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Pretty much everyone knows what my guilty pleasure is. It’s very dark in colour, comes in a lovely orange wrapper and I eat it every single day. Yes, it’s Green & Black’s Maya Gold.

It’s hard to believe now, but I didn’t always love chocolate. Before I had children I was more of a savoury person. But then one day when my eldest was a few weeks old, I suddenly felt desperately hungry (that’s breastfeeding for you) and I knew what I had to have. A Twix.

The Twix obsession became a daily thing and lasted right until I got pregnant with my younger son, when I went off all sweet food. When my sweet tooth came back I no longer wanted Twixes. I wanted Dairy Milk. I started off buying small bars, but then decided it was more economical to buy the bigger bars and just break ‘a few’ squares off. This obsession lasted right through my third pregnancy until my daughter was a year old.

By 2007 my IBS was ruining my life. I felt I couldn’t take it any more. I’d been to the doctor on a number of occasions, but he couldn’t really help. In desperation I went to an alternative practitioner, a kinesiologist (or witch doctor as I liked to call her). She said I was intolerant to: wheat, dairy, sugar, sunflower oil – and CHOCOLATE. Chocolate?! How would I live?!

She said I could eat ‘a small amount of good quality 70% cocoa dark chocolate’ once a week.

But I didn’t even like dark chocolate!

So I bought a bar of Green & Blacks. I took a bite. I didn’t like it. Well, maybe just another bite. Hmm, it wasn’t so bad after allโ€ฆ In the end I had to practically wrench it off myself.

Feeling very sorry for me living on rice and vegetables and losing weight I didn’t have to lose at an astounding rate (although feeling SO much better in myself), my mum bought me a bar of Green & Blacks. But it wasn’t the 70% stuff. It was Maya Gold – only 55% and flavoured with orange and spices. Oh my flipping word. It was the best thing ever.


The ‘once a week’ quickly became twice a week – Sundays and Thursdays – and I looked forward to those days so much. I alternated a bar of 70% with a bar of Maya Gold (I only ever ate a third of a bar at a time).

As my IBS got under control, the chocolate consumption increased. And in 2009 I gave up the 70%. Since then it’s been Maya Gold all the way.

It really is my guilty pleasure and I couldn’t and wouldn’t give it up.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’ve never had this one but I will definitely try it. I don’t eat chocolate really. I’m more a crisis and sweets fan!

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  2. I knew you would blog about Green and Blacks – what else?! Can I be honest? I’ve never actually tried it because, like you, I don’t think I like dark chocolate. This one sounds like it might be worth a try!

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  3. Ha ha I knew it would be Green and Blacks too! Like Suzanne I haven’t tried as I am just not a fan of dark chocolate.

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  4. This is a massive coincidence! I’ve literally just had to slap my own had as it reached for this self same bar of G & B in the college shop! Like you I have the wheat/dairy intolerances, and of course shouldn’t be having chocolate. On this occasion I settled for a Biscotti instead as they make flippin’ good dunkers in black coffee.

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  5. That sounds divine. I love the combination of dark chocolate and orange, I’m sure the spices just give it some uniquness. I’ll have to see if I can get it locally. I love Lindt infusion dark chocolate too.

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  6. That is one seriously guilty pleasure, I’m so tempted to try it now but I’m afraid it might become my guilty pleasure too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I’ve never tried it, but might be worth trying!!

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  8. I’ve never tried the Maya Gold but I love the Green & Black’s Butterscotch. It is divine!!

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  9. Thanks very much for your comments, everyone. Love that Suzanne and Mummy Glitzer knew what I’d be writing about! I’m going to bring some to Britmums Live to see if I can persuade you over to the dark side!
    Seriously, everyone, it’s definitely worth trying!
    That is a real coincidence, Penguins Waddle! You can’t beat it!

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  10. I love Green & Blacks, especially when I’m baking. I use their dark chocolate in my brownies and their white chocolate in my chocolate chip cookies (more like chocolate chunk!) Really lovely chocolate.

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  11. Green & Black’s is an excellent guilty pleasure. They’ve recently released a Dark Chocolate & Lemon variety – I can’t wait to try this!

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  12. I have to say I hate dark chocolate, but each to their own lovely x

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  13. Thanks very much, ladies, and sorry, Louise!
    We definitely all have different tastes, Susan! I think dark chocolate is a bit like Marmite!

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  14. Good choice!

    I can’t have milk chocolate either but my tummy loves Bourneville Old Jamaica ๐Ÿ™‚ Also recently amazed to find I like the Lindt with salt in!

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  15. That sounds nice too, Lisa! Dark chocolate is brilliant for delicate tummies. Thanks very much for commenting.

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  16. I am not keen on dark chocolate, it has to milk for me and preferably hot, with shipped cream and marshmallow


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  17. Thanks very much, Molly. All of our guilty pleasures are so different – I can’t bear the idea of hot chocolate with whipped cream!

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  18. I’ve never been a fan of dark chocolate but I think if it were a question of dark or none I could probably be tempted too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  19. Exactly, Franglaise Mummy! And once I’d tasted it, there was no going back! (Although I sometimes make an exception for Snickers!)

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