The guinea pigs’ new life

Ever since we got our first guinea pigs, eight years ago, they’ve always lived on the patio right outside our patio door. I liked them being there, because I could always see them in the hutch.

For nearly as many years, I’ve wanted new patio furniture.

We were given a set of patio furniture by our friends in 2005, because they were getting rid of them. Seventeen years later, we finally replaced them. For the last three or four years, the furniture was completely unusable, so we’ve been without it for a very long time. Which is not ideal for someone like me who absolutely loves being outside.

So we ordered my dream patio furniture.

But the problem with patio furniture is that it goes on the patio.

Outdoor furniture, Puppy, Hetty, Cockapoo

There was no room for the guinea pigs, which initially made me quite sad.

To make up for it, the guinea pigs have a whole new life on the grass. I can’t see them particularly well from the house. In fact, I can’t really see Henry at all – as he’s quite dark and fades into the shadows. But they have their own dedicated guinea pig enclosure right in front of the hutch.

Previously, we (let’s be honest, I) got them out of the hutch and carried them to a run on the grass. Now we’ve extended their run so that we can leave the hutch open and they can come and go as they please. (Obviously only in reasonable weather and when we’re at home.)

The guinea pigs got to understand their new arrangement very quickly. They’d never tried to get out of the hutch while I was feeding them before, but now they hop out most days. It is great that they have the freedom to eat as much grass as they want, when they want.

Hutch, Guinea pig hutch, Guinea pigs, Garden

I monitor the guinea pigs’ weight to check that they’re healthy. (Guinea pigs are very good at hiding when they’re ill until they are literally days away from death, by which time it’s too late to save them. The weight is a very good indicator of their health.) Every summer, they gain weight when they’re on the grass, then lose it gradually over the winter. This is nature’s way. But this year, they will be able to gain even more weight, which should hopefully help to protect their health.

When they’ve finished eating their patch of grass, we simply move the hutch and the run along a bit, so they get a whole new patch of grass to eat.

Another massive advantage of the guinea pigs’ new arrangement is that I can feed and clean them without puppy assistance. Hetty thinks she has to be involved in absolutely everything we do and sometimes her assistance isn’t welcome. She used to literally stick her nose in the hutch every time I fed Henry and Herbert. They seemed to take it quite calmly, but it did worry me a bit. Now she can stick her nose quite close to the run, but she can’t touch the guinea pigs or come close to touching them.

Even though I can’t see them as well any more, I’m really pleased with the guinea pigs’ new living arrangements.

Henry, Hetty, Guinea pig, Pets, Puppy, Cockapoo

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Your patio furniture does look amazing and so does the guinea pigs new home. It looks and sounds like they have so much more freedom which must be great for them. It is a good idea that the hutch can be moved when they’ve eaten all the grass. x

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    • Thank you! I’m loving the patio furniture. The guinea pigs’ new living arrangement is working out really well for them. x

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