post was another review – Review of Heelys from Skates – from 2017, down from fourth in 2020. I’m guessing those wheeled shoes must still be a thing? I haven’t seen anyone using them for quite a long time now. It’s nice to see that a review for an outdoor activity is my top review.

The acne and the hair dye was my only acne/ Roaccutane post to make the top 10 this time. It was my ninth most popular post in 2021, down from sixth in 2020. I wrote it in 2015, questioning whether it was a good idea to use hair dye with severe acne. I’m still not 100% sure whether it is OK, but I think it probably is!

Aerial adventure at Center Parcs is another post from 2015 and was my 10th most popular post of 2021, down from seventh in 2020. The aerial adventure is still my daughter’s favourite activity at Center Parcs and I guess a lot of other people must be interested in it too. It comes up just on the second page of Google for ‘aerial adventure Center Parcs’.

What sort of posts do you like to read? If you have your own blog, which posts are the most popular?

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