The phone call

My boys are somewhat accident prone. Three injuries in the space of five rugby games for my younger son the other day was pretty impressive. My younger son throws himself headlong into life and as a result often comes out hurt. My eldest is less confident, but more clumsy, so the results are pretty much the same. Injuries. He tends to get hurt less often but a little bit worse (he’s the only one to have broken bones to date).

As they get older, they are less likely to get injured under your nose. That’s when you get The Phone Call.

The first Phone Call came a couple of months back. A strange mobile number . I might have ignored it, but I didn’t. When they asked if it was me, it didn’t sound a lot like a sales call or ‘conducting a survey’. Because it wasn’t. It was my son’s teacher.

This year my eldest has started playing rugby for the school, which I’m really pleased about. It’s a confidence boost, it’s getting to know more people, it’s being cool (because aren’t boys who play sport ALWAYS cool?!) and it’s helping him to be better at rugby for when he plays for his team on a Sunday. An all-round win.

Until he gets injured.

He’d had a head-on collision with one of his team-mates and had come off worst. The teacher said they’d considered calling an ambulance, but had decided against it as he seemed to know what was going on. Good to know, but not THAT good to know when you’ve got to drive to pick him up and you’re a rubbish driver at the best of times, especially when you’re stressing and worrying over your baby and the umbilical cord is trying to drag you there as quickly as possible.

There were two ways to get there. Both were rammed. I just wanted to get to him and get him home. It took forever.

They met me on the edge of the pitch. ‘He’s in quite a bad way.’

Seriously?! They want to work on their communication with parents! Do they know the effect such words have on mums?!

So I packed my boy up and took him home through the bad traffic and lay him down on the settee. Then at the weekend I bought both boys scrum caps to wear for rugby.

Fast forward a few weeks and my son is on Scout camp. Scout camp in December. And I get another phone call. When the leader’s name flashed up on my screen, I knew it was bad.

Fair play to our Scout leader, he really knows how to talk to parents to minimise stress. He played the situation right down. He just wanted to give me a heads up. My son had badly burned his finger on a hot drink the night before. Everything had been expertly dealt with on camp – the first aiders were paramedics. He was in the best possible hands. The only reason the leader rang at all was as it was Sunday and he wanted to be sure we had some dressings available before the shops shut.

I was very grateful to them for dealing with it like that. His injury wasn’t life-threatening, there was nothing I could do to help him at home and, poorly finger aside, he was having a good time on camp and didn’t want to go home early. And I didn’t need to be at home worrying unnecessarily.

I’m now hoping for a few months without either injuries or phone calls. What are the chances?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Such different communication skills. Hope all OK today, and into the Xmas holidays.

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  2. Oh, I hope he’s okay! I dread those calls, although we’ve been lucky so far… But no sports yet!

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  3. Oh goodness, what a scare! I always dread a phone call like that….so far, I’ve never had one. My kids are way too conservative lol!

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  4. Thanks very much, everyone! The scalded finger is healing nicely, although I must say it did look pretty horrible at first!
    These calls may still come, Sara and Suzanne, though I hope for your sake they don’t!

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