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It’s hard to feel festive when you’re living temporarily in a rented house (even one you really like) and half your possessions are missing. I’m not the most festive of people at the best of times. I like Christmas when it arrives, but I find the pressure of it heaped onto an already frantic life a bit much to bear! I don’t believe in putting the tree up on 1st December. In fact I actively disagree with it (but each to their own, we all make our own decisions about what’s right for us), but right now I’m not even sure where the tree and the decorations are. I’m not so ‘bah humbug’ that I want to put it up later than 15th December.

So am I feeling festive at all?

Well, I’ve written some Christmas cards… Having lost both my address book and my Christmas card list, I’m not sure if I’ve done all I intended to do, but I’ve given it a go. My daughter has done all of hers beautifully – and she’s even done some of mine too!


Most of the cards we are using this year are designs by my younger kids ordered through school, which I’m really pleased with. I hope the recipients will enjoy them too!


And the other way we’re feeling festive is we’re into Christmas performance season. I love Christmas performance season!

It started last night with a five minute performance at the end of daughter’s street dance class. Tonight we have the five minute performance at the end of her contemporary class, followed by my eldest’s prestigious school Christmas concert at the town hall. He will be playing violin in three different ensembles and there will also be primary school choirs performing – including my daughter!

Next Monday is my favourite – the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts Christmas show. They all perform an act of their choice and it is totally relaxed and un-polished. It is usually very funny, both intentionally and unintentionally. Finally next Tuesday, my younger two will have their Christmas performance in the big, cold, church.

And if I’m not feeling festive after that lot, I don’t think I ever will be!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. The Christmas card designs are so good and very personal too. You’ve done really well for someone who’s lost their Christmas card list!

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  2. Love the cards they are very cute! Fab to see your children on stage, hope you enjoy all the performances! Mine are in their first one together today and tomorrow so can’t wait to see them x

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  3. It’s nativity play time next week for us. Can’t wait to see my little zombie shepherd boy!!

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  4. No nativity this year but a carol concert instead


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  5. Gosh you’ve done so well with the Christmas cards, they’re great. We’ve not started ours yet – best get a move on!

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  6. My children have also designed Christmas cards through school too! I am putting our tree up tonight once we have brought it!

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  7. My goodness you’ve got some busy days ahead! Love the kids Christmas cards they are great!

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  8. oh how fab that the kids school do Christmas cards… feel slightly miffed ours don’t :/… I only ever feel festive on Xmas eve, once everything has been wrapped, prepped and the Vino is brought out 🙂 hehe x

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  9. We don’t seem to have Christmas shows here… Each class has a ‘holiday’ or ‘winter wonderland’ party and that’s it! You’ve done well on the card front – I had to recreate my list when we moved too, grrr! But at least I still had my address book 🙂 The kids Christmas cards are fab!

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  10. Thanks very much, everyone, glad you like the cards!
    We don’t have a nativity either, Molly! Our school stops them after year 2, which is a shame I think!
    Sounds like our secondary school concerts were the same day, Suzanne!
    That’s a shame you don’t have Christmas shows, Sara! The Christmas shows are the best, Laura! I love them 🙂

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