How far did I run in January 2018?

Now I’m not going to write a post like this every month, but I thought it would be a nice start to my year of running to record my mileage for January.

I did vaguely have it in mind to run every day in January, just a mile some days, but I thought it wasn’t sensible as I was still recovering from injury at the start of the month and I didn’t want to put myself back. (Apparently this is actually a ‘thing’ called REDJanuary – that’s Run Every Day January. I didn’t know that, it just seemed like a nice idea.)

So I started the month still struggling with my fitness after my injury, but I tried to run four times a week. As the month wore on, I definitely felt my fitness returning, and although I’m still not as fit as I was last summer and autumn, I am definitely starting to feel fitter.

I have already booked in for the Cheltenham half marathon this autumn and am now considering whether to book the Tewkesbury half marathon in May. Having previously run the Forest of Dean and Stroud half marathons, I feel like I would like to complete all of the half marathons in Gloucestershire over the next couple of years.

So how far did I run in January?

I ran 18 times and a total of 64 miles, that’s four miles more than last January and nine miles more than January 2016.

Not bad for someone coming back from injury!

Now onwards and upwards to February and hopefully an injury-free year of running for the rest of 2018.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done! Very impressive mileage. I might do a HM in May, I think that’s when the Worcester one is. It’s good to have something to train for.

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    • Thanks very much, it’s certainly a good start to the year after my initial wobble with my injury. Good luck with training for the half marathon! I need to decide in the next couple of weeks if I’m signing up for the Tewkesbury one and start increasing my distances! x

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