Project 365: Week 9

Week 9 of project 365 already and I’m getting into the swing of taking photos every day. I’ve realised that about 80% of my photos here are taken on my phone. The best camera you have is the one you have with you! The photos don’t tend to be beautiful, but they’re a genuine record of everything we get up to during the week.

So this is what we’ve been doing this week!

Day 54 – Sunday 23rd February – the rugby pitch was dry enough to play on, but it was still incredibly muddy! I was pleased to see my son fighting his cold demons and actually put a jumper on when he came off the pitch.

Day 55 – Monday 24th February – my acne has been really bad lately, despite me being on prescription medication. Sometimes I just want people to acknowledge it and say ‘yes, you have got spots’ rather than pretend it doesn’t exist. This is what it looks like. I’m getting desperate to try a different treatment now.

Day 56 – Tuesday 25th February – it’s been a while since I’ve posted a bathroom update photo. Here’s my daughter taking photos of progress.

Day 57 – Wednesday 26th February – in preparing my post for The Gallery on guilty pleasures this week, I took this photo of my very favourite thing – Green & Blacks Maya Gold. Delicious!

Day 58 – Thursday 27th February – was a lovely spring-like day, so I went out into the garden and took some photos.

Day 59 – Friday 28th February – I had a school governors’ meeting and spent some time making notes in the morning (yes, I write in capitals – it’s the only way I can read my own dreadful handwriting).

Day 60 – Saturday 1st March (March, yay March! Spring!) – my daughter has taken a fair few photos this week, here she is I looking for signs of spring for her homework.
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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m still a bit stunned we are in March already! Love how your girl is becoming a budding snapper. I take all my photos on my phone – I dream of having a whizzy camera one day. Hope you find a successful treatment soon x

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  2. Acne Sucks!!!.. I don’t suffer from it myself, but even though im in my late 20’s I still get the odd breakout of spots and it annoys the life out of me.. I find if I wear make-up to cover them up there take longer to go… so sod it, I let my spots hang loose :D… Your Bathroom is deffo coming along, it looks fab soo far 🙂 #PoCoLo

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  3. your daughter is showing some keen signs of becoming a budding photographer – she might her her own blog soon one day!
    it has been lovely seeing signs of spring this week hasn’t it?
    i hope someone listens to you soon lovely, i guess you need to keep bothering your GP until he/she refers you . good luck x x

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  4. It’s so lovely to see signs of spring, we are still so completely snow bound! Love seeing your daughter taking photos, and huge hugs for the acne, that must just be miserable and frustrating. I have mild eczema and hate it when I have a breakout on my face xx

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  5. awww Sarah i feel for you i have some issues with my face and it being sore at the moment i do know how you feel. I do hope your Dr starts you on some other meds soon honey x

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  6. I’m so jealous that spring is coming to you! Hope your doctor is able to find you some meds that work.

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  7. Your face looks so sore and you have reminded me to dig out that contact for you. Your bathroom is coming on really well, cannot wait to see the finished result. Kian keeps stealing my camera too!

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  8. Loving the pictures of your daughter with the camera. Looks like she’s found a new hobby. Really hope they find a treatment that works for you soon for your acne. x

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  9. I’ve never tried maya gold. I think i need to! Hope you can get a new treatment for the acne. It looks like it might be sore for you. Hope not though!

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  10. Love seeing the signs of spring – the tree against the sky is lovely – looks like a magnolia? Looks like your daughter could be taking your photos soon too – I’m very impressed by her (or is it yours?!) camera. I hope someone listens to you about your acne soon – that must be miserable for you xx

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  11. I hope you find a treatment. I had acne and it really does get you down. I love the muddy picture and the one of your daughter taking pics #Profect365

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  12. My photos for Project 365 are ALL taken on my iphone, I would never have any otherwise! Looks like your daughter has got the photography bug 🙂 Do you think that stress (with the house move and everything) makes your acne worse?

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  13. Thanks very much, I’m impressed that so many take photos on their phones. Only two of those were taken on the ‘real’ camera – my daughter has been using that more than me this week, as you can see!
    Thank you all for your concern re acne. It could be stress, Suzanne. I hadn’t really considered that, but it would make sense. All that the doctor can recommend is to get roaccutance from hospital, which makes me nervous as it has a lot of side effects. But I’ve had a few other recommendations on twitter I’m going to look into.

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  14. Oh yum, Green and Blacks, you can’t beat it! Sorry you are suffering so much with your acne. I hope you can find something that helps soon. I have always had terrible trouble with my skin – I haven’t found anything to cure it but I do find mineral make up really covers it well and makes the flare ups less common.

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  15. fantastic photos again this week. i hope you find a treatment that works soon. I very much have camera envy

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  16. Thanks very much, ladies. You really can’t beat Green & Blacks, Mummy of Two! I never wear make-up, hadn’t considered that it could help. Another thing I should maybe look into!

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  17. Ooh the acne has flared up hasn’t it? Hopefully, when you are a relaxed self employed writer in a few weeks, you will find that it clears up a bit. Love the last photo, nice to see that your daughter is taking an interest in photography too.

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  18. Thanks very much, ladies. Damn acne! I love that photo of my daughter too, Nikki!
    I love my Sunday rugby, Claire 🙂

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  19. Great to see your daughter with a camera in hand.

    I know what you’re going through with acne and I hope you find a treatment that works soon

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  20. You have my sincere sympathy as I suffer with acne too. I never had it like this when I was a teenager, there were surface spots, but now there are deep down in my skin and they hurt. I get them mostly along my jawline and they can be so painful, yet never come to a head to do anything with or die back down. I’m on doxycycline (sp?) but I don’t want to stay on tablets for the rest of my life to deal with stupid spots.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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  21. Thanks very much, both. I’ve had it since I was a teenager but, if I’m honest with myself, it’s a lot worse now. Like you, TBaM, I don’t want to be on tablets all my life for spots, which is why I rarely take them. I tend to find they will work for a few weeks and then stop, so there’s no point in taking them. I still really hope I’ll find something that works.

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