The new kitchen (at last!)

Our house was built in 1987. When we moved in last year, it still had the original kitchen:

  • Brown cupboards
  • Dirty vinyl floor (which no amount of mopping would ever clean)
  • Dirty beige tiles (ditto)
  • A sink which drained straight into the cupboard and onto the floor
  • A temperamental hob which wouldn’t always light
  • An oven which needed to be at 250C, with recommended cooking times doubled, and would then burn the stuff in the back right corner while leaving things at the front pale and undercooked
  • Dirty walls painted a horrible blue
  • Inadequate lighting
  • A waste disposal unit, which we wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, which had exploded and caused the sink drainage problem (see above).

Old kitchen, 1980s, Kitchen works

We needed a new kitchen!

I’m not very good at planning stuff and visualising stuff. But luckily I have a husband who is. The new kitchen was all his design, right down to the plug sockets and light switches.

So we started off by having the kitchen wall knocked down and immediately I could see the improvement and the potential.

Old kitchen, Kitchen wall, Kitchen works

We lived with bits of broken plaster and exposed bricks for a few weeks, until the proper work started. Very gradually. A day here, a day there. A new radiator. A few cupboards ripped out… Building up to the big one – the removal of the sink, the hob and that hideous floor covering, until we were left with a bare shell and endless microwave meals .

And slowly the kitchen came back to life – carcasses of cupboards (I hate that word, why can’t they just be called cupboards?), cupboard doors, floor tiles (the ones we’d taken weeks to choose). The wires hanging from the ceiling became lights, the broken plaster was restored to its former glory and tiles started to appear around the window. Our kitchen was becoming a reality!

Kitchen progress, New kitchen, Kitchen works

Although I listened to the plans and looked at cupboard doors and hobs etc, my only input in the design of the kitchen was on colour (and I think I did a pretty good job there, if I say it myself!). Tones of grey might have seemed like too much grey, but we matched them up pretty carefully, so it wasn’t too much of the same. We had the contrast with the white tiles – the exact same ones we used in our bathroom, because we liked them so much, and what’s the point of reinventing the wheel? I actually like them even better in the kitchen than I do in the bathroom. My absolute favourite bit of the kitchen is the breakfast bar, where the pendant lights meet the tiles and the clock.

New kitchen, Kitchen works, 365


Kitchen, New kitchen, Silent Sunday, My Sunday Photo

The walls are painted white with the slightest hint of grey. The rest of the house is ivory, but ivory wouldn’t have gone well with the kitchen’s grey colour scheme. We have one coloured feature wall. The paint samples we tried weren’t right, I thought it needed a colour similar to the one in my daughter’s bedroom. As it happens, we had some of my daughter’s paint left over and it was perfect.

It’s so nice to have space and things that work. The lighting is amazing.

I walk into the kitchen and I just can’t believe it’s ours. I can’t believe we’ve gone from our 1980s nightmare to this.

New kitchen,


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. i love the splash of green above the hob. We had ours done before hubby worked with kitchen and now he has all sorts of ideas for ours – not sure I can go through the pain again lol!
    Well done for surviving!

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    • Thanks very much, I think the green sets it off nicely! There’s no way I’ll be going through that ever again!

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  2. It looks fantastic! I love the colours, especially the splash of green. It was all worth it in the end x

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    • Thanks very much, it certainly was worth it! x

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    • Thanks very much. I agree about the green!

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  3. Wow that looks gorgeous, what a contrast. You must be thrilled with it. I am very jealous.

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    • Thanks very much! It’s incredible how much it’s changed, we’re so pleased!

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  4. Oh that is gorgeous – and I never knew you had done the bathroom (runs off to look).
    Welcome to family life with white cupboards – enjoy keeping them clean with me 🙂

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    • Ha ha, thanks, I’ll look forward to that! I’m so pleased with it, though!

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    • We are over the moon! Thanks, I can hardly believe it belongs to us!

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  5. The new kitchen looks fantastic – and such a contrast to the one it has replaced!

    We’re hopefully in the final week of our refit. Ours, sadly, isn’t quite big enough to have the breakfast bar we both wanted but we are at least managing to fit in an American-style fridge-freezer, albeit at the expense of worktop space. Can’t wait for it to be finished – living out of a microwave is starting to wear a bit thin and the kids are looking forward to getting their playroom (currently the cupboard and appliance storage room) back!

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    • Thanks very much, it is such a contrast!
      Hang on in there! A big American fridge sounds good. I’m not surprised you’re fed up of living out of a microwave.

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  6. wow what an utter transformation , wow I look forward to seeing the recipes

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    • Ha ha, no chance of that! But, thanks 🙂

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  7. It looks amazing. You’ve done really well! I remember when our wall ‘came down’ the dust lasted for weeks but now that’s all forgotten about! Enjoy!

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    • Thanks very much, we’re really pleased with it. The dust has now (finally) settled!

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  8. Lovely kitchen! Can’t wait until mine is over…we’ve just had the winter from hell with no roof while loft was being built. Now the upstairs is done and we are working on the ground floor so my dusty days aren’t over yet unfortunately, but as Vickie said above it’s all forgotten quickly – bit like childbirth! We say we won’t ever do it again but…well, you know! Great post 🙂 xx

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    • Thanks very much! Good luck with yours – it sounds like a nightmare! It’s true, I’m already starting to forget the weeks of microwave meals and extension cables!

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  9. Lovely kitchen, quite a sense of achievement too. I think kitchen reno’s are the hardest but you’ve done it. Enjoy x.

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    • Thanks very much! We’re so pleased with it, but never again! x

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  10. Oh my I have serious kitchen envy. It looks far too shiny to actually cook in it. What a transformation and well done to your hubby for having the vision x

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    • Thanks very much! He’s very good at stuff like that. I would have no idea where to start. We’d never have got it done if it was down to me! x

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    • The tiles are a very good choice! Thanks very much 🙂

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  11. Oh I’ve been watching this with interest. We’re doing something v similar in the next few months and tearing down a wall to remove a filthy brown, knackered, 1980s kitchen with ruined floor, poor lighting and a hob that ocassionaly works. Your new kitchen looks amazing.

    Very best of luck in the BiBs. If we end up in the finals together, I’ll be delighted.

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    • Thanks very much! Good luck to you with your kitchen transformation. It’s not a lot of fun, but it’s worth it in the end! I would be very happy to see us both in the BiBs finals. Fingers crossed!

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  12. Wow, what an amazing transformation. I was quite impressed with how intact the original kitchen was! Love the spot lights and the downlight. Hope you’ve enjoyed using it, it’s gorgeous.

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