We need a holiday!

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to print off actual photos and stick them in actual albums. I’ve always done it, and the fact that I now take digital photos isn’t going to change that. Would you believe I am on the 86th album since my eldest was born (they’re all numbered and dated)?!

With all that has happened lately with moving house twice and doing DIY, I’ve got a bit behind with my sticking. I had a catch-up the other day and I found myself back in Padstow last summer. Those photos are so beautiful. It was lovely to see the blue sky, the kids wearing shorts and paddling in the warm sea. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be warm and light and sunny again and hard to think we have to wait six months until we go back to Padstow.




This family needs holidays. My husband works long hours and we’re always so busy that holidays are often the only time we have to relax and unwind. That’s why we usually have two or three a year.

Last year we had our annual trip to Padstow and our amazing trip to Barcelona – when my family finally realised we could go abroad and enjoy it and not have any disasters! Last year was also when my husband and I had our first ever break without the kids – to Amsterdam.




The previous year we had the traditional trip to Padstow, as well as a week on my mother-in-law’s canal boat and a trip to Center Parcs – another place we like to go to often.

But this year is different. This year we’ve got a new house that we’re working hard on and I’m taking voluntary redundancy.

Looking at those beautiful photos of Padstow reminded me just how much we love holidays and how good they are for us. We will manage our annual trek to Padstow, but I’ve got to work hard on my new venture so that we can go on other holidays in the future. We’d love to go back to Barcelona and Amsterdam and we’d like to be brave and try new places too.

In the meantime, I’ll get on with sticking the winter photos to take my mind off holidays for a while!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Looks like lovely times were had! I’m a stickler for printing photos too…. And just lately I’ve been having photobooks printed (a bit more ‘Thing Proof’, as they like to thumb through the pics over and over again!)

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  2. I love proper photo albums too, can’t beat them for reminiscing purposes. With so much else going on it’s understandable that money is tight and holidays will be sacrificed. All for the greater good though. Padstow sounds fab #PoCoLo

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  3. Amsterdam looks so nice and its on my list of places to go. We are always dreaming about our next holiday, whether it happens or not 🙂

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  4. I love proper photo albums. I’ve got about 3 on the go at the moment just from Busby’s first year!

    Popping over from #PoCoLo xx

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  5. So nice to hear there are others out there who like proper photo albums, I thought we were the only ones! We did a couple of photo books a few years back, Things Mum, and they were beautiful, but a bit more expensive than proper albums.
    Padstow really is gorgeous, Mummy Tries!
    Notmyyearoff – I don’t think I know anyone who dreams about holidays quite as much as you! I always love reading about your holidays.

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  6. When we moved house I had four boxes packed with photos. I have a new passion now, photobooks, I love them! No holiday for us this year either, I’ve just spent a small fortune carpeting the stairs, hallway and landing *sigh* (it’s worth it though!)

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  7. Looking at your lovely photos has made me long to go on a proper holiday and enjoy some sunshine! #pocolo

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  8. I love looking through photo albums too, they are great for sitting down and sharing fun with the children. I’ve not had any printed for a few years and my computer has broken leaving me a hard drive ( or whatever it is you store your pictures on) and no photos. Now we have to wait till we by another computer to see them even though we are happy using our lap top grr..

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop 🙂

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  9. What gorgeous photos…
    I have so many photo albums too…..I love looking through them!

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  10. Such lovely photos! I’m with you on the real albums too! (also way behind though!)
    #pocolo Amy @2boys1mum

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  11. I am way to lazy to do photo albums, but my mother in law is wonderful and makes little mini albums with text in them for the kids to learn to read with. She makes them about outings and birthdays and other special occasions, as well as for “baking cakes” or “drawing pictures”.

    If it is any consolation, I believe most things can be achieved with some prioritising, even on a small budget. We have a very modest income but do manage to go on a villa holiday most years, by prioritising it financially and doign without other things (like say food or clothes) (just kidding) (a little bit).

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  12. Thanks very much, ladies. I can so relate to the moving house and new carpets, Anne!
    Sorry to hear you’ve lost your photos, Claire. Hope you are able to retrieve them.
    Nice to hear there are others with real albums, Kim and Amy.
    Your mother in law’s albums sound fab, Judith! And thanks for reassuring me it is possible to afford a holiday!

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  13. Lucas says – We’re going on holiday in the Summer. Nany and Dad Dah are coming with us. We’re going on a plane and living in a house for 2 weeks which has its own swimming pool and I am soooooo excited xx

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  14. Crikey, the photo albums are true dedication! I always get to this time of year and yearn for the summer – I guess it’s why I like Easter so much. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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  15. I wish so much I’d taken the time to print out and collate my photos – this is something that will now be a massive undertaking to do. But will get done one day! Your holiday photos look lovely. I hope you find a way to escape at some point this year, despite the cutbacks. And if not, you’ll appreciate it all the more when you do!

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  16. Thanks very much, ladies.
    Love the sound of your rogues gallery, WWoL. Hope you have a fab time on your holiday too!
    I love Easter too, Victoria! The lighter days and the spring are just the best.
    I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my business takes off, FSM, then we will be able to afford one if not this year, then next.

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